The 7 Best Non-Slip Mats For Inside The Tub

Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath Shower Tub Mat
AmazerBath Non-Slip Bath Tub Mat
Sheepping Baby Non-Slip Bath Mat
SlipX Solutions Cream Pillow Top Plus Safety Bath Mat
Asvin Soft Textured BathAsvin Soft Textured Bath
KMAT Non-Slip Bathtub Shower Mat
Safe Way Traction Adhesive Vinyl Anti-Slip Bath Mat

Slipping in the tub is among the most harmful accidents that can be encountered in the bathroom. Fortunately, it’s one of the simplest to get rid of as well. By actually purchasing non-slip bathtub mats, you would be less prone to experience an injury – making the bathroom a safe place for infants, adults, and the elderly.

Bathtub mats provide durable, slip-resistant padding for slippery bathtubs and showers. These mats bind to the bottom of the tub and offer a textured surface that offers slip-free stability to the feet. Simple to use and highly functional, bathtub mats add color and elegance to every bathroom interior.

Best Non-Slip Mats For Inside The Tub

A remarkable bath and shower mat will enliven the whole bathroom while holding your feet relaxed and comfortable. But above all, they shield you from sliding on the wet soapy floors.

You might feel frustrated by the multitude of choices when you are looking for a highly-efficient bathtub mat. But don’t panic, we’ve got it for you.

A slippery tub can lead to serious injuries. But let’s put an end to the slick chaos with the best bath mats for inside the tub.

Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath Shower Tub Mat

The Gorilla Grip Math is one of the most grippy underfoot mats, and it remains immovably clung to the surface even when smudged in soap.

Its 324 solid suction cups hold the mat firmly glued to the bathtub or shower surface + the hexagonal-shaped texture on the top provides the best anti-slip traction in the bathtub. Moreover, the extra broad rug measures 35×16 inches, providing decent coverage in tubs and showers.

Through our checking, it stayed tightly suctioned to the bathtub. And even despite many cycles in the washing machine, there were no indications of wear. Translucent variations of this plastic mat reveal mud, a helpful indicator indicating that it’s time to scrub the mat.

Due to the openings in the mat, water does not pool around your feet (as is the case for fully flat bath rugs). And if maintained properly, the mold growth rate is little to none below the surface. Furthermore, it’s accessible in nine different tones, six of which are semi-transparent. The mat also has antibacterial qualities and emits no chemical smell.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The Gorilla Grip Shower Mat is featured in Amazon’s Best Choice category with a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Customers are all praises for this item, saying it gets firmly glued to the surface, does not slip, and provides anti-slip traction to the feet. Customers have also appreciated the holes in it, saying it allows water to drain out and keeps the mat clean and tidy between cleaning days.


AmazerBath Non-Slip Bath Tub Mat

This anti-slip pad by AmazerBath is a high-quality product providing a bathroom-fall-free remedy for elderly bathing. The non-slip mat is built to perfection with 200 extra-strong suction cups that guarantee that the mat holds tightly and remains in place.

Also, 176 drain holes easily drain water and enable sufficient air circulation to keep the mat dry and mold-free.

The top layer is topped with hundreds of semi-circular, anti-slide dots popping out of the surface to give support to your feet to prevent sliding and stumbling in and out of the tub.

This anti-slip “inside the bathtub mat” is made of high-quality and BPA-free PVC content. You may even rinse it in the washing machine and air dry it afterward for a fresh look.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The AmazerBath Mat has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon with excellent reviews by thousands of customers.

Consumers have described it as an outstanding option for any bathtub surface, claiming that it suctions strongly and guarantees that you do not fall into the bathtub because of the soapy-slippery water. It has a neutral appearance, indicating that it blends with every bathroom style. Plus, consumers really enjoy the variety of colors available and rate it as a premium commodity that holds bacteria free for optimal hygiene.

Sheepping Baby Non-Slip Bath Mat

The anti-slip rubber mat contains 200 wide suction cups, which hold the mat firmly fixed to the surface of the bathtub. When laid in the shower room, the non-slip PVC pad won’t glide around and has a powerful and stable grasp for utter reassurance.

What we liked most about this mat is its anti-slide properties, while at the same time being comfortable to the feet. The severe slick-shampooy-bath is no longer slippery with this mat-all thanks to the popped out semi-circular tread that offers the baby’s feet a strong degree of friction and prevents the adorable little toddler from colliding in the shower.

We considered the mat very convenient to stand on as well. All the suction cups offer a mildly puffy feeling. Plus, there are small round cut-outs all around, avoiding waterlogging.

The Sheepping Baby Bath Mat is machine-washable. Just drop the mat into the machine and admire its fresh looks.

What Customers Say About This Product?

Sheepping Baby Bath Mat has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, with overwhelmingly favorable feedback from the consumers.

The majority of consumers have bought this mat for their toddlers and have demonstrated full happiness with the purchase. Customers agree this pad is great for kids who are always moving about and playing in the bathtub with their toys.

It holds up and covers a conventional tub from the drain back. The top tread pattern is comfortable for the baby and gives those cute little feet a secure grip against the slippery bathtub floor. Customers have also appreciated the product’s ease of cleanliness.

SlipX Solutions Cream Pillow Top Plus Safety Bath Mat

It’s the most comfortable, non-slip shower pad ever tested.

Made of natural rubber content, this mat provides comfortable cushioning support-all thanks to the dual-filled material layers comprising 700+ air-filled pillow pockets to cradle your feet in the finest comfort while offering vital non-slip protection.

You will love it’s fluffy and squishy feel… we guarantee! And because it’s super cushy for your feet, it can make a big difference in your shower comfort, particularly for those with heel pain or plantar fasciitis.

The 200 plus vacuum cups below are used to hold the mat in its position. The commodity is constructed of high-grade rubber to prevent fading, cracking, or tearing. And after a hands-on evaluation, we can comfortably claim that it can last for 2+ years.

And yes… this anti-slip bathtub rug is both machine and hand washable.

Outside Bath Tub Mats are considered important for not slippers

What Customers Say About This Product?

SlipX Solutions Cream Pillow Top Plus Safety Bath Mat has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, with impressive testimonials by worldwide clients.

Almost 99% of customers are all praises for its premium cushioned comfort, ability to soothe tired heels, anti-fatigue properties, and non-slip top and base. Its natural rubber content, coupled with a textured top layer and powerful suction cups, help hold the mat secure within the bathtub or shower region.

The product has also gained praise from patients with heel discomfort.

Even those with hip replacement surgery praised the pad, stating that it tightly bonds to the inclined bathing stools and offers maximum comfort when taking a bath in a seated position.

Asvin Soft Textured Bath

Asvin Soft Textured Bath

Asvin Soft is our favorite cup-free, non-slippery bathtub mat. It is an excellent choice for bathtubs with textured surfaces or homeowners who fear that suction cups can chip their bathtub paint or tear down the finish of their freshly refinished bathtub.

This slippery shower mat features a special open-weave loofah texture that lets water drain enough to avoid mildew and stains whilst offering a supportive and comfortable standing area. The anti-slip coating is applied to the bottom of the anti-slip mat, which is clear of cups and is appropriate for all parts of the bathroom and other wet surfaces.

This textured PVC Bathmat can be ordered in several sizes and is intended to avoid harm to recently renovated porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs with textured surfaces.

What Customers Say About This Product?

Asvin Soft Textured Bathtub Mat is featured in Amazon’s Best Choice category with an impressive 4.6-star rating and incredibly positive feedback from hundreds of clients.

Customers claim that the mat remains in place without having to worry about suction cups. It looks comfortable and cushiony and also has a “loofah” feeling. Customers have also described this as an ideal choice for those who do not want to screw around in their bathtubs by utilizing anti-slip stickers.

“It is soap-resistant, quick-drying, and does not scuff or leave stains on reglazed tubs,” says a customer.

The product is also made of high-quality PVC content and hollowed out to facilitate the movement of water.

KMAT Non-Slip Bathtub Shower Mat

Made of eco-friendly premium TPE and PP material, KMAT non-slip shower mat is our favorite option in terms of safety and mildew resistance. This shower mat is super anti-skid, all thanks to the mat’s incredible matte texture and slotted frames.

On our testing, we found KMAT Shower Mat not very comfortable to stand (it’s just OK on your heels)… but rest assured it doesn’t lose suction, does not slide like most mats, does not get molded.

The unique design gives it self-cleansing property, and here’s how?

There are wide openings between the top slats. This enables the water to pass straight through and allows good air circulation, thereby providing a grime-free shower mat.

AND above all, the mat offers greater stability, to the person taking a bath, on slippery surfaces.

In addition, the rug is very simple to trim. You can attach or cut out additional pieces to match your bathing area size.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The KMAT Mat has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, with outstanding feedback from thousands of users.

The majority of customers praised the super anti-skid efficiency and fast-drying properties of the item. Customers claim those hundreds of suction cups help the mat lie flat with a firm grasp, whereas the ideal drainage method is rendered possible by those hundreds of tiny gaps.

Customers agree the slats are a little stiff, but they do have an unmatchable anti-slip resistance. It also provides an improved degree of support than other non-skid mats on the market.

Safe Way Traction Adhesive Vinyl Anti-Slip Bath Mat

Tired of anti-slip bath mats with hundreds of suction cups? If your bathtub does not have a smooth surface for suction anti-slip mats to be securely bonded or you simply want a cup-free alternative… Safe Way Traction’s fine-grade adhesive bath mat is the prime choice.

It is a peel and stick type of installation and does not use suction cups in any way. It’s a top-quality vinyl sheet with a fine-grit embedded in it. Simply peel the paper backing off and stick this fine-textured film inside the bathtub.

Once applied, you can enjoy a non-slippery bathtub for several years. And by saying ‘several years’, we mean this adhesive vinyl film can offer foot-friendly, no-slip protection for 5+ years!

And because it’s completely connected to the tub, there’s no aspect of it sliding or losing. Moreover, you don’t even have to remove it when cleaning the tub. Go ahead with how you usually scrub your bathtub, and it’s going to be 100% fine.

What Customers Say About This Product?

Safe Way Traction Adhesive Vinyl Anti-Slip Bath Mat is an Amazon Choice product with an outstanding 4.5-star rating.

Customers claim that this bath mat is perfectly tailored to the tub since it holds to the tub and does not move. It’s not a thin paper, but rather a dense, sturdy, fine-grained vinyl cover. In addition, it cleans with the tub and requires no special maintenance.

Important Things To Know Before Buying An “Inside The Bathtub” Mat:

The first step is to calculate the bathtub size you need to select a bath mat for. There is no value in buying versions that would not match your bathtub size. Never act like you know the tub’s precise dimensions. A mat that’s only a few inches too long may not lay flat, possibly developing into a potential fall hazard. Take a tape measurement and then write the measurements down so that while finding the right mat, you don’t overlook anything.

The mat design should also be a priority. Is the mat going to be put in the kid’s bathroom? Perhaps one with vivid colors would be a decent option. Parents may choose to pick one that is environmentally sustainable and crafted from BPA-free materials.

The color of your bathroom should be regarded as well. If you have a neutral paint scheme in your shower room, you have two choices. You can buy a mat that blends in with your theme, or opt for one that shines out as a masterpiece.

White mats blend in with most bathroom themes, although the downside is that they seem to get dirty quicker. Beige, gray, or even translucent mats remain cleaner for longer periods, with less need for daily scrubbing. Whatever you choose, make sure to pick one that is machine-washable or at least easily hand washable.

Bathrooms are the colonies of mold and bacteria. Therefore, mold-resistance should also be a primary concern. This will make sure the bathtub is tidy and safe for everyone. Mats with drainage and ventilation holes appear to withstand mildew and bacteria development better than non-perforated alternatives.

Best Non-Slip Bath Mats for Inside The Tub [Infographic]

The 7 Best Non-Slip Mats For Inside The Tub

  1. Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath Shower Tub Mat
  2. AmazerBath Non-Slip Bath Tub Mat
  3. Sheepping Baby Non-Slip Bath Mat
  4. SlipX Solutions Cream Pillow Top Plus Safety Bath Mat
  5. Asvin Soft Textured Bath
  6. KMAT Non-Slip Bathtub Shower Mat
  7. Safe Way Traction Adhesive Vinyl Anti-Slip Bath Mat