Best Shower Heads Reviews – Top Options by Type, Price & Brand

In A Rush?

Delta Faucet 7-Spray


  • Provides more intensity and pressure
  • More coverage
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Saves water

Shower power! Taking a shower is about much more than cleanliness.

It is a time to reflect, a time to ease tension and a time to start and end your day on a high note. But there are many considerations that come with picking the right shower head.

This article is equipped to help you find the perfect shower head for your needs — one that will enhance your routine without sacrificing your time or your budget.

Top 19+ Best Shower Heads Of 2019 Reviewed


This shower head is full-on fantastic! Seven settings include: full body spray, spray, full spray with massage, drenching spray, soft drench with full spray, and — last but most certainly not least — soft rain spray.

You’ll have a blast (pun intended) finding your favorite setting. The Delta Faucet 75700 also has a flow rate of 2.6 gallons per minute (gpm), offering a steady flow with optimal pressure to boot.


  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 5 x 7 x 14 inches
  • Color: Chrome

What We Liked:

  • Like other quality Delta shower heads, the 75700 is uber easy to clean. Rubber touch-clean spray holes offer elasticity so that you can remove limescale and build up with your hands — no need to pull out the rubber gloves and shower cleaner!
  • pause feature reduces water to a trickle so you can shave and lather without disrupting the temperature of the water once you’re ready to rinse.
  • Despite some powerful spraying options, this product won’t leave you with a ghastly water bill. The 75700 comes with an energy efficient hose that is designed to decrease water usage.
  • Speaking of hoses, this Delta comes with a hose that measures 72 inches, which is great for reaching all those hard to reach places as well as bathing your pets! The hose is also tangle-free.


With 48 individual sprays, the Speakman Anystream will immediately take you to shower heaven. Speakman’s patented Anystream Technology allows you infinite options to customize your shower spray.

The pressure may be high, but we guarantee that this shower is going to wash away your stresses!


  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 4 x 2.8 x 4 inches
  • Color: Polished chrome
  • Material: Metal

What We Liked:

  • Speakman’s Anystream Technology allows you to seamlessly alter the water patterns to customize a shower to your specific liking. Want to flood those sore muscles with a powerful soak?
  • Try the intense option for a truly revitalizing experience. You can also unwind and renew the senses with a gentle-yet-heavy rain spray option. OR, soak away all your stresses after a grueling day with the flood setting that will drench you in luxury.
  • Made entirely of durable brass for strength and longevity.
  • brushed nickel finish prevents corrosion.
  • Easy to install


Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. The Ana Bath 5 Function gives you a spa-like experience that may make you NEVER want to leave the shower!


  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8 x 6.3 x 13.1 inches
  • Hose length: 60 inches

What We Liked:

  • The Anti-Clog Nozzle Spray makes descaling as easy as the touch of a button. Over time, calcium deposits build up in showerheads, which leads to compromised pressure and flow. With the Anti-Clog Nozzle Spray, maintaining the perfect pressure and longevity has never been easier!
  • Not in the mood for a handheld? The Ana Bath 5 Function is the ultimate twofer. You can choose to shower with the handheld showerheads, the fixed showerheads…or BOTH.
  • Five settings allow you to choose your preferred flow. These settings include a saturating spray, spray, saturating spray, bubbling spray, and bubbling saturating mix.
  • With each showerheads measuring a generous 5 inches in width, you needn’t worry about a single area going uncovered.
  • Beautiful brushed nickel finish
  • Easy to install


Greet every morning luxuriously with the Moen Velocity Two-Function Rainshower.

A massive 8-inch showerhead offers complete coverage. You can also choose whether you want a calming rain rinse or an immersive self-pressurized spray.


  • Weight: 56 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 5 x 9.5 x 4.1 inches
  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Brass, metal

What We Liked:

  • An 8-inch showerhead, 100 nozzles and a water flow of up to 5 GPM, you can count on an optimal amount of coverage.
  • Moen’s Immersion rainshower technology delivers spray powerful that is three times more powerful than many comparable rainshowers. The self-pressurizing system pushes water out in a circular pattern, which creates consistent pressure throughout your entire showering experience.
  • Sure, the Velocity delivers when it comes to a powerful, drenching But strengoth isn’t the only beautiful thing about this shower head. A shiny chrome finish creates a gorgeous mirrored look. This easily complements — and in some cases, enhances — any bathroom decor.


Like the Ana Bath 5, the Delta 58471-PK comes with both a handheld shower head and a regular shower head. But the big selling point of the Delta 58471-PK is that it comes equipped with Delta’s patented H2Okinetic technology.

H2Okinetic technology mimics the feeling of more water WITHOUT using more water.

How is this accomplished?

Intricate engineering pushes water through a series of chambers in a wave-like pattern. Larger, concentrated droplets of water comprise a spray that will leave you feeling warmer, more drenched and indulged.

The aforementioned are just a couple of this Delta’s bevy of features.


  • Weight: 65 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 2 x 6.1 x 5.2 inches
  • Material: Chrome
  • Hose length: 60 inches

What We Liked:

  • Includes a pause feature that halts water flow during shampoos and lathering. This is helpful if you need a break from being delightfully drenched and also promotes water conservation.
  • SPEAKING of the most excellent pause feature, the feature can be used on both the handheld shower AND the conventional shower head, so you can choose to turn off one or both.
  • Great for bathing children and pets.
  • Four spray options: Full spray, massage spray, full spray with massage, and slow massage.
  • Comes equipped with touch-clean spray holes so you can easily descale and eliminate calcium deposits using your fingers!
  • Easy to install


The HotelSpa 7-setting aquacare series spiral handheld shower head has a  sleek design. It will add to the beauty of your bathroom. It is a luxury high-pressure shower head. Now you can enjoy a comfortable hand shower from a world-class American brand with easy reach, added mobility, and instant flow control.

It has seven flow control settings that include pulsating massage, power rain, water-saving economy rain, hydrating mist, two-mixed modes, and pause. It has an oversize 4” chrome face with an advanced 3 zone spiral dial and also anti-clog jets to deliver excellent flow and also have superior reliability.

The HotelSpa handheld shower head has a water-saving on/off pause adjustment which is convenient to use, which puts flow control at the fingertips. The pause mode of this shower head reduces the flow of water to a trickle instead of a total shutoff. This feature prevents the building up of hot temperature and water pressure and hence protects you from scalding and bursting water lines.

It has an overhead bracket that’s angle -adjustable helping you to have a hand-free drenching shower at the desired angle. You can simply remove the handle from the bracket for close-up use.

It has an extra long flexible 6 feet stainless steel hose that adds to the mobility and reaches. The chrome finish will not fade, chip, or scratch.. you can get a reliable leak free connection guaranteed due to its heavy-duty thick inner tubing and brass nuts which are easy to tighten. There is no requirement for a plumber.

You don’t need to book a stay at the Four Seasons for a five-star show experience. This handheld shower from HotelSpa comes equipped with a plethora of luxurious settings and TWO flexible hoses for the ultimate experience.

This affordable shower head comes with seven indulgent settings (including power rain, massage, soft aeration, rain/massage, rain/aeration, and pause and combination settings).

Another plus is that this hand shower is backed by a lifetime warranty, so there’s no need to worry if something is awry.


  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 9 inches
  • Color: Chrome

What We Liked:

  • Do you suffer from dry, sensitive skin? ME TOO! Luckily, the HotelSpa 7 has us covered. Negative ion technology leads to softer water that is gentle on skin, while also reducing rust that can build up from hard water. Soft water also promotes cell regeneration, leading to softer skin, and a healthier scalp.
  • All the pieces you need for an easy installation are included with your purchase.
  • pivoting holder lets you shower from a variety of directions even when not using the handheld component
  • The hose is one of the most flexible on the market. This flexibility makes this shower head great for cleaning those hard to reach places, bathing animals and children.


If you have low water pressure, the Delta 75152 could be your shower savior! This economically sound shower head was created with EPA’s Water Saving criteria in mind. A high flow system allows you to get generous coverage and pressure, without hiking up your water bill.

In fact, with Delta’s Kinetic Technology, you can save a ton on utility bills, since this shower head uses 35% less water than standard shower heads.


  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches
  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Plastic

What We Liked:

  • Easy to install
  • Oscillates water into a wave pattern that leaves you feeling drenched. Water droplets are larger, more concentrated and retain heat.
  • Very affordable.
  • Large holes on the surface of the shower head reduces growth of bacteria and mold
  • Includes a topwater saving option of 1.85 GPM, so you can save even more water.


Cleanliness, durability and performance are of the utmost quality when it comes to this shower head.

The High Sierra 1.5 GPM is made of solid metal, so you needn’t worry about it breaking any time soon. Along with being strong, the components used to create this shower head are also NATURALLY antibacterial.

And even though this shower head is powerful, that strength doesn’t equate to higher utility bills and waste.

The 1.5 GPM means a low flow — along with a sleek, compact design — helps you save water, energy and money.


  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Plastic

What We Liked:

  • Saves water and energy without compromising strength.
  • Large drop pattern makes cleaning easy.
  • Won’t clog.
  • Built to last.


Luxury and efficiency go hand in hand with this powerful shower head from Wantba.

The shower head is six inches wide, so you can count on getting delectably drenched and polish in no time. The flow of water is strong and the pressure is high, which offers a massage effect to soothe sore muscles and headaches.

The strength of this shower head is comparable to that of shower heads in high-end hotels, so you can enjoy the feel of a brief getaway every time you suds up.


  • Weight: 13 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 3.2 inches
  • Color: Chrome
  • Materials: High grade ABS, chrome, rubber nozzles

What We Liked:

  • High pressure mimics the feeling of a massage, soothing headaches and sore muscles
  • Generous cover range allows you to get washed quickly for times when you are in a rush.
  • Can easily be disassembled for cleaning. Once the debris is removed, the shower head works like new! Your hard water problems are instantly solved.
  • rotating connector allows you to easily change the angle of the shower head.
  • Rinses shampoo and conditioner out of long hair more effectively.


If you’re looking for a transformative shower experience on the cheap, the Waterpik SM-421 may be for you.

The shower head comes with four spray settings (including pulsating massage) and also has Waterpik’s patented OptiFLOW technology.

And despite its modest price tag, the SM-421 easily provides full-body coverage comparable to more expensive models.


  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 12 x 18 x 12 inches
  • Color: White
  • Finish: Biscuit

What We Liked:

  • Includes Waterpik’s OptiFLOW technology. OptiFLOW ensures that you get a strong flow even with low water pressure.
  • One of the most affordable high pressure shower heads.
  • Easy to install


Looking for a voluminous yet gentle shower? The Hansgrohe 0407200 comes equipped with three powerful spray modes (full spray, whirl-air massage, and turbo spray) that will leave you feeling invigorated, luxuriated and soothed.

Hansgrohe’s QuickClean technology also prevents build up of deposits and limescale. The Hansgrohe 0407200 is fitted with pliable silicone nozzles that allow you to seamlessly remove residues with just a gentle rubbing of your fingers.


  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5 x 6.5 x 4 inches
  • No hose included
  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Ceramic

What We Liked:

  • This lightweight shower head is NO lightweight when it comes to powerful spray. And an oversized 4-inch spray face provides optimal coverage.QuickClean technology provides an effortless way to maintain the longevity, cleanliness and integrity of your shower head.
  • This product is very easy to install, but there is one caveat. Additional pieces must be purchased separately for proper installation. Review product details via Amazon before purchasing to ensure you have all that is needed.
  • Equipped with 75 spray channels, so you can get squeaky polished even if you need to take a Navy shower.
  • Gorgeous shiny chrome finish.
  • Very affordable!


Make room for one BIG shower head! This Raindance Downpour is a staggering 10 inches in diameter, meaning that you’re in for a soak for the ages!


  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 4 x 9.4 x 1.8 inches
  • Color: Chrome
  • Finish: Brushed nickel
  • Material: Brass

What We Liked:

  • Water and air come together for the ultimate showering experience. When it rains, it pours, but Hansgrohe’s patented AirPower technology enhances large water droplets with air, making for a spray that is both softer and more enjoyable.
  • The AirPower technology really shows what it’s made of when you turn the shower head to RainAir spray mode. This intense spray is perfect for easing sore muscles and an overactive mind after a long, stressful day.
  • QuickClean feature takes the stress out of shower maintenance. Simply rub the silicone spray channels after use to remove any grime, and your shower head will continue to perform perfectly!
  • Powerful jet options mimics the feeling of a real massage.


 A caveat of many rain shower heads is high water usage. But you needn’t worry about an astronomical water bill, thanks to a flow restrictor that limits flow to 2.5 GPM. And if high water flow isn’t a concern of yours, simply remove the restrictor.

This shower head from WaterPoint also is equipped with an Air Intake System that injects water droplets with air, mimicking the feeling of high pressure while using approximately 30% less water.


  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9 x 7.9 x 2.6 inches
  • Materials: ABS plastic, chrome and stainless steel

What We Liked:

  • An 8-inch shower head provides full coverage.
  • WaterPoint includes a lifetime warranty with your purchase.
  • Sleek and sophisticated
  • Easy restrict water flow to save on utility bills.


With a bevy of features, ease of use and durable materials, the SR clearly had every detail of a user’s experience in mind when creating this model.

The Sun Rise Luxury looks and performs like other shower heads that tout a three-digit price tag.


  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8 x 11.8 x 0 inches
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Material: 304 stainless steel

What We Liked:

  • Air pressure water technology allows for consistent and powerful spray even under low water pressure.
  • A beautiful chrome-plated finish protects against scratches and corrosion.
  • Installation is extremely easy and can take as little as five minutes. In fact, you don’t even need tools!
  • Easily remove limescale and grime thanks to heat-resistant silicone nozzles. The nozzles are also designed to prevent clogs and aging. 
  • The massive 12 inch shower heads deliver consistent, generous coverage.
  • A thin shower head offers a sleek and elegant look without taking up too much space. And, surprisingly, the thin design creates higher water pressure.


This model from Speakman includes 8 adjustable jets that produce 64 different spray channels so that you get full, powerful coverage even if you live in the city or use well water.


  • Weight: 64 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 5 x 4.5 x 4.8 inches
  • Material: Brass

What We Liked:

  • This features Speakman’s diverse Anystream Technology. Simply rotate the shower head to choose between soothing, gentle sprays or intense soaks.
  • Don’t have time to clean? That’s ok. The Speakman S-2251…wait for itcleans itself. Simply rotate the shower head 360 degrees and self-cleaning occurs, so you have a perfect stream each and every time.
  • The S-2251 comes in five different colors to perfectly suit your decor: polished chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass, polished nickel, or oil-rubbed brass.
  • Solid construction that resists corrosion.


Extremely affordable and easy to install (or replace your existing shower head with), the Waterpik SM-421 will leave you drenched and relaxed.

Choose between a powerful pulsating massage or a gentler, slow massage depending on your day and needs.


  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 12 x 18 x 12 inches
  • Color: White
  • 5 GPM
  • Finish: Biscuit

What We Liked:

  • Waterpik’s Advanced OptiFLOW technology utilizes every part of the shower head to deliver a powerful, intensely therapeutic shower experience.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Clearly marked icons on the shower head make selecting your optimal spray easy.
  • Great if you’re looking to upgrade your current shower head without spending much money.


At less than $20, you can feel like you’re taking a shower where the water pressure is SKY HIGH!

Although this shower head will leave you more soaked than eight super soakers, Delta’s patented technology actually helps you use less water, which — in turn — can lower your utility bills.


  • Size: 1 unit
  • Water consumption: 5 GPM

What We Liked:

  • An adjustable H2OKinetic spray allows you to choose between an invigoratingly intense shower or a calmer, soothing shower experience.
  • Regardless of which setting you choose, the H2OKinetic technology ensures that you will feel a ton of pressure. Expert engineering sculpts water into a wave pattern, so that when it is dispensed, you FEEL like you are using more water than you are.
  • Shower holes are designed to be clog-free.
  • Built to last with chrome material.


The Pacific Bay Bremerton high-pressure shower headis an excellent option for your bathroom. It has adjustable controls. The taking of a shower shouldn’t be a burdensome task for you, it should be satisfying and simple. On this shower head, you can adjust the flow of water depending on your preference with the knob which is easy to use on the center of the shower head.

This allows you to have total control on your shower experience and preferred water pressure. The Bremerton classic spray design is easy to operate and will leave you clean and fresh fast.

Since not everyone likes the same strength of the shower stream, it is important to have a shower fitting that has multiple options to choose from. You can easily and quickly change the angle of this shower head and the water pressure to your preference.

This model conveniently shifts left to right or up and down to accommodate those who shower. This helps you to move the stream for easy shampooing or soaping up mid-shower and gives you total control over your showering experience.

The Bremerton shower head model from Pacific Bay is made of quality material that ensures drip-free and long-lasting operation. You can enjoy years of use with the superior rust-resistant finish.

It has a clean and crisp design that matches all bathroom styles. This handsome and classic shower head will add style and functionality to your shower at an affordable price.

Compact, powerful and a cinch to install — you can connect this baby to a standard shower arm without tools.

And if you’re looking for a luxurious soak, plus easy maintenance, at a low cost, look no further than this elegant shower head from SomovWorld.


  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3 x 4 x 3 inches
  • Color and finish: Chrome
  • Material: ABS

What We Liked:

  • A small 3-inch face allows water to become more concentrated, leaving you with a feeling of higher water pressure.
  • A silicone face and nozzles relieve you of worry from clogs. This feature also includes a self-cleaning mechanism that prevents the buildup of limescale and grime.
  • A sturdy brass ball joint ensures that your shower head will stay in place without risk of cracking or leakage. It can also be adjusted to any angle so that you can shower to your optimal comfort.


A true chameleon, this model from Ana Bath takes on the roles of dual shower head, rainshower, and high pressure shower head.


  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8 x 6.3 x 13.1 inches
  • Color: Nickel
  • Finish: Brushed nickel

What We Liked:

  • Anti-clog nozzle eliminates worries over calcium and mineral deposits interfering with the shower head’s performance.
  • Five different functions allow you to choose a shower spray to fit your exact mood and stress level.
  • 3-way diverter allows you to choose between the handheld showerheads, stationary or both.

Top Picks BY Brands

Oxygenics Curve Chrome 3-Spray ​


If you’re looking for a looker, look no further than this gorgeous, curvy rain shower head from Oxygenics.

Along with offering a unique look, the curvature of the head allows you to get perfect, full-body coverage without adjustment. To sweeten the pot, the nozzles vary in size, giving you the feeling of being in a real summer storm — minus the thunder and lightning.


  • Easy to install. Does not require additional equipment or tools to be mounted onto your shower arm.
  • Has a unique waterfall setting that offers a concentrated gush of water for a truly immersive experience.


  • Weight: 81 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 6 x 9.1 x 5.6 inches
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Style: Chrome

Moen Magnetix Six-Function ​


This customizable handheld showerhead from Moen offers you the option to choose between low and high pressure. But regardless of which setting you choose, you can be assured that this showerhead will be conserving water; the Magnetix Six-Function meets eco-friendly WaterSense criteria.


  • A magnetic docking system allows you to easily attach and detach the system.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • A lovely chrome finish offers an adaptable look that will fit in with any bathroom decor.
  • Six settings allow you to customize the perfect shower to meet your mood and needs.
  • Complies with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications.


  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 12.6 inches
  • Color: Brushed nickel

Waterpik SM-421 ​


For the frugal shopper, the Waterpik SM-421 is the perfect shower head to upgrade to something more luxurious at a super low price.

Wash away daily stresses with your choice between a gentle or intense massage.


  • Provides consistent, immersive flow for a relaxing shower experience.
  • Can be installed in a matter of minutes.


  • Fix-mounted model
  • Color: White
  • Material: Metal
  • 60 spray channels

Seoul Stone Tri-Function Handheld Shower Head ​


This model from Seoul Stone comes equipped with two layers of minerals to offer the purist water possible. Impurities that are removed include things like chlorine and various bacteria, which can damage skin and hair.

The Tri-Function handheld shower head has a restorative effect on skin and hair, and also gives a truly rejuvenating shower experience thanks to three spray settings: massage, jetting and rainfall.


  • Can be installed in as little as one minute.
  • Natural spring water thanks to Germanian black stone.
  • Increases water pressure up to 200% while also conserving water consumption up to 35%.


  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4 x 3.1 x 9.4 inches
  • Color: Clear chrome
  • Material: Microfiber

Final Verdict:

Delta Faucet 7-Spray

If you’re looking for the best shower head for your money, the one on our list that excels in a variety of categories has to be the Delta Faucet 7-Spray Touch-Clean Hand Held Shower Head with Hose.

At less than $30 (no, really!), this sleek and sophisticated shower head gives you an extremely immersive, customizable shower without consuming too much water. Delta’s innovative H20Kinetic technology ensures you will consistently greet each morning with a warm, sumptuous deluge of water.

And as if that wasn’t enough, this model from Delta has clog-free holes, so you can look forward to years of perfect performance.

How To Choose a Shower Head

When purchasing the best shower head, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

What is the purpose of my purchasing this shower head?

Are you simply looking for a mechanism that can wash the suds off? Or are you looking for something that can deliver an experience that will enhance your mental and physical wellbeing?

Complementary alternative therapies have gained traction in recent years, with hydrotherapy being one thing that is hailed as a great addition to traditional western medicine. A shower can be more than getting clean.

Depending on the shower head you purchase, you can start and end the day with a therapeutic experience that invigorates the senses, soothes sore muscles and relieves the mind.  

takingbathimageWhat is your budget?

If you’re pinching pennies, you can still have a luxurious showering experience for a cheap price. A more important thing to note, when purchasing a new shower head on a budget, is your water pressure.

Certain shower heads (like rain showers) may not cost much up front, but the GPM ends up shooting your utility bills like a rocket. And that brings us to…

What is your water pressure?

This is an extremely important consideration. If you have high water pressure and can stand for a deluge during each shower with nary a financial worry, then I say go for luxury.

However, if you have low water pressure and want to keep your bills in mind, it’s very important that you search for brands that are equipped to accommodate low water pressure.

Fortunately, you needn’t worry about suffering through trickling showers to save money. Our list includes a bevy of shower heads that come equipped with technologies that can give you an intense drenching WITHOUT using too much water.