Saniflo Macerating Toilet Review – Should You Get It?

SaniPLUS elongatedMacerating toilets feature a design suitable for installing and using in an area further away from your main drain line.

Instead of breaking through concrete flooring and putting down new pipes to run waste to the sewer drain, you can put up a new toilet that has a macerating pump. That pump breaks down the waste and any other debris and then flushes that broken down waste through the system.

The top manufacturer of products in this category is Saniflo, which gets great reviews from customers and makes a number of products.

Not only will you find complete kits that come with the pump and other products, but you’ll also find pumps that you can purchase separately for using in your current bathroom or with a new system you want to build.

This company’s top product is the Macerating Toilet, which also goes by the name of the Macerating Upflush and the SaniPlus. It is a complete kit that comes with both the bowl and a pump as well as a tank, and all those parts come in a matching white finish.

We took a more detailed look at this product and provided you with more information to help you decide whether to use this kit in a new or existing bathroom.

Worth the Investment?

If you have a bathroom and just need a new model that will work with your existing plumbing system, we won’t recommend this one. We recommend this model for those who have a main drain line in one area of a home and want to set up a bathroom far away from that line. It’s also a good choice for homes that already have a model of this type, and if you need just a new pump, you can buy the pump without buying the whole kit.

Other suitable options include the Thetford, which comes with a pump that has a .80 horsepower motor inside the pump for faster breaking down of waste and a 1.6 gallon per flush rating. The SaniAccess is another solid model that comes with a pump and a round bowl. This model is also compatible with sinks and showers and lets you used one shared water line across all those products.

SaniPLUS elongated

Product Specifications

• Has a maximum flush rate of 1.28 gallons or 4.85 liters of water per flush
• Three-inch trapway is wider in size than those on other models to allow more chunks and larger types of debris to move down the trap
• Designed for mounting on the floor and comes with hardware for both mounting the base and connecting the pump to the tank and bowl
• Has a chair height of under 17 inches with the seat included
• Standard 12-inch rough-in size lets this model sit close to the wall while still giving you breathing room
• Comes with hardware with a polished chrome finish that complements the white finish of the product
• Measures nearly 28 inches deep, more than 14 inches wide and 31 inches from the floor to the tank
• Connects back to any type of sink, shower or tub that uses water
• Induction motor runs for up to 30,000 cycles before it needs any repairs
• Runs for just 20 seconds or less before the pump shuts itself down


• Installs and is ready to use in a basement or another room in around 90 minutes or less
• Is much more affordable to buy and install in your home than other similar models are
• Complete kit comes with the bowl, tank and pump that all have the same white finish
• Compatible with an optional extension kit that lets you hide the pump behind the wall or between two walls
• Works at a discharge distance of 15 feet when used vertically and 150 feet when used horizontally
• Removes waste at a rate of 17 to 27 gallons per minute based on the distance from the discharge line
• Works with an electrical outlet of just 115 volts, which provides the pump with its power
• Designed to break down both solid human and animal waste as well as toilet paper
• Comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer that you can extend for an additional year when registering the product online
• Pump installs directly behind the tank on the floor and against the wall to save on floor space
• Upflow design moves water up from behind the bowl to remove waste clinging to the top and under the rim
• Uses less water per flush than traditional models do
• Reduces the vibrations produced by the motor to make it run more quietly and smoothly


• Less water pressure does a poor job of removing all waste, which can leave a foul odor behind
• Low water level inside allows waste to cling to more areas of the bowl

Final Verdict

SaniPLUS elongated

Our final verdict on this one is that it is worth the money but only in certain conditions. We recommend it for use in homes that already have a macerating toilet and in homes where residents want to set up a bathroom further away from the main drain line or sewer line. Your plumber can install it and show you how to use it without digging up, breaking down or removing the concrete floors in your home.

As a complete set, it comes with the powerful pump that breaks down debris and an upflow design that keeps the bowl clean without that waste adhering to the bowl. It also comes with a standard bowl as well as a tank that holds the water needed for regular flushing.

Both the SaniAccess and the Thetford are other models that might work well in your bathroom. You can compare those models to find out which one best meets your needs.