Navien Tankless Water Heater Reviews – Picking The Best One For Your Needs

IMPORTANT: Navien Recalls Tankless Water Heater

While Navien fixes its issues, here are the top 3 Electric Tankless Water Heaters we recommend instead:



  • Easy to Install
  • Save on electric bill
  • Can fit anywhere


  • Affordable
  • Save at least 15-20% on the hot water 
  • Solid construction


  • Easy to maintain and replace
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to clean


Traditional water heaters use a lot of energy and can make your utility bills skyrocket, which is why many people today choose models like those from Navien. Not only it takes up less space, but the heaters use less energy too.

The best tankless heaters connect to your plumbing system and bring the supply up to temperature quickly. Though some models are smaller and designed for simple tasks like washing your hands, this company also makes larger models that provide enough hot-water for multiple showers.

Though the company has several great models, the best one the company makes is the NPE-240-A Tankless Gas designed for use in homes that use a gas heating system. It features a recirculation pump that keeps the supply circulating inside and regulates the H2O temperature when you need it in a buffer tank.

It also has a digital screen with push buttons for adjusting the temperature and changing the heater’s settings, and you can hook the it up to any 1/2-inch gas line at up to a 24-foot length.

IMPORTANT: Navien Recalls Tankless Water Heater

While Navien fixes its issues, here are the top 3 Electric Tankless Water Heaters we recommend instead:



  • Easy to Install
  • Save on electric bill
  • Can fit anywhere


  • Affordable
  • Save at least 15-20% on the hot water 
  • Solid construction


  • Easy to maintain and replace
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to clean

Navien Tankless Water Heater Reviews

RankProductReview Score
1NPE-240-ANavien NPE-240-A
9.9Check on Amazon
2NPE-240ANavien NPE-240A Premium
9.8Check on Amazon
3NPE-210ANavien NPE-210A Premium
9.8Check on Amazon
4NPE240S-NGNavien NPE240S-NG Premium
9.5Check on Amazon
5NPE180S-LPNavien NPE180S-LP Premium
9.3Check on Amazon
6NPE-210A-LPNavien NPE-210A-LP Premium
8.8Check on Amazon
7NPE-240A-LPNavien NPE-240A-LP Premium
8.6Check on Amazon
8NPE-180A Navien NPE-180A
8.4Check on Amazon
9NPE240S-LPNavien NPE240S-LP Premium
8.3Check on Amazon
10NPE210S-NGNavien NPE210S-NG Premium
8.2Check on Amazon

Best Navien Tankless Water Heater Reviews


NPE-240-AOne reason we selected the NPE-240-A as the best tankless water heater from this manufacturer is because it is so much easier to use than the others you might consider for your home.

With older or more traditional models, there is always a risk that you might turn the temperature up too high, which can lead to boiling hot water coming out of the taps that can burn your kids and other family members. The NPE-240-A, which rated among the top Navien tankless water heater reviews has simple arrow buttons that let you adjust the temperature and a screen that shows you the exact temperature selected to reduce the risk of burns and other accidents.

Navien is one of the only companies to create an intelligent preheating technology feature that comes standard on many of its models like this one. This feature works in the same way your oven does to slowly increase the temperature inside before you use. As the H2O supply circulates around inside the heater, it comes up to the temperature that you want in just a few seconds to reduce the wait time that you might otherwise experience.

Designed to work with standard 1/2-inch gas lines, it will also work with pipes of different lengths and can work with PVC vents of up to two-inches in size to safely vent any excess gas out of your home. It also comes with a recirculation pump that keeps the H2O circulating inside the heater to ensure that it reaches the temperature that you want.

You’ll like the stainless-steel heat exchangers that come with this model too because those exchangers do a phenomenal job of heating and can last for decades.

NPE-240A Premium Condensing


Many of the models available share similar names and ID numbers like this NPE-240A, which has the same model number as our number one choice but has a condensing design that makes it a little different. That condensing feature makes the model run more efficiently, which can bring an end to your high gas bills. It condenses down the gas in your line to give you more heating power.

The stainless-steel heat exchangers inside last longer than the exchangers made from cheaper types of metal and do a great job of ensuring the H2O comes out of the heater at the perfect temperature.

Once you turn it on, the supply will come out of your pipes, pass over those exchangers and slowly come up to temperature before the heater pushes it through the lines to your bathroom or kitchen. It works with the 1/2-inch gas line(s) that you probably already have in your home and allows you to convert the system to work with your home once it arrives in the mail.

One of the top reasons to invest in this model from Navien is because it features intelligent preheating technology that actually begins heating the H2O before you need it. With other models, you can only use as much water as the heater can provide, which refers to its flow per minute rating, but this model increases the temperature of the supply earlier to reduce the time that you spend waiting for hot-water. It also has built-in connections that work with most gas systems as well a push button controls on the bottom and a digital screen.

NPE-210A Premium Condensing


While there are a lot of features that you’ll want to look for when picking the right model, you should focus on those with a condensing feature like this NPE-210A Premium Condensing.

Condensing features are great for those who want to save money because it allows you to use less gas and still get all the supply that you or your family needs. This model is great for those who don’t want to sacrifice valuable space either because it’s significantly smaller in size than most other models.

We highly recommend the NPE-210A for those who want to cut down on their energy usage because this is an Energy Star rated model that can help you save money each month, and you may notice a drop in your gas bill the first month after you install it.

It is a field convertible model that comes with two stainless-steel heat exchangers that help H2O rise to the right temperature faster and send the suuply out to you quicker too. It is compatible with 1/2-inch gas lines and will work with lines of up to 24-feet in size.

Our two favorite features on this water heater are its intelligent preheating technology and its digital screen. That screen takes the guesswork out of picking the right temperature and eliminates the worries you might have about turning the temperature up so high that it can cause burns and injuries. With its intelligent preheating technology, you’ll find that you always have water mere seconds after turning on your faucet or tap because this technology allows the heater to increase the water temperature before you touch the tap.

NPE240S-NG Premium Condensing


Though this NPE240S-NG has premium right in its name, this is one of the more affordable models from the company and one that can work with your budget and save you money in the coming years.

Designed for use with natural gas systems only, this heater has stainless-steel connections at the top that serve as intake and outtake valves that allow H2O to move over the heat exchangers inside and then enter your plumbing pipes once the supply reaches the right temperature. You can easily select the temperature that you want with the push button controls on it, and the digital screen shows you that temperature too.

Unlike other small models that have just one heat exchanger inside, this one has two stainless-steel exchangers. This allows the supply to reach the temperature that you selected faster and lets you turn on the faucet and enjoy hot-water in seconds. As a field convertible model, it comes with everything necessary to convert the system in your home.

If you used other models in the past, you likely experienced a problem with the water coming out cooler than you would like, but that is not a problem that you’ll have with this model because it features the intelligent preheating technology designed by Navien. This feature keeps the model at a higher temperature that won’t cause a rise in your energy bills, but this heat allows the water to stay warmer before you turn on the faucet.

The preheating feature does a great job of ensuring that you have hot water ready and waiting for you when you reach for the faucet.

NPE180S-LP Premium Condensing


With this NPE180S-LP Premium Condensing Propane installed in your home, you can make your propane system really work for you.

Designed for use with propane lines only, it has an ultra condensing design that significantly reduces the amount of propane needed for everyday heating, which you’ll see on your first gas bill and all other gas bills that you receive in the future. Thanks to its field convertible design, this model can installs easily and is easy to convert to your home’s system.

Compatible with the 1/2-inch gas line already found in your home, this heater also comes with stainless-steel heat exchangers that come up to temperature quickly and raise the temperature just as quickly.

It will work with any two-inch vents of up to 60-feet long to keep your home and family safe too. If you live in a state with low emissions standards, you’ll also love this model because it meets all those regulations.

One additional reason why you’ll love this unit is because it operates so quickly that you can turn on the shower and by the time you step inside, the water will be at the high temperature that you desire. That is due in part to its intelligent preheating feature. This feature is a type of technology designed by the company that ensures  supply in the pipes and lines stays warmer to reduce the time needed to heat it again to the temp you set.

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NPE-210A-LP Premium Condensing


Good reviews from customers is one of the reasons that the Navien NPE-210A-LP Premium Condensing Propane landed a spot on our list of the best models from this manufacturer.

As a propane model, the 210A-LP will work with your existing propane line as well as the vents you have to keep any propane from lingering in the air, though you also have the option of installing a new 1/2-inch gas line and/or a two-inch vent. It also converts easily to work with homes and systems that use another type of gas, but you’ll want to hire a contractor to ensure that it will work with your system.

The Energy Star label found right on the bottom front corner of this unit lets you know that it will use less of your propane, which makes this a good choice for anyone who wants to save some money.

Its compact design also makes it a good choice for apartments and smaller homes as well as cabins and other structures that use propane. With two stainless-steel heat exchangers, it will heat water faster than you might believe possible.

If you hope to save even more money on your propane bills, you can reduce the temperature via the push buttons on the front. Its digital screen shows you both the minimum and maximum temperature available as well as the temperature you chose. The 210A-LP works particularly well in areas where the groundwater is already warm.

NPE-240A-LP Premium Condensing 


Depending on the heat source that you use in your home, you may find that this NPE-240A-LP Premium Condensing Propane does a better job of heating your water than any other model will.

Designed for use with propane systems, it easily connects to your existing venting system to keep gas from lingering around your home, and you can also hook it up to newer two-inch PVC venting pipes too. Like other models from the company, it will also work with standard 1/2-inch gas lines like those already in your home.

Installing this unit in your home can help you cut down on energy bills in the first month as well as in the coming months. As an Energy Star rated model, it requires less gas to heat the water, and you can even check with Energy Star to see just how much your bills will drop when you rely on this heater. It features a preheating system that heats the system itself, which in turn allows the supply to heat up faster.

You’ll also save money because you can set the heater to the perfect temperature for your home without worrying about setting the temp too high or too low because you can view that temp on the digital screen down to the exact Fahrenheit degree. Buttons just below this screen, which is on the bottom of the heater, make it easy to adjust that temperature regularly too.



With a clean and modern look, this NPE-180A with 150000 BTU Gas Input will fit in any contemporary home, but it takes up less space, which makes it a good choice for those who need more floor space.

The BTU gas input on this one is larger than any of the others we looked at, which lets you know that it can provide all the hot-water that you need around the home. Multiple family members can all take showers or baths at different times of the day, and you’ll still have enough supply left over for doing dishes and cleaning up.

The two stainless-steel heat exchangers inside this model work with its intelligent preheating technology feature. This feature essentially keeps the H2O at a higher temperature before it moves across those exchangers to help the supply reach the maximum temperature you selected in as little as 60 seconds or less. The water will come out steaming hot or a little cooler based on what temperature you want.

Choosing the temperature is incredibly easy because this model has the same push buttons that you might find on your favorite electronics. In addition to buttons for raising and lowering the temperature, you’ll also find buttons for entering the main menu or doing a basic scan to determine if the model needs any type of routine maintenance.

This heater shows you the temperature in a Fahrenheit setting, but you can also switch it over to use Celsius degree settings.

NPE240S-LP Premium Condensing


Though we like many of the features found on this NPE240S-LP Premium Condensing Propane, we put it close to the bottom on our rankings because it has a lower overall rating than some of the other models that we found.

It features a durable seal inside that keeps water from leaking out of the pipes and stainless-steel heat exchangers that can last for a full decade or longer. There are two built-in connections on the top of the unit that allow water to enter, move across those exchangers and then leave through your supply line to reach other areas of your home.

This condensing model is ready to use and install right out of the box because it works with two-inch vents to safely vent the propane away from your home and with 1/2-inch gas lines. An Energy Star sticker on the model lets you know that you’ll save some cash after installing it, and you’ll notice those savings right off the bat. To save even more, you can even turn the temperature down.

Adjusting the temperature of it is as easy as touching the buttons on the front. Hit one button to bring up the current temperature, use the arrow buttons to raise or lower that temperature and view the temperature you selected on its digital screen. As it comes with the intelligent preheating technology designed by Navien, supply will come out of your taps almost instantly.

NPE210S-NG Premium Condensing

Navien NPE210S-NG

If you need a model hat will work with natural gas lines and won’t take up a lot of space, this NPE210S-NG Premium Condensing Natural Gas is the top choice for you.

It uses ultra condensing technology to use as little of your natural gas source as possible while still providing your family with all the supply that they need. It comes in a large cardboard box with almost everything needed for installing it in your home inside that box.

This model  features everything you love about the more expensive model like an intelligent preheating technology feature and durable heat exchangers. Its two stainless-steel heat exchangers can last for up to a decade or longer and require much less maintenance than traditional boilers or copper heat exchangers do.

The preheating feature uses the heat of your home and the warmth of the heater itself to preheat the water inside the line, which allows warmer water to come out of your faucets almost instantly.

Though it will require the use of vents to keep the natural gas moving smoothly, it works with standard two-inch vents, including PVC vents and those made from metal. Navien also designed the NPE210S-NG to work with 1/2-inch natural gas lines. As a low emission, this model releases less emissions into the environment and will meet the standards and regulations found in some states.

Our Winner

NPE-240-AOnce you compare the Navien NPE-240-A Tankless Gas Water Heater to other water heaters, it’s easy to see why this one is the best. Capable of working with most gas systems and featuring a digital screen, this tankless water heater is both easy to set up and easy to use.