10 Best Portable Toilets Reviews – Which One Should You Get?

In A Rush?

Camco Standard

Key Features

  • 5.3 gallon waste tank  and 2.5 gallon fresh water flush tank capacity
  • Durable polyethylene construction
  • Lightweight and convenient to use
  • Integrated handles for portability


A portable toilet comes in handy when camping in the middle of nowhere and after a natural disaster when the water goes out for a significant period of time.

While some models require that you add some freshwater to use one, others rely on simple bags that let you store your waste for disposal later.

The Camco Standard is a good option for adding to your natural disaster kit, keeping stored in your basement, using on a camping trip, or putting in your camper.

It has a removable tank that holds more than five gallons of waste and a flush tank that holds more than two gallons of fresh water. A latch on the base pops open for removing the waste container too.

RankProductReview Score
4Green Elephant Portable Toilet Review9.5Buy on Amazon
5Camco Portable Travel Toilet Review9.3Buy on Amazon
6JAXPETY 5 GALLON 20L FLUSH 8.8Buy on Amazon
8Kunida Designs Camping Toilet Review8.4Buy on Amazon

10 Best Portable Camping Toilets – (Ultimate Guide and Reviews)

1. Camco Portable Travel Toilet

Camco Standard

The Camco Standard is the type of product that you can use after a natural disaster when you don’t have access to indoor plumbing and while in the woods or other places where you don’t have access to running water. It has a classic design that includes a seat and a lid that lifts up as well as angled sides that keep waste moving down the bowl. A freshwater tank holds 2.5 gallons to help you flush the model several times before you need to fill it up.

Located near the center is a latch that opens and divides it into two separate pieces to let you dump the waste tank. A sealed valve keeps the odors from that waste trapped inside.


  • Has separate containers for holding waste and freshwater
  • Latch pops open to separate the containers
  • Sealed valve keeps waste trapped inside


  • May rock back and forth when you sit down
  • Is too small for some people

2. Reliance Products Fold-to-Go Collapsible Portable Toilet

Reliance Fold To Go

Hunters of all ages will appreciate the Hunter’s Loo, which comes with a cover in a camouflage pattern that features dark shades of brown, orange and black. This cover comes off easily and is replaceable for those who want one in a different design. It also has a handle on the top for transporting it.

This model has both a lid as well as a seat. The seat has rounded edges that overhang just far enough to prevent splash back, and the lid locks down on top of the seat. The product weighs less than three pounds and works with the waste bags made by Reliance Products.


  • Lid snaps down to keep the bucket from spilling open
  • Seat had large edges to reduce splash back
  • Holds up to 20 liters of liquid and solid waste materials


  • Not everyone will like the camouflage pattern
  • Is lightweight and fairly flimsy

3. Reliance Products Hassock Portable Toilet

Reliance Products Hassock

Suitable for use on camping trips, construction sites and anywhere without running water, the Hassock is easy to use and works with the bags that Reliance Products makes. It comes with a lid that stay securely in place to keep waste from falling out. When you lift this lid though, you’ll find a contoured seat that matches your own contours.

Also included is a built-in TP holder that holds an entire role. The inner bucket holds the waste produced by one or more people over several days or more and is easy to rinse out. You can lift the seat to add bags to the inside too.


  • Integrated TP holder lets you save on space in your pack
  • Works with the waste bags made by the manufacturer
  • Inner splash cover keeps liquids and solids from touching your skin


  • Does not feel very comfortable
  • Requires frequent changing and replacing of the bags inside

4. Green Elephant Portable Toilet Review

Porta Potti Curve

The Green Elephant portable toilet is a unique product. Emergencies can occur at any age, anytime and anywhere. It does not matter wherever you are, one can use this portable camping folding toilet. It can be used during festivals, hiking, outdoor living and long car trips. This folding chair toilet can be used as a bedside commode, shower stool or a steaming seat for women. If you have this comfortable folding chair toilet, you’ll definitely be prepared for the unexpected!

It is extremely lightweight, compact and portable, stable, easy to carry, easy to use, and comfortable even if you have to sit for a while. It folds easily to become flat, so it can be easily stored and transported in your trailer, boat, camper, or car. It can be conveniently be stored in the home or garage as well as it requires minimum space.You will get sweet relief in case of any emergency arising during any adventure you are on with the chair folding potty.

This portable toilet is strong and durable. The stainless-steel rust resistant 4 – legged frame can support a weight of up to 250 pounds. In order to prevent slipping of the portable toilet when in use each leg is fitted with a rubber stopper at the bottom. Its weight is only 3.5 pounds and the seat is 15” wide from front to back, 15.3” tall and 15.8” long. It has the most comfortable height for sitting.

The Green Elephant portable toilet supports yoni steaming (aka vaginal steam) for women. While sitting restfully and allowing the herbal steam permeations to revitalize and cleanse the reproductive system ensuring reduced detoxification, menstrual cramps, improved fertility, healthier flow, and healing after birth.

This product promotes cleanliness and keeps the sanitary quality needed.  You can enjoy great hygiene and a fresh sense of feeling with this camp toilet. The seat can be fully covered by a special toilet bag thus you don’t have to clean up after use.


  • The curved design increases the comfort level of any user
  • Holds 5.5 gallons of waste and four gallons of water
  • Built-in features hold TP and help you level the base


  • Doesn’t offer all the support you might need
  • Requires an optional kit to keep it secured to the floor or ground

5. Camco Portable Travel Toilet Review

Leopard Outdoor T-Type

The Camco portable travel toilet is an innovative product. It consists of a holding tank of 2.6 gallon that is detachable also having a sealed gate valve. It also has a 2.5-gallon flush tank. It has a bowl, seat, lid and flush tank. The portable toilet features side latches that secure the tank to the bowl and helps keeping the waste tank attached to the flush tank during transport. It has integrated handles for increased portability.

The portable toilet also features a sealing slide valve that lock in odors and prevents leakage. It has a Bellow-type flush pump and robust construction. It measures 11.5” in height, 14“ in width and 16” in depth. It weighs only 11 pounds when empty but it supports weight on it of up to 330 pounds.

It is designed specifically for boating, camping, or any other recreational activity. It is also an excellent emergency option to have during long car drives. Its polyethylene construction is sturdy, lightweight and compact. For easy flushing it features a pull slide valve. A packet of TST biodegradable chemical for toilets is included with it. This chemical is specially made by Camco for this portable toilet. It is extremely convenient and easy to use.


  • Uses water in three different directions to eliminate more waste with one flush
  • Handles let you carry it from the top or bottom
  • Flushes quietly and without wasting water from the tank


  • Is very small
  • May sit too low to the ground

6. JAXPETY 5 Gallon 20L Flush Porta Potti Camping Portable Toilet

JAXPETY 5 Gallon 20L

This model is great for those who want to use less water when going to the bathroom because it has a valve that lets you add the perfect amount of water to the bowl. That water wraps around the inside the bowl to remove waste stuck to the sides and helps all the waste slide down the drain when open. It has latches that you can open to remove the holding tank and to put the parts back together again.

Capable of holding up to five gallons, which is 20 liters, this is the only product that you need when spending time with a group. It can accommodate your group for a full weekend or even longer.


  • Holds five gallons/20 liters of waste
  • Base detaches from the product for emptying
  • Lets you choose the amount of water to use


  • Some odors can leak out of the base
  • Latches are hard to open and close

7. Green Elephant Folding Commode Portable Toilet Seat

Green Elephant Folding

Anyone with military experience knows that digging a commode hole is a convenient way to use the bathroom outside, and this commode chair will work with those holes as well as with bags. Though it doesn’t come with any bags of its own, it does work with most standard bags. You can lift up the seat, place your bag in place and drop the seatback down before using the bathroom.

This model has a convenient folding design that makes it easy to take the chair with you into the wilderness. It folds flat for storing in your camper or home too and comes with a seat that looks like a real toilet seat.

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  • Folds up and down for using and storing
  • Works with commode holes that you dig yourself
  • Seat lifts up for use with bathroom bags


  • Requires the use of bags or a bucket
  • Is too short for taller users

8. Kunida Designs Camping Toilet Review

Stansport 4B Folding

The Kunida Designs portable camping toilet is a revolutionary product. It is specially designed keeping your comfort in mind. Whether you’re hiking, camping or fishing, the perfect chair height and comfortable seat will give you great comfort and relaxation.The portable camping toilet is easy to use. You can relieve yourself into a plastic bucket,a large toilet bagof plastic or simply into a hole in the ground using this comfortable portable chair toilet.

It is a sturdy and reliable commode. It is built to withstand rough use. It can support a weight of 250lb. It is manufactured using high quality materials. It is reliable in case of emergencies. You never know when nature calls. This portable toilet stool can be stored easily as it is foldable. In case of emergencies it unfolds easily to save precious time. It is compact when stored. It is also easy to transport and lightweight. Its weight is just 3.5 pounds.

The plastic seat is molded and shaped in a way to make you comfortable and help you relax. This camping outdoor toilet is ideal for campers, hikers, and also for those going on road trips for a very long distance. It is perfect for construction sites, yoni steaming, fishing, hunting, outdoor living, and composting toilets. It can also function as a bedside commode or even a shower chair for the elderly. It is also extremely easy to clean.


  • Folds down for storage in your camper or home
  • The plastic ring snaps on and off to hold the bags down
  • The molded seat keeps you comfy when using the bathroom


  • Not strong enough to support all people
  • Only comes with six bags that you cannot reuse

9. Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

Reliance Products Luggable Loo

The Luggable Loo is an affordable product for those who want an easier way to use the bathroom outside but don’t want to spend a lot of money. This model looks like a small bucket that holds five gallons with a snap on lid and a small seat on top. That lid increases the comfort of anyone sitting down, and when you snap the lid down, you won’t worry about spills.

Designed to work with bags made by Reliance Products, this product will work with other types of bags too. The handle helps you lug it when filled or empty.


  • Works with bags from Reliance Products and other bags of the same size
  • Has a carrying handle for taking on boating, hunting, and camping trips
  • Lid snaps onto the top to prevent spills


  • May only last for a few trips
  • Does not feel as comfortable as other products do

10. Texsport Portable Folding Toilet for Outdoor Camping

Texsport Folding Outdoor

This product is a good choice for those who spend a lot of time hiking and don’t want to waste space in their packs because it folds flat for storing with all your other supplies. It has four durable legs that extend down from the center, and each leg has a rubber tip that keeps the metal from sinking deep into the ground. Designed to work with kitchen trash bags, this model comes with six standard bags.

Though it does not have a seat on top, it does have a plastic ring that snaps on and off the top. This ring keeps the bags that you use secured inside the center and collects all the waste that a user produces. It also has bolts that you can tighten in place if the legs feel loose.


  • Rubber tips keep the metal legs from sinking into the ground
  • Folds flat enough for carrying in your backpack
  • The plastic ring secures the bags to the top


  • Does not come with a comfortable seat or lid
  • Cannot accommodate heavier users

Our Winner Is…

Camco Standard

Regardless of why you need a model that you can take with you, the Camco Standard is a good choice because it has its own tank that can hold 2.5 gallons of water for flushing. Its base features a second container that holds more than five gallons of waste. A latch on this tank opens to let you slide off the top seat piece and carry the tank away for dumping.

The top features both a seat that lifts up as well as a lid that lifts up and drops down to block out any odors from inside the bowl. That bowl has steeply angled sides that use gravity and water to force all waste down into the container. A sealed valve on the base keeps waste from splashing out.

How to Choose the Right Portable Toilets

How Much Does it Weigh?

When shopping for a product that you can take with you to work or on recreational trips or one that you can carry around your own home, you should see how much it weighs. The larger products weigh over 10 pounds but come in at 15 pounds or less. Smaller and more basic models will weigh between four and five pounds.

Another thing to consider is how much it weighs when filled with waste. This tells you how easily you can move the product and whether you need help. Those that come with a separate water tank will weigh more when you add water too.

Does it Have a Dedicated Tank?

Those designed for taking with you may not come with as many tanks or tanks as large as other models because those features add to the total weight. A separate water tank lets you add water before leaving or after getting to your campsite and helps you keep the bowl clean as you flush.

Those who want to save time and reduce their impact on the environment often choose folding models. These models use bags instead of a tank and will require that you take the bags with you and dispose of each one later. Some come with bags for using the models right away.

Is a Cheaper Model Best for You?

Cheaper models come in two different types: those with folding legs and those that look like buckets. Those that look like buckets come with features like a lid that snaps down over the top to prevent smells from getting out and seats that are a little more comfortable. Bucket models use bags to hold onto the waste you make.

Folding models have metal legs that fold down to reduce the footprint of the product. Some have special tips on the ends that keep the metal from rusting and stop the entire thing from slipping into the ground. These products require the use of bags too.

What Type of Bags Can You Use?

Beware of companies that make models designed only to work with their own brand of bags. You may have a hard time finding those bags, and if the company goes out of business, you cannot use the product anymore. Many manufacturers now make products that work with either standard plastic bags like those from the grocery store or basic kitchen trash bags.