Niagara Stealth Toilet Reviews – Which One Should You Get?


When shopping for new bathroom supplies, you’ll often come across some of the same names like KOHLER and American Standard, but one name you might not know is Niagara.

We highly encourage shoppers to check out some of the models that this company makes like the Stealth, which the company also calls the Original Stealth because it was the first model they ever made. This model reduces the risk of embarrassing accidents and incidents because it runs so quickly and efficiently.

This is the only ultra high efficiency toilet on the market and the only ones that uses only 0.8 gallons per flush. That means you’ll notice an almost instant reduction in your water bills once you get it up and running because it uses so much less water than your old model does. It also has a whisper quiet design that means no one will hear you flush it, even if you need to flush it a few times.

We really wanted to help you decide whether this is the ultimate toilet for your home, which is why we decided to do a more detailed review. Not only can you learn whether there are other models that use less water, but you’ll also see the top reasons why so many people choose this model over all the others.

Worth the Investment?

The more water that you use when flushing, the more water you waste, which means that your water bills will also go up. That is why those looking to save on their bills often choose this one, which is also popular among those who want to do their part to help protect the environment. It has a rating of just 0.8 gallons, but other similar models use at least 0.9 gallons to flush.

We’re also fond of the whisper quiet technology that it uses. This lets it flush so quietly that no one in the neighboring rooms can hear. You’ll never feel worried or embarrassed, even if you need to flush more than once.

While dual flush models can use as little as 0.9 gallons, the only model that really comes close to this one is the TOTO Drake. It uses 1.6 gallons per flush and is a little larger in size. Most shoppers will find that the Stealth is a better choice.


Product Specifications

• Standard bowl height stands 16 inches high without the seat and 17 inches off the floor with the attached seat
• Comes with a longer warranty than almost any other product that covers most repairs and problems for up to 10 years
• Gravity fed flush technology uses more pressure created by gravity to reduce the number of flushes you need to make to remove waste
• Comes with hardware in a chrome finish that matches back to faucets and other hardware in your bathroom
• Certified by the EPA WaterSense program because of its ultra low flow technology that significantly reduces the water wasted and used
• Features a push button flushing mechanism located in the exact center on the top of the tank
• Weighs just over 91 pounds, which makes it easier to install and move around the bathroom and your home
• Has a total depth of 27 inches, a width of more than 18.5 inches and a height of 31 inches between the tank lid and the floor


• Uses a flush chamber designed by the manufacturer with an air transfer system that provides the pressure needed to dispose of more waste per flush
• Has a fill valve with a larger diameter that helps automatically and quickly fill the tank with more water to get it ready after you flush
• Eliminates the need for flushing more than once because this model has a design that includes a larger trapway to remove all waste from the included bowl
• Lacks any type of flapper in the tank, which will keep the tank from leaking out water due to minor damage
• Has a higher MaP score that makes it eligible for certain rebates once you buy, install and use it in your home
• Is an ultra high efficiency model because it uses only 0.8 gallons per flush
• Has an elongated front that extends out from both the tank and the wall to give any user more space for sitting
• Works with the floor outlet that your bathroom already has and mounts to the floor with included hardware
• Features a base with all pumping and a trapway built inside and a separate tank that sits on top
• Includes a push button flushing mechanism on the top that is easier to use than a traditional flushing handle


• Does not provide enough force if your line is less than three inches
• Some online reviews come from customers who claim their purchases had some missing parts


Final Verdict


Though there are dozens of models in this same price range that you can buy today, we highly recommend this product because it uses so little water when compared to others. You can easily find one that uses 0.9 gallons, but it’s harder to find one that uses less like this one, which uses only 0.8 gallons. It also has a great design that puts more pressure and force behind the flush to ensure that it removes as much waste as it can with that water.

Some of the review online come from those who loved it so much that they replaced all other products in their home with the same model. It has a floor outlet design that you can mount onto the subfloor in your bathroom with the bolts that come with it and a smaller rough-in that puts the tank closer to the wall. As it’s also ADA compliant, you can install this product in any bathroom.