10 Best Shower Heads For Low Water Pressure

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Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function

Key Features

  • Easy and Tools-Free Installation
  • 5 settings include: Power Rain, Massage, Stay-Warm Mist, Water-saving Economy Rain and Pause 
  • Conical Brass Hose Nuts for easy hand tightening 
  • Patented 3-way Water Diverter with Anti-Swivel Lock Nut 


The more water pressure your home has, the more comfortable and relaxed you’ll feel when taking a bath.

Living in a home with less water pressure shouldn’t cause as many problems as some might expect though because you can read feedbacks to find the right model for your home. 

More of a shower system, this set comes with two heads as well as a bar that supports both. One is a hand-held unit that comes with a 59-inch long hose, but the other has a more traditional look and sits over your head.

You can learn more about the Euphoria set and check out our 1.5 GPM model feedbacks to see if one of the other models on our list here https://www.thebestflushingtoilet.com/shower-head-reviews/ will work well in any bathroom in your home.

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10 Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure Reviews For 2019

1. Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 FunctionThe right model to increase water pressure for anyone who wants to use different functions and settings is this option from Hydroluxe, which comes with two different shower heads that both works on the shower bar to help you get more out of your daily baths.

Included in this set is a small bar with a screw-on design for screwing right onto a shower arm, but you also get two different heads that you can use together or separately. When you combine the functions of each one, you can use this set in 24 different ways.

Each one has five different settings that can invigorate you or help you feel more relaxed, including a power rain mode that increases the power behind a standard rainfall setting, a massage setting to eliminate stiffness and sore spots and a pause mode for pausing the flow of water.

It also has an economy mode for those who want to use less H2o in the toilet. With its stay warm mode, you can enjoy a light mist made of warm water that helps you regulate your body temperature before you step out.

Both heads have a variety of rubber nozzles across the spray faces that you can wipe clean with your hand, and both measures four-inches across. You also get a diverter for moving the water from one head to the other, but this diverter lets you turn the supply on to both heads or send it back to the faucet. It also comes with a hose for using the stop spray face as a hand-held unit.

2. Delta Faucet 2-Spray Shower Head

Delta Faucet 75152 Water AmplifyingDelta Faucet has some high and highly positive reviews online from those who purchased and used its faucets, but the company also makes shower heads for those who want to use less water or increase their pressure like this amplifying model.

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers all manufacturing errors and many of the other problems that you might experience, but that warranty also covers the finish on this model, which is a chrome finish that matches other products from the company.

You get both the spray head that you can use with an existing arm and a new arm that you can use to replace the old one in your toilet.

This model comes with the H20kinect technology that the manufacturer designed, which changes the way the H2o comes out from the spray head to create a large wave pattern that feels lighter and more refreshing as it rushes over you.

A swivel ball assembly included with this model installs between the head and the end of the shower arm and allows you to adjust the head to any position within 360 degrees. The included mounting hardware will work with any standard shower arm of ½ inches.

Capable of improving your H2o pressure, this model amplifies your strength up to a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute when set to a pounds per square inch rating of at least 80, but that flow rating may increase even more when you have better pressure. The H20kinect technology cuts down on wasted water too and can help you use more than 30% less H2o than you currently do.

3. Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM Low flow Showerhead

Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPMWe wanted to include this model from Niagara Earth on our list because it is one of the cheapest options available and because it has such a low flow rating, but its lack of features led to us putting it in our last spot.

This model is fundamental and designed for use with a new or existing shower arm, and you can screw it right onto that arm without searching for any tools or hiring a professional.

It uses a type of ABS thermoplastic material in its construction, which has a chrome finish that makes it look more like metal but is resistant to the rusting that can ruin the finish on metal products.

Capable of working in a home with any water pressure rating or level, this model has a maximum flow rating of 1.25 GPM, which is one of the lowest flow ratings that you’ll find on these products and lets you know that you will save significantly on the water that you usually waste.

It has a self-cleaning spray that cleans itself with the water that comes through the nozzle. The interior features nine jets that increase your water pressure to help massage away aches and pains too.

4. Movario Five Hand Shower – 5 Sprays

Movario Five 5 SpraysThe Movario is another solid choice from GROHE for those who want to use less H2o when taking a bath and those who want to make the most of their limited pressure because it requires less force to run but still lets you step out feeling clean and invigorated.

It has the StarLight finish that so many people love because it makes all metal surfaces resistant to rust and scratches, but you’ll like the SpeedClean system too. This method reduces the time that it takes to clean the metal down to just a few seconds.

GROHE also designed something called DreamSpray technology that comes with this model, which regulates the settings once you turn on the supply to ensure that both the temperature and the spray setting that you selected remain stable during your bath.

Another nice feature of the Movario is that you can use it with either a bar or a hose. All you need is a bar, arm or tube with a standard size end to screw this one in place, but you will need to buy one of those items to use this product.

Many will like the RotaHead system that comes on this model, which lets you rotate the entire head to reach the setting that you want to use, and it has eight different modes or settings.

Those modes use more or less of the nozzles on the spray face and include massaging and pulsating modes. You’ll also find a comfort grip piece on the handle of the head that keeps wet hands from sliding off.

5. High Sierra’s All Metal 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead

High Sierra's All Metal 1.5 GPMHigh Sierra also makes this model, which will appeal to those who want to save even more and those who have meager H2o pressure ratings because it will work at almost any pressure level and has a maximum 1.5 GPM rating.

Unlike the previous model, which comes with a hose, High Sierra designed this one for use with a standard shower arm. The benefit of using this product is that you can mount it at just the right height in your toilet for your comfort or to accommodate family members who are taller or shorter.

We highly recommend the version that comes with a trickle valve, which essentially lets you pause the flow of water. With this feature, you can significantly slow down the flow to prep your face, legs or any other body part and then turn the supply back on.

But this feature also lets you turn down the supply while you soap up and then use more water to rinse off. It has a standard screw-on design on end for quickly screwing onto your existing arm.

Available in a polished chrome finish that looks similar to stainless steel, this model also comes in other finishes that you can pick from based on the hardware and design of your bathroom. The nozzle on end is resistant to clogs caused by calcium and other impurities and metals in hard wH2o supplies, and it is a WaterSense certified model that cuts down your usage by up to 40%.

6. Niagara Earth Massage Handheld

Niagara Earth MassageSome of the shoppers searching for low flow models want one that will help them save on wasting rather than one that will increase the pressure, and we recommend this Niagara Earth model for those shoppers.

Designed to use no more than 1.5 gallons of water per minute, this model gives you a smart way to use less water but still get the clean feeling that you need.

As the supply reaches the spray head, this product will significantly increase a lower flow to bring it up to a 1.5 GPM rating before letting it come out of the spray face.

No matter what level of pressure your home has, this one will provide you with the consistent strength that you need for cleaning because it will monitor the pressure and make changes as necessary to reach the maximum level.

This model accomplishes that through the use of nine jets inside that create a more powerful level of water. It does not aerate the water the way other models do, which means that you won’t experience the same sharp temperature drops that you might see with different models.

A self-cleaning design significantly reduces your cleaning time too because the force of the jets pushes out any debris inside the spray face that might clog the interior, and you can install this model in minutes without the use of any particular tools.

It also comes with a 72-inch hose that Niagara Earth guarantees will never tangle when in use. You also get an arm that acts like a bracket and attaches to the shower arm to keep the hose off the floor and the shower head at the right height.

7. ELLO&ALLO LED Shower Panel Tower System

The Ello&Allo LED Shower Panel Tower System is made from premium quality stainless steel and one of the top-notch shower panels. The shower panel has a combination of the waterfall, rainfall showerhead, and water spout.

The showerhead comes with multi-functions allowing you to set the water stream to your comfort. The adjustable jet brings tranquillity and gives you a peaceful shower, helping you unwind from a long and tiring day.

The high-pressure jets increases the blood flow is your muscles ad gives you a soothing massage. You can enjoy a massage all year round without making appointments and spending that extra cash. With much ease, you can set the temperature of the water to your comfort with the hydroelectricity display.

The brushed black stainless steel shower head is not only stylish but also durable. It has concealed brackets that make your bathroom look neat and elegant.

The Ello&Allo Shower Panel allows you to use two of the shower functions simultaneously. It has a tub spout, three force settings on the handheld showerhead, a pair of small jets, and a pair of mist nozzles.

The blue LED lights are switchable and add to the ambiance of the shower. You can enjoy a relaxing bath all year round and conserve water as well. This model can be easily purchased, installed, and used. It comes with a user manual that helps you install the shower panel on your own- no need to call a handy person to fix it.

The manufacturer also offers a two-year limited warranty on parts. This model will make an excellent addition to your bathroom décor and lifestyle.

8. Euphoria 1-Spray Hand Shower and Showehead Bundle

Euphoria 1-SprayThe Euphoria gets our choice as the best model for low pressure because it has such a great design and because it comes with so many different features like a shower bar that supports a traditional model that lets you stand directly under the flow of water.

It also comes with a 59-inch long hose that lets you stand almost anywhere in the toilet and use the included hand-held model. All pieces have a chrome finish and apply the StarLight finish designed by GROHE to make the parts resistant to rust and scratches.

GROHE also designed a TurboStat technology that comes with this set, which allows the H2o to reach the temperature that you need in seconds, but this technique also keeps the heat from fluctuating and lets you enjoy the warmth or coolness that you desire until you step out.

A SafeStop feature keeps anyone using the bathroom safe from burns because this function stops the supply from coming out at a temperature of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also has the company’s patented SpeedClean system that keeps the finish looking nice and makes it easier to remove lime scale and any other type of build up.

As this set matches the Cosmopolitan line of products from GROHE, you can use it with other bathroom accessories to create the look that you want. Suitable for use in a standard stall, this set comes with hardware for wall mounting. You can use that device to mount it on a wall inside or next to a tub.

9. Danze D510058BNT Parma Single Handle Tub with Five Function Showerhead

Danze D510058BNT Parma SingleThough this set from Danze does not come with the valve needed to install and use it, it does rank as the best low flow shower head for those who do not like panels or hand-held units.

This is a three-piece set that comes complete with a shower head, faucet and lever/knob that all have the same matching brushed nickel finish.

The knob and lever system turns to the right and left to let you increase and decrease your H2o temperature as well as change the strength of the flow as it comes out, but this piece also has a diverter feature for moving the flow from the faucet to the head and back again.

Suitable for use in homes with a pressure rating of 80 psi, this set will work in households with a higher amount of pressure, but with this amount, you’ll get a 2.5 GPM flow rating.

All the pieces come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. Even if you do not notice those problems for a few months or longer, you can still contact the company any day of the week to take advantage of your warranty.

The model that comes with this set is great for shared bathrooms because it has five functions that users can select, and you can quickly change between modes while using the toilet. It has an aerating mode that mixes the H2o with air, a massaging mode and modes that use the jets and nozzles in the center of the head or all the nozzles at the same time.

1o. High Sierra’s All Metal WaterSense Certified Low Flow Showerhead

High Sierra's Solid Metal Low FlowIf you keep searching the web for an answer to the question of what is the best model for low pressure because you want to reduce your bills, you might find that this High Sierra model is your top option.

As a WaterSense certified model, you’ll see your bills drop in the first month after you install it. It has a maximum flow rating of 1.8 GMP when used at different pressure levels, which can help you use up to 25% less H2o than you did in the past.

One significant reason that this model will help you stop wasting is that it comes with a push button on the side that you can press, which will significantly slow down the flow to barely more than a trickle.

This feature lets you pause the flow when lathering your face before shaving in the shower and gives you time to take care of other things before you rinse off. High Sierra designed the nozzle on this model to resist most of the usual impurities found in hard supplies to keep the nozzle from clogging.

Made in the United States and constructed entirely from metal, this product will appeal to many. Though it looks like a standard faucet, it comes with a metal hose that extends your reach, and it also comes with a bracket that holds both the hose and head. This hose connects back to the arm that extends out from the wall to prevent tangles and to keep it ready for use.

​Final Verdict

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function

The best handheld shower head for low water pressure just might be the Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo, which comes with a 5 Full Setting High-Power Shower Head and Hand Shower. This bar comes with the 5 foot super flexible stainless steel hose and conical brass hose nuts for easy hand tightening and allows you to more easily use it anywhere in the shower or on your body.

Designed to match back to the Cosmopolitan line of products from Hydroluxe, this set comes in a chrome finish that uses the Oversize 4 Inch Chrome Face intended by the manufacturer to ensure that the finish never shows any signs of damage or rust.