Why Does A Septic Tank Needs Bacteria?

A septic tank does a fine job of breaking down the waste. Through the aid of bacteria within the tank, it removes layers thereby breaking down most of the waste. The bacteria, however, would not survive forever. It is necessary to periodically inject bacteria into the tank outside of the occasional septic tank pump. Without bacteria running through the tank, waste inside the tank can be left without adequate care, resulting in flooding the tank more rapidly. In daily life, you may try to stop infection, however your septic tank demands it.

How Does A Septic Tank Work?

Wastewater is driven from the house into the tank. On the bottom of the tank, dense layers settle down, while waste that is lighter than water rises to the surface. When it is steadily squeezed back, the liquid in the center passes into an exit channel. It is this bottom layer, or sludge, that is washed out and discarded while a septic tank is pumped. The sludge layer becomes greater and larger with time. There is not anything that can be done about this, but it is possible with the aid of bacteria to delay the increasing water level and growing sludge.

What Role Does Bacteria Play In A Septic System?

The bacteria on the bottom of the tank eat away at the sludge within the bath. Although the whole layer is not going to fall down, it will help slow down the process of development. Bacteria do, though, go with it when the water is squeezed out of a waste line. So, the level of bacteria decreases when more water continues to escape the tank. The addition of more bacteria to the tank thus becomes an integral aspect of slowing the development of the sludge stage.

In order to break down the sludge, very particular bacteria are required. In the local home improvement shop, there are several septic tank additives available. You merely push the liquid down the toilet with these bacteria additives and it would find its way to the septic tank. Each septic tank additive is different and has a different prescribed usage time, so make sure to follow that.

Just make sure you realize that you would always need to pump the tank every couple of years. The bacteria only help the sludge break down and slow down this process.

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