10 Best High Pressure Shower Heads Reviews For Your Bathroom

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Moen S6320ORB Velocity Two-Function

Key Features

  • Designed for hassle-free installation
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze finish
  • Built to last
  • A great value for your money


No matter how much you love your bathroom, you may dislike taking baths because the water pressure continually fluctuates. This can occur because of your pipes and because of the filter system that you use in your home. High-pressure shower heads let you turn up the water pressure in your bathroom and turn down the pressure when needed to feel more comfortable when bathing.

The best high-pressure model is the Moen Velocity, which comes with a lasting warranty and guarantee from the manufacturer. It has an oil rubbed bronze finish that adds a vintage or antique look to the bathroom stall and an eight-inch diameter that lets you use more water when taking a bath without the water pressure changing.

Moen also added its self-pressurizing technology to this model, which uses the water you use for bathing to clean each nozzle in the shower head, and you can learn more about the Velocity and compare it to some of the other top models before shopping here https://www.thebestflushingtoilet.com/shower-head-reviews/.

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Reviews of the 10 Best High-Pressure Shower Heads

1. Moen S6320ORB Velocity Two-Function Rainshower 8-Inch Showerhead

Moen S6320ORB Velocity Two-FunctionMoen uses the slogan “buy it for looks, but it for life” to describe how customers buy its products because they look nice and then find that they can use those products for years. The slogan is particularly true of the Velocity, which is excellent for those who want to change their water pressure while in the toilet.

A simple knob on the side moves up and down to let you switch between two modes. One is a concentrated mode with the high water pressure that you need, but the other mode turns this into a rain mode for rinsing off and relaxing under a light spray of water.

Its eight-inch diameter makes it perfect for installing right in the center of the toilet with an arm that you purchase separately, but you’ll also find that you can use it with an arm mounted on the wall or in the corner of the bathroom.

The oil rubbed bronze finish adds a nice touch to this piece and gives it a more traditional look that sets it apart from modern chrome designs. Moen grants you a limited lifetime warranty on this model too.

Self-pressurizing technology turns this into more than just another model because it makes it so much easier to clean. As the water that you use for bathing comes out, it pushes through the nozzles at a high rate to remove clogs and clean the heads inside as well as the nozzles outside.

Those nozzles surround the spray head surface in a circular pattern to create an immersive environment.

2. Speakman S-2251-ORB Signature Icon Anystream High Pressure Shower Head

Speakman S-2251-ORB SignatureSpeakman and its Anystream line of products make our list several times, but the model that we think is the best is this Ion version, which the company designed for those concerned with water pressure.

The manufacturer designed a 360-degree technology system that features jets with nozzles inside that make the water come out at a higher level of pressure than you ever experienced before.

We like the dark and dramatic look of the oil rubbed bronze finish, but you may prefer one of the other lighter finishes that are available.

Designed for use in homes with both low and high water pressure, it features the plunger system designed by Speakman, which brings the water to a complete stop when you turn the faucet off to prevent leaks. Made almost entirely from brass, this model is much more durable than others and comes with a finish that will not flake off or show signs of tarnishing.

A three-step installation process makes it easy to set this one up in your home too because you just need to remove your old head and screw this one onto the exposed thread on the arm.

You can also use the matching lever on the side to choose the mode that you want to use. It has a full mode that forces water out at an angle around your body, an intense mode with a concentrated spray of water in the exact center and a drench mode that sends out larger water drops near the center to thoroughly drench your body with warm or cold water.

3. SONAKI Vitamin C Shower Head With Water Filter

Vitamin C With Water FilterLiving with hard water can be frustrating because that water leaves behind spots in your bathroom that take some work to clean off. It also makes your skin look dry and flaky and can even change the texture of your skin, but this product from Go Outdoor can completely reverse the havoc that hard water wreaks on your home and body.

We also selected this one as our top choice for the best high-pressure handheld model because you can pull it down and away from the wall to use anywhere in your tub or bathroom stall.

It comes with a lightweight and flexible hose that helps it stretch all the way across the space, and this tube lets you use it for giving your kids or pets baths.

The Vitamin C cartridge that comes included purifies the water and removes up to 99.9% of the chemicals and toxins found in any water supply, and you get a second cartridge to replace the first one when it runs out.

Though this product gives you all the high water pressure that you need, it also saves you money because it lets you use up to 50% less water per bath. A switch on the side turns off the flow of water instantly before you reach for the faucet too.

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Each included filter provides the filtering power that you need for up to 5,000 liters of water usage. It also has a switch on the side for changing from one mode to another. You can use a massage mode to pulsate your body with warm water or a bath mode for daily use.

4. Giessdorf 8 Jet Adjustable Spray Shower Head

Giessdorf 8 Jet AdjustableThough this model might look similar to the Speakman Anystream, it is a little more affordable and allows you to see how well one of these adjustable models will work in your home before you spend more money.

It weighs just three pounds and uses solid brass in its construction with a polished brass finish that retains its bright and shiny look with little maintenance for years.

We like the swiveling ball joint that comes with this model because this joint lets you swivel, turn and twist the top to change the way the water moves across the toilet and your body.

The 3.5-inch spray face on this model is small and compact but packs a big punch because of the eight jets located in a circular pattern around the edges of that face.

Each jet has approximately eight channels for a total of 64 channels that create the fast and harder pressure that you need to combat the stress of the day. Giessdorf includes a roll of sealing tape with this model that you can use to prevent leaks when attaching it to the thread on your shower arm.

A convenient knob on the side changes the water flow and lets you choose the mode that you want to use, including both a traditional mode and a harder massage mode. One thing you may not like about this Giessdorf product is that it features four screws on the spray that holds the item together, and those screws are hard to ignore when standing under it.

5. Speakman S-3015 Retro Anystream Solid Brass High Pressure Shower Head

Speakman S-3015 Retro AnystreamOne problem that some had with the top Anystream model on our list is that it looked a little too modern, but Speakman released this Retro option for those who wanted something more traditional.

It has the look of an antique fixture, including a traditional curved handle on one side and elegant curves along the bottom of the spray face and the unit itself.

The polished chrome finish adds to its vintage aesthetic but also gives it a slightly updated look for using in a more modern shower.

The 360-degree technology that the manufacturer designed for this line uses multiple jets around the surface of the spray head with nozzles built inside that allow the water to come out in a complete circle, which allows more liquid to reach you.

Made from brass, this is a product that you can install in your bathroom and use for years or even longer. Designed to work with the standard connections found in American bathrooms, this model comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Similar to the products found in upscale hotel bathrooms, the Retro has three modes that you can use when taking a bath, and you switch between those modes via a built-in knob on edge. When you factor in all the individual sprays located inside the eight nozzles, you’ll have a total of 64 sprays targeting every part of your body.

Those sprays work great in the drench mode, which uses more water, the intense mode that concentrated down the shower and the full mode, which is the standard spray found in most toilets.

6. Huntington Brass 139-01 Eight Jet 3-5/8-Inch High Pressure Shower Head

Huntington Brass 139-01 EightIf you ever wished that you could bring home the shower you used in a boutique hotel; you’ll love this eight-jet adjustable model from Huntington Brass, which the company made to mimic those upscale models used by hotels.

It even has the same polished chrome finish that works well in bathrooms that use lighter and darker colors because of this new finish pairs nicely with all shades.

The spray face on this one is more than three inches in size and creates a powerful spray that leaves you feeling like you’re in the lap of luxury.

The eight jets on this model create a rush of water that drenches your body to remove stress and leave you feeling more relaxed, but you can use different modes depending on what you want to do in the toilet.

A switch on the side, which looks like a small handle and has the same polished chrome finish, controls the modes. It has a standard mode for cleaning and rinsing as well as a drenching mode and one with a more concentrated spray.

Weighing just two pounds, this is the only model we came across that works in both indoor and outdoor applications, and it can add a touch of class to a standard outdoor model. Though it does not come with extra tape or hardware, it’s easy to install because it screws right on the thread of an existing arm or pipe.

This model can increase your water pressure to help you feel more relaxed and decrease that pressure to reduce the stinging sensation that you might otherwise feel.

7. Waterpik ASD 833 AquaScape 8-Mode Showerhead

Waterpik ASD 833 AquaScape 8-ModeA good choice for anyone looking for the best water pressure model is the AquaScape from Waterpik, which has a great reputation online for selling good quality products that last a long time, and this is just one of the two models from the company that we thought deserved inclusion on our list.

The AquaSense has a completely different look than any of the other products we reviewed and is much larger too. It comes with a large arm that attaches to an existing thread and a second arm that lifts it further out into your stall or tub.

At just 2.5 pounds, this one weighs less than it looks like it might weigh and comes with a wider spray surface with a number of small nozzles scattered across the top that give you the pressure that you want, and it uses OptiFlow technology to optimize the pressure in any shower. The arm located on the top also lets you adjust the placement in terms of both angle to your body and height in the shower.

One reason many like this Waterpik model is because it has eight modes that all create a different relaxing feel.

You can use one of two massaging settings that change the speed at which the water pulsates, a rain setting with a drenching option for a totally immersive experience or a rain mode massage setting that alternates between fluid rain and a pulsating massage. The nozzles on this model are another of its top features because these nozzles have a self-cleaning design that uses ordinary water to rinse out each one.

8. 100% METAL 12 Inch Rain Shower Head

100% METAL 12 InchThe trick to getting more pressure and speed out of your normal water is with a shower head that has a higher flow rating, which is one of the reasons we recommend this rain model from HammerHead.

It has a maximum flow rating of 2.5 gallons every 60 seconds and can provide you with this much water when used in any home.

The manufacturer chose solid brass for its construction to make a product similar to the commercial models used in hotels and other facilities.

With a 12-inch diameter, this rain model will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a storm while taking a bath in the morning because it allows more water to come out and drench your head and body.

When you look closely at the spray head, you’ll notice multiple rubber nozzles that prevent build-up caused by calcium and lime in your water. Any deposits or spots that you do see will wipe off with a single touch.

Designed with a universal ball thread on top, this model works in any toilet and will save you from worrying about using it as a replacement for your old model. It comes with an adjustable ball joint on the top that connects to your thread too, which lets you adjust the entire spray head in any direction.

HammerHead offers a 90-day money back guarantee on this model and a warranty that covers the first year of ownership.

9. Speakman VS-3010-BN-E2 Neo Anystream Handheld Shower Head

Speakman VS-3010-BN-E2 Neo AnystreamThe last Speakman Anystream model that we wanted to include is the Neo, which has a handheld design that makes it easier to use the shower head anywhere in your bathroom.

That design also makes this suitable for those with disabilities and those who sit in chairs to use and makes it perfect for bathing your pets or cleaning up your kids.

This model comes with the same 360-degree technology that made Speakman famous and the same technology that helps you get the water pressure that you want.

One unique feature of this model is that it comes with a combination of both jets and sprays as well as a series of small nozzles.

It has five nozzles close to the edge of the spray face that you can adjust to meet your needs and 12 jets in the center of those nozzles that pulsate to massage your skin.

Those jets have built-in nozzles that create 50 sprays that move in different directions and at different angles.

Designed to work with the standard connections used by showers and parts made and used in the United States, this is a complete set that comes with a metal hose. That hose measures 60-inches long and is flexible enough for twisting and turning daily without breaking, and this hose is resistant to rusting and other damage.

You also get a vacuum breaker as well as a bracket that holds the head upright for use as a standard head.

10. Waterpik NSC-629T 2.0 GPM PowerSpray+ Shower Head

Waterpik NSC 629 Charleston 6-ModeAnother model from Waterpik that we like is the Charleston, which has an adjustable design for choosing the perfect mode for the day, a brushed nickel finish and a metal face that makes it more durable than some of the plastic and PVC faced models that you’ll come across.

Designed for mounting in your bathroom, you can attach it to the existing thread on a shower arm and get it ready for use in just a few minutes.

Waterpik included its OptiFlow technology in this model, which adjusts the water pressure to make your toilet work perfectly every time.

To ensure that you don’t miss a single drop of water, the manufacturer added a series of small nozzles around the outside edge with a few nozzles located closer to the center, but it also has jets and nozzles in the middle that will come on when you set the product to different modes. One of those is a full body mode that completely covers every square inch of your body.

The concentrated mode uses just the sprays and nozzles in the center to create an intense stream of water, and the pulsating massage setting sends pulses of water out to massage away tension. It also features two combo modes for using two or more settings at the same time and a mode that uses less water.

Final Verdict

Moen S6320ORB Velocity Two-Function

Finding the top model isn’t as easy as just looking at the features listed by the manufacturer, which is why we also read through high-pressure model feedbacks posted by former customers to look at factors like finish, water pressure, cost and ease of installation.

Those reviews led us to the Velocity from Moen, and after comparing it to some of the other popular models, we found that this one came out on top. Not only does it have a traditional oil rubbed bronze finish, but it comes with a knob for fast adjusting of your water pressure.

The eight-inch diameter of this model is large enough for you to stand under without the water missing a single spot, but it’s also small enough that it won’t get in your way or the way of any other features you put in your toilet.

We also like the self-pressurizing technology that cleans and rinses the nozzles and that it will work with almost any shower arm. The Velocity is a product that will work in any home toilet.