10 Best Macerating Toilets Reviews – Which One Should You Get?



We have reviewed our top 10 choices below and also done in-depth reviews by brands, but if you are in a rush:

Here’s our top choice: Saniflo SaniPLUS Upflow (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Macerating toilets are those designed for homes that lack any traps and homes that need more help. These models are often found in older homes that have old plumbing that cannot accommodate the waste that a family produces. The one you buy should come with a unit that pumps the waste from the bowl into the unit where blades will break it up into smaller pieces.

Saniflo makes models that those updating their bathrooms love like the SaniPLUS Upflush (Check Price on Amazon.com). This flushes water up rather than down, which helps remove more waste. As a complete kit, it comes with all the supplies and parts that you need to set it up in your own bathroom.

How to Choose the Right One?

Is an Upflow Model Better?

An upflow model, also called an up flow or rear discharge model, is one that doesn’t use the same pattern as standard models do. Instead of the water coming down around the rim or around the sides, the water actually come up from the back, hits the rim and then falls down along the bowl. This allows the water to move the debris down towards the drain and to the macerating stage.

Does it Come with All Hardware?

While purchasing a product that doesn’t come with a toilet seat isn’t that big of a deal, buying one that doesn’t come with all the right equipment will prevent you from using the bathroom. Base models come with just the bowl, which is what holds the water and pushes down any waste.

You should look for one that comes with both a tank and a pump. The tank is what holds the water needed to flush the toilet and fill the bowl back up, but it also connects to your home’s plumbing system. A pump unit contains the pump that forces the water down and the blades that cut the waste.

Are There One or Two Pieces?

Models that use just one piece have a base with a bowl that attaches to a tank. If you have any problems with the system, you’ll need to replace the whole unit. These models make it harder to reach the pump too.

Those that use two pieces come with a tank and a separate bowl with a base. If you need to repair the pump or any other components, you can remove just the piece you need to remove. You also have the option of replacing just one piece instead of the whole unit.

How Many Blades Does it Have?

Most models come with just one blade, but some now come with two different blades. The first blade chops the waste into more manageable pieces that will reach the macerating box and the second blade that creates a slurry from that waste. Blades made from stainless steel will last longer than blades made from other metals.

Top Macerating Toilets on the Market

Saniflo SaniPLUS Upflow


Whether you already have a pump and set up in your bathroom or need to create a brand new set up, this complete set comes with all the parts and components you need. It features a pump that runs at a high speed to break down that waste in the blink of an eye and a tank that supplies the included bowl with water. Water fills the bowl quickly to prevent stains, but you may not like how low of a water level this one has.

Though it comes as-is and ready for installing right in front of a wall, you can also opt for installation inside the wall or behind that wall. Saniflo offers a separate kit for those who want to take advantage of this installation option.Saniflo SaniPLUS with Standard Bowl


Includes the three main pieces needed for installation Pump runs quickly to break down waste fast Allows you to install the pump behind a wall with an extra kit


Has a very low water level inside the bowl Pump speed fluctuates rather than remaining standard

Saniflo SaniPLUS


Saniflo makes some of the top macerating options on the market like the SaniPLUS, which comes with all the parts needed for installation. This kit comes with the water pump, the bowl and a tank. You can install it in front of a wall or inside the wall to save space, though installing it in the wall will require the use of a separate kit.

Instead of giving you an elongated bowl that can be a little uncomfortable, Saniflo designed this one to include a rounded bowl that can accommodate users of different weights. It also comes with a flushing handle that matches the finish on the tank.Saniflo Saniplus Round Bowl


Comes with the tank and bowl as well as the macerating water pump Has a shorter and more rounded top that some like Can install it in front of or behind a bathroom wall


Water level is really low inside the bowl Tank can keep running because of nearby items using the same water

Lift Assure American


The American uses more than 3.8 gallons of water per minute in its pump, which helps it break down waste faster and forces the waste into that pump quicker too. Lift Assure added three ports that allow more of that waste to move into the pump to get the bowl cleaner faster too. Its bowl is deeper than those found on other models also.

A round bowl gives you all the space that you need while also cutting down on the space needed to install this product. The pump needs an outlet capable of providing 120 volts to operate it.Lift Assure American Round


Works in homes as well as recreational vehicles Has three ports to more quickly process and break down waste Pump has a high flow rating that moves more than 3.8 gallons of water in a minute


Uses a push button rather than a flushing handle Requires an outlet that can support 120 volts

Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW


Liberty Pumps created its own form of technology called RazorCut that uses sharper blades than those found on other models. Those blades actually look like razor blades and can cut through waste in minutes or less, including paper and anything else flushed show. When dealing with maintenance or clogs, you can remove a service panel on the side to access the pump and unit without taking the base off first.

This model comes with a seat that attaches to the top, and while this seat is pretty comfortable, you can remove it and replace it. The product has a total rating of 1.28 gallons per flush to help you use only the right amount of water per flush.Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW


RazorCut technology uses sharp and fast blades to quickly cut through waste Features a removable panel for doing routine maintenance Comes with a comfortable seat that you can use or replace


Must have a plumber set up and install it Pump is very loud

Saniflo SaniCompact


The SaniCompact is so small and compact that you can use it in a powder room or a half bathroom that only has a sink or no plumbing fixtures. This model comes with the supplies needed for attaching it to a vertical pump up to nine feet away, and you can attach it with a vertical or horizontal orientation. It also lets you connect a sink to the base.

Included with this model is a seat that closes softly and has its own chrome hinges that give it a more appealing look. As the SaniCompact uses just one gallon of water per flush, it uses less water to eliminate your family’s waste.Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT


Designed for half bathrooms and powder rooms Only uses one gallon for flushing Includes chrome hinges on the attached seat


Does not have enough suction for some types of waste May require that you break up waste into smaller pieces before sending it through

Saniflo SaniAccess


Designed for those who already have some type of macerating system in their home, the SaniAccess comes with its own pump that will work at a distance of more than six feet. This pump provides all the power needed to break down larger chunks of debris made from solid objects as well as human waste. You can use this model with any element in the room that uses water like a sink or tub.

A chrome lever on the tank itself flushes the bowl, but the power of the pump ensures that more of the waste from the bowl goes down without you needing to flush multiple times. This is a complete set that features a pump, tank and bowl.SANIFLO SANIACCESS 2


Includes the macerating pump, a base with seat and a tank Works with a sink, shower and other water features Pumps from a distance of more than six feet


Must tighten the connectors more than you expect to prevent leaks Pump is a little smaller than those on other products

Liberty Pumps Round


The RazorCut system found on this round model is just one reason you’ll love using it in your bathroom because this system uses stainless steel blades to quickly macerate and cut through debris. Though these products can clog easily, this one won’t because of its built-in switch technology. That technology uses pressure to force debris back inside the bowl before a clog forms.

This model also has a blade that encounters waste and debris first to chop those pieces into even smaller pieces before they encounter a second blade. If you think that it’s a little too large for your bathroom, you can purchase a separate extension pipe from Liberty Pumps to install the system behind the wall.Macerating Round


RazorCut system uses stainless steel blades that chop quickly and efficiently Switch technology automatically pushes out larger debris before clogs can form Works with a separate extension pump for behind the wall installation


Extends out further from the wall than other models Pump makes a lot of noise

Thetford Marine Nano Eco


Thetford Marine makes this model, which is one of the smallest ones available, and it only needs 12 volts to operate. Designed for use in recreational vehicles and boats, it will work in some homes, but you will need to install or build a small platform to use it. You can use an Eco switch to use this with a raw water system or with the standard pressure in your home.

All ports on the back are standard in size and make it easier for those with little plumbing experience to set up. The manufacturer made this from vitreous china, which is not only easy to clean but is also resistant to the stains and scratches that ruin the look of other models.Thetford Marine NANO ECO


Needs just 12 volts to run Made from vitreous china that won’t scratch or stain Runs quietly and has a lid that closes quietly too


Requires some type of raised platform to use it Works better in boats and in RVs than in some homes

Bathroom Anywhere Elongated Bowl


Bathroom Anywhere designed this product in a way that lets you select from three different installation options. You can leave all the plumbing equipment and hardware out in the open, hide it inside a wall or leave the system exposed and the plumbing hidden. It stands 18.5 inches tall, which makes it compliant with ADA standards, and features a more modern design in a bright white color.

You get the mounting hardware that you need a soft close seat that closes softly and gently against the bowl. It uses a rear discharge design that allows water to come up and then down as well as a flow rating that uses 1.28 gallons each time that you press the flush handle.Bathroom Anywhere white


Rear discharge design lets water come up through the back and then down the sides Uses a water saving amount of just 1.28 gallons with each flush Seat closes softly and gently


Does not include the tank or macerator that you need Low flow rating may require multiple flushes to remove all waste

Bathroom Anywhere Round Bowl


If an elongated bowl doesn’t offer all the support that you want or makes you feel like you might tip over, you can opt for this round bowl model from the same company. It has the same 1.28 gallon per minute flow rating to save on the water that it uses daily and the same soft seat that closes gently to prevent loud noises. The main difference is that this one has a round bowl that is larger in size and can accommodate more people.

At 20.5-inches tall, this round bowl model meets ADA guidelines for use in handicap bathrooms. It uses an upflow design that forces water up and over to break up waste before it reaches the macerating stage.Bathroom Anywhere Round


Has a contemporary design with a white finish and sleekly rounded bowl Uses an upflow design that forces water up first and then around the bowl Seat closes softly to prevent any jarring sounds


Slightly smaller in size than the elongated option Does not come with everything needed to use the model

Our Winner Is…


Saniflo SaniPLUS with Standard Bowl

Even if you didn’t use a macerating model in the past, the Saniflo SaniPLUS Upflow model will work in your home. This product comes with a tank that provides the bowl with the water needed to flush it, a pump that breaks the waste down before sending it through your plumbing system and a bowl that holds the waste until you flush. All those pieces come in the same white finish.

Unlike other manufacturers that do not include everything you need, Saniflo includes all the parts you need with this set. You get a chrome handle for flushing the bowl that sits on the left side of the tank as you face it and the right side when you sit down as well as a seat in the same white finish.