Best Elevated Toilet Seats with Arms

Best Raised Toilet Seats with Arms/Handles: Reviewed & Tested!

The elders can’t be expected to do things as they did 10 to 20 years ago. They need the help so they won’t fall down on their way out of the bathroom. Fortunately, raised toilet seats come to the rescue. These seats with handles for handicapped and elderly are made of durable materials, offer good support when sitting or standing, come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any person who is using them, and have easy-to-use locking mechanisms.

One of the most difficult times in life is when you are no longer able to do the things that you used to be able to do. It can be even more difficult if you have been living independently and then find yourself living with a handicapped or elderly person who needs help with everything. One of these difficulties is going to the bathroom, but there are some products on the market that may make this process easier for both parties involved. The best raised toilet seats with handles for handicapped & elderly people as well as those who are recovering from surgery or injury work make it much easier for them to get up and down from the toilet.

Review of the Best Raised Toilet Seats with Handles

Finding the best raised toilet seat with handles for the handicapped and elderly can be a daunting task. Handicapped people may find it difficult to use normal toilet seats because they have limited mobility or are recovering from an injury. Elderly people who suffer from arthritis, balance problems, or other age-related limitations may also need extra help getting on and off the toilet.

In order to make things easier for these populations, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular raised toilets seats with handles that will work great in any bathroom setting! These products are designed to provide plenty of support so that users don’t fall while getting up and down as well as making it easy for them to reach their feet when sitting down. They also come with features like easy installation and removal when not needed.

1). Drive Medical RTL12027RA Elevated Raised Toilet Seat

Give your aging loved one the gift of dignity back. Made to give independence back to the elderly or those recovering from knee replacement surgery, this elevated seat is easy to install and has tons of features that make it a comfortable fit for just about any toilet around. With inside dimensions of 8×9 inches, a user has plenty of room to maneuver – even when both metal arms are in place! The textured padded arms help support anyone who needs assistance while sitting down or standing up at the time of use. Easy-to-clean heavy-duty molded plastic means no worries about unnecessary germs collecting in between crevices of a porcelain throne. Installations are easy with this raised seat as all you have to do is lock it on and enjoy.

  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Easy to clean, resists stains
  • Toughened plastic
  • Quick latch lock installation
  • Padded arm bars
  • Adjustable arm bars
  • Hip space may be narrow for large person

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Hands-on Experience Report of Drive Medical RTL12027RA Elevated Raised Toilet Seat:

The Drive Medical RTL12027RA Elevated Raised Toilet Seat is an excellent solution for those who suffer from any disability that prevents them from fully controlling their lower body movements or feel unsteady on their feet. Best for elders, this toilet seat will allow you to sit down and get up easier, as well as provide a comfortable platform that stabilizes the legs in a sitting position. The arms are padded and raised so you don’t need to worry about it painfully rubbing against your skin when resting your elbows. It also includes supportive metal arms which can be easily attached or removed based on personal preference; there’s no installation required!

2). Carex 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

If you’re looking for a safer toilet seat that can help those with mobility issues then the Carex 3.5 inch Raised Toilet Seat with Arms is a great option to consider. The padded armrests are not only designed to make sitting and standing easier but also prevent unnecessary slippage when getting on and off the raised toilet seat. The built-in handles provide extra support while making it easy to grab onto each time while standing up or sitting down. This may be especially helpful for anyone recovering from surgery who cannot bear any weight on their lower body at the time of installation or during use. Installation may take some effort if you don’t have tools installed, but once installed it’s very comfortable and sturdy!

  • Secure & Reliable fit
  • Foam padded support rails
  • Available for all toilet types
  • Installation is a bit complicated

Hands-on Experience Report of Carex 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat with Arms:

Thanks to the Carex 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat with Arms, life can again be easy! The smart design is perfect for those who may have trouble getting up on and off the toilet seat or suffer from a temporary condition like pregnancy-related sciatica because it acts as a portable toilet seat that raises you up comfortably so no need to worry about bending low down in that awkward way anymore—especially if you’re pregnant and don’t want to risk your baby’s safety by straining your back! I was such a skeptic when my doctor recommended this product but now I love it! No more struggling to get up off of the toilet seat or worrying about accidents! What an ingenious product!

3). SXFYGYQ Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat

Finally, there is a way for seniors and handicapped people to be independent after having this product. This seat will raise any individual to the appropriate height when using a toilet, which provides many benefits in safety and comfort compared to conventional toilets. It also has the added feature of well-positioned handrails that assist in getting up or sitting down on the contraption as well as providing additional support if you happen to fall over. The padding is another great touch because it cushions your elbows, and soothes your buttocks with an insulating shield from cold porcelain.

  • Locks securely to all toilet types
  • Comfortable to sit
  • Anti-slip surface
  • 3x levels of height adjustment
  • Gives a pure chair-like feel
  • Very expensive

Hands-on Experience Report of SXFYGYQ Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat:

The SXFYGYQ raised toilet seats are very comfortable. You won’t have to worry about slipping while getting up from the seat and you’ll never need another hand grasping for balance again. With its three levels of height adjustment, you can feel your best no matter how tall you happen to be. The anti-slip surface will make sure that it’s so hard to accidentally slide off the toilet because of a sudden dizzy spell or any other mischief that might try to come between you and your day mission from fate!

4). HEALTHLINE 3-in-1 Commode Over Toilet Seat

We’ve seen a lot of raised toilet seats come and go, but none as versatile and easy to use as the HEALTHLINE 3-in-1 Commode Over Toilet Seat. This all-in-one tool comes with everything you need: an adjustable seat; a commode bucket (for when you have those emergencies out of your normal routine); a splash guard for extra protection from leaks; handy arms for transporting yourself on and off the toilet. Its rails are made tough from grey powder-coated steel welded construction so it can take whatever physical punishment. And the snap-on lid is made of durable plastic for easy cleaning (because who needs extra work). Plus, it’s easy to move around or store in – thanks to its handy foldable design.

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  • 3 in 1 commode chair
  • Turns into a dedicated commode or place it over existing commode
  • Adjustable height
  • Strong safety grips
  • Folds flat for easy transportation
  • Round opening is a bit narrow for fat people

Hands-on Experience Report of the HEALTHLINE 3-in-1 Commode Over Toilet Seat:

With the HEALTHLINE 3-in-1 Commode Over Toilet Seat, you have your own private portable bathroom anywhere or out of the house. The all-in-one design allows you to raise and lower the seat as needed without needing a helper. Suffering from injuries that make standing difficult? This toilet seat is perfect for you because users can adjust it accordingly with about 1 inch of increments making this commode both accessible and therapeutic. You will feel comfortable even on long extended trips when traveling overseas thanks to its superb portability feature that folds flat in seconds and is easy to carry especially if you’re disabled or elderly, allowing for maximum mobility no matter where life takes you!

5). Carex Toilet Safety Frame With Adjustable Width

The Carex Toilet Safety Frame is perfect for anyone that would benefit from some extra assistance with toileting. Whether you have a diagnosis of partial paralysis, or after surgery and recovering in bed with limited mobility, the Carex design can be adjusted to suit your individual needs to offer better stability when peeing or pooping. The sturdy frame can be flush mounted to any toilet seat and features cushioned grips with a width that adjusts from 16″ – 18″.

  • Universal fit across all toilets
  • Cushioned hand grips
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Good resale value
  • Needs to be tightened frequently to prevent wiggling

Hands-on Experience Report of Carex Toilet Safety Frame:

Do you worry about someone who is in the bathroom but has lost their balance and can no longer go by themselves? Or what if they’re recovering from surgery and relying on a walker to make it to the toilet. Sometimes, when you have been putting off that trip into town to pick up all of those little things you need–think grocery or medicines–you might not be so lucky for the situation: neither your mom nor dad are in any shape to leave home at this point. Worry not with the Carex Toilet Safety Frame. This adjustable toilet rail targets people with limited mobility due to injury or disability and fits elongated or round toilets securely. It is handy for those elderly people who are unsteady on their feet and unable to maintain balance without assistance when sitting down or standing up from the commode.

Raised Toilet Seat Buying Guide: What To Consider Before Purchasing?

The first thing to consider when looking for a raised toilet seat is how long you plan on using it. If you are seeking a temporary solution, then the price may be the most important factor in your purchase. However, if you are living with some kind of physical disability or injury and intend to use the device for an extended period of time (months or years), then durability, stability, comfortability, and other factors should take priority.


The last thing you want is to have an accident because your raised toilet seat broke. Make sure that the frame and materials are strong enough to handle your weight. Some products may be adjustable in height, but still not be able to bear the strain of heavy users. This will simply result in a spill or worse injury if the device fails when you sit down on it. Price should typically reflect durability, so expect more expensive models to contain stronger parts and be manufactured from stronger materials.


The main purpose of a raised toilet seat is to make it easier for you to use the bathroom. If the seat wobbles or slips, then it defeats this purpose as it becomes just as difficult to use as a normal toilet. Stability can be an issue if your weight is too much for the frame and materials used in construction. The best way to determine stability is by finding out how much weight each device can handle, either from manufacturer’s claims or reviews from users who have tried them out. Most seats should safely hold up to 300 pounds although certain models may only support 250 lbs., so you might want to keep this in mind when choosing an elevated toilet seat.


While the primary function of an elevated toilet seat is to provide assistance in using a toilet for those who may not have full mobility, you still want to be as comfortable when sitting on it as possible. This includes being able to relax and feel secure when having bowel movements since you will likely be straining given that you are raising your body away from normal body position. It should also offer ample padding and cushions or other parts that can improve comfortability.

Adjustable Height

In choosing between a fixed or adjustable height-raised toilet seat, consider both costs and benefits before making a decision. Fixed-height seats are generally cheaper but they are limited in providing optimal positioning for your needs. However, most users feel that fixed-height models work well with most people. On the other hand, adjustable models are generally more expensive. They allow you to choose your desired seating height so that it is comfortable and easily accessible. You should find one that fits your needs and budget in terms of price as well as functionality.


It is often easier to use a raised toilet seat with handles or armrests. These provide more support and stability while you are sitting on the elevated seat, making it easier for you to get up from the commode. If you want added security when sitting down and standing up, then look for models that include an anti-slip feature or secure bars where your hands can rest.

Checking The Rest Of The Toilet

Make sure that at least the front portion of your toilet is smooth and free from any rough edges or protruding parts when looking for a raised toilet seat model to purchase. These may be hard on thin or sensitive skin and cause discomfort during use while possible injuries can occur if these protrusions push too hard against delicate parts. Make sure that the seat is completely comfortable for your seating area.


While this may not seem that important, it should be something that you consider when choosing an elevated toilet seat. The design and color may be part of your decor so it is best that you choose one that can blend in nicely with your bathroom setting. This does not mean that you have to select a model which looks exactly like a normal commode but as long as its appearance complements the rest of your home, then there shouldn’t be any problems at all.

Why is a Raised Toilet Seat The Best Solution For You?

Consider the following health benefits that a risen toilet seat can offer:

◆ People who have difficulty sitting down/up from their toilet will find it much easier–and safer–with help from a rise-able seat;

◆ Individuals recovering from hip or other orthopedic surgeries will find it much easier to use the bathroom for evacuation when they have help from a rise-able seat;

◆ People who are rehabilitating after an illness or surgery will find that use of a raiseable toilet seat can aid in comfort, hygiene, and overall recovery;

◆ There is often a benefit both for elderly people who need assistance when using the bathroom because of physical problems, as well as senior citizens who are not all that old but nonetheless desire more convenience. These two groups are excellent candidates for choosing this kind of toilet accessory because it makes things so much easier for them while also being helpful with their normal bodily functions.

◆ People of any age group who suffer from incontinence will definitely benefit from using this kind of toilet accessory because it helps relieve pressure while also reducing slipping risk (no matter what product you choose).

◆ It is important to keep in mind that this kind of toilet accessory is ideal for pregnant women as well. These individuals often have difficulties sitting on the toilet without being able to use their arms to balance and hold themselves up. They may also have issues finding a proper position for the feet so they can comfortably squat or kneel without slipping. In addition, they are unable to move as easily and it may require extra effort just to get situated. The use of a raise-able seat can help tremendously in this regard because all of these problems will be solved through simple convenience. It also provides support when you need it so you won’t find yourself slipping or struggling with weight distribution like you might otherwise. This provides an easier way for the woman to perform her bathroom duties while also feeling more supported and secure during the whole process.

Are raised toilet seats safe for the elderly?

If you are among the younger generation and have elderly parents living in your home, it is likely that you’ve been concerned with their comfort level. They may not be able to get up and down from their toilet for a number of reasons ranging from arthritis to incontinence. If they are also somewhat weak, it is usually better to avoid placing them on a regular height commode because they could easily slip or fall off of it – particularly if there is no nearby handrail available.

An elevated seat will help eliminate this problem by providing a sturdy option so the individual can use the bathroom just like everyone else without any issues at all. It is important to keep in mind that while these seats do work well for many people, they are by no means a cure-all. If your parent is severely ill or has other extreme issues, it may be best to talk to their doctor because they may require additional assistance with the whole process.

It should also be noted that this kind of toilet seat may not be ideal if you have small children in the home. This is because they will likely attempt to use this type of accessory and could result in serious injury if there is nothing holding them in place. Be sure to check out the design features of any product before allowing others (including children) to use it just so you can avoid mishaps. Even though these seats are sturdy enough for most purposes, accidents do happen when people try too hard or get distracted – especially little ones.


If you will be using the toilet seat on a regular basis, it is best to choose a model that has been certified by either the ADA or ANSI. This ensures that it meets all of their standards and requirements for safety, stability, comfort, and general design. You should also keep its size in mind because you’ll want to have enough room for your knees without feeling too cramped. These are just some of the things you should look at before buying this kind of accessory so read product reviews – especially those available from resellers who provide detailed reports on each item they sell. By doing this, you can get a much better idea about which models are worth considering plus learn more about potential issues with each one.

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