Best Oxygenics Shower Head Reviews – Is It Worth Your Money?

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74151 STAR WARS Darth Vader(TM)

Key Features

  • With a rubber grip designed to reduce slipping
  • Cool design
  • High quality, very efficient and easy to install.
  • Convenient comfort control lever easily adjusts pressure for sensitive bathers
  • 3 powerful spray settings
  • Great value for your money
Oxygenics showerhead
Living in a home with low water pressure can occasionally make you feel like ripping your hair out or banging your head against the toilet wall because you just don’t feel clean.
The water can come out at such a low trickle that you spend more time rinsing off, which results in you wasting time and water. Oxygenics products will completely change the way you feel about taking a bath because it designed technology to increase your water pressure in almost no time.
Out of all the models the company has up for sale, our favorite is the 74151 STAR WARS Darth Vader(TM) Handheld Shower Head, which has 3 powerful spray settings. It has a convenient comfort control lever easily adjusts pressure for sensitive bathers that produce just the right amount of water at the perfect pressure level and a more extensive opening for using a waterfall setting.
While we highly recommend this, we also recommend looking at all the other Oxygenics options we found to find the best one for your toilet.
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Top 6 Best Oxygenics Shower Heads Reviews For 2020

1. Oxygenics 74151 STAR WARS Darth Vader(TM) Handheld Shower Head

74151 STAR WARS Darth Vader(TM)One of a unique models that we found when looking at products from this manufacturer is this Darth Vader option, which is perfect for any “Star Wars” fan.

It takes the iconic bad guy and turns him into a shower head that will make any kid who hates bathing want to jump in the toilet just to use the villain for cleaning up.

To make this model even better for fans, Oxygenics used shades of black and red, which are the same colors used by the Dark Side in that film series.

The Darth Vader head and face serves as the focal point of this model and features the same mask that covers both the character’s head and face.

When you look closer though, you’ll notice nozzles evenly spaced around his head and face that let the perfect amount of water come out while you’re in the toilet. This is also a WaterSense certified model that can save you up to 80 bucks a year or even more on your water bills.

Patented technology designed by the manufacturer sits inside this unit and increases the pressure of the water that you use, even if your home usually has low water pressure. It features a comfort control level on one side that lets any user adjust the flow of water, which makes this an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin because you can change how hard the water comes out. The handle has a comfort grip too that helps you hold onto the unit when your hands are wet and soapy.

This unique hand-held unit also comes with a 70-inch flexible hose that can reach almost anywhere around your tub to help you bathe your pets without water splashing everywhere. Despite its fun look, this is also a functional model that features three spray modes.

2. Oxygenics Shower Head 72123 Elite SkinCare

Oxygenics 72123 Elite SkinCareIn addition to the more traditional models that the company makes, it also makes some more unique options that will make you look forward to taking a long and hot shower at the end of the day like this Elite SkinCare model.

Designed to look and work just like the products used in high-end salons and day spas, this model is perfect for washing your hair and getting that pleasurable massage sensation that you would get at your hairdresser, but that feeling is so intense that you might want to use it all over your body.

Though it looks like the sprayers designed for use in sinks, the Elite SkinCare works well in any bathroom.

The eco-friendly design of this model helps you save on both water and energy, and once you install and begin using it, you’ll notice that you save more than 20% on your water bills without making any other changes to your bath routine.

You can attach it to a shower arm or a hose, but you will need to purchase either one separately because this package comes with just the shower head.

Suitable for those with arthritis and those who have problems gripping objects, it is much smaller and more compact than any other model you might consider. It has a comfort lever on the back that lets you decide when to turn the water on and off based on the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet.

This model uses a more concentrated spray than other products do and sends the water out in an intense stream right through the center.

3. Oxygenics Curve Chrome 3-Spray Rain Shower Head Shower Head

Oxygenics Curve Chrome 3-SprayThough you have some great options when it comes to finding the best Oxygenics models, we highly recommend that you consider the Curve because of its unique look and because of how well it will work in your toilet.

Unlike other rainfall models that have a round design and a steep angle that can make it hard for you to get under the water, this one comes with a curved panel that has nozzles all along the side and along the top.

The nozzles all vary in size to make you feel like you’re outside in a storm.

Despite its unique shape, this product does not require the use of any additional equipment or tools because you can mount it right onto the arm that extends out from your bathroom wall.

When correctly installed, it will reach more than 10-inches out from the wall and give you all the room that you need to get under the spray. Its unusual design also increases its height to around five-inches higher than other models stand to accommodate taller users.

A toggle switch on the base of the curved panel lets you select the traditional rainfall setting or the other concentrated setting, but you can also use this switch to use the waterfall setting. When selected, this setting turns off the nozzles and instead sends a significant amount of water gushing out from the long open space on the top.

As the water splashes over your head and reaches across your body, you can close your eyes and pretend that you are standing in a waterfall.

4. Oxygenics 26781 Handheld Sprayer Kit

The Oxygenics 26781 is one of the best Hand Held Sprayer on shelves. The spray settings are fixed, making your shower simple. If your home has low water pressure than Oxygenics is apt for you – The handheld sprayer can handle situations like this.

It has settings that amplify the water pressure widening coverage. It is easy to use – press the push button to start the spray. Use the Smart Pause button to save up on water while you step out to grab your soap or shampoo. The Smart Pause can also be used while you massage the shampoo on to your scalp or apply soap to your body.

The Pause setting reduces the pressure of the water to a trickle. This spray is ideal for RV campers who need to conserve water and enjoy a high-pressure bath.

An RV’s bathroom space is tight; hence, this detachable sprayer makes it very convenient to wash your entire body comfortably. The internal parts of the sprayer are made from premium quality materials that are non-stick. The Non-Stick material ensures that no residue accumulates.

It is resistant to hard water residue and lime build-up. The sprayer is available in a variety of finishes to compliment your bathroom décor. It is easily available and is simple to install.

It comes with a user manual that explains the installation process. You can install it on your own- no need to hire a handy person. If you need any further assistance, you can call the customer service number.

5. Oxygenics 27223 Showerhead

In a family, everyone has their preferences for a showerhead. Some prefer it high, wider, round, etc., but there is one thing everyone agrees on is a high-pressure showerhead.

If your house has low water pressure, than Oxygenic 27223 is just the showerhead you need. Oxygenics has powerful settings that can change the water flow from low to high-pressure.

It intensifies the pressure of the water turning an unsatisfying wimpy shower into a rejuvenating one. The showerhead has a Comfort Control Valve that helps you adjust the water pressure according to your desire.

The product is WaterSense certified – this ensures that you save up to 85$ annually in energy and water bills. With the Oxygenic 27223, you can do your bit in conserving water and energy.

Oxygenics uses the new technology to inject air into the water stream to create high power jet pressure without extra water. It is ideal when you want to unwind from a hectic day. The powerful jets relax the muscles by increasing blood flow, giving you a refreshing experience.

You could also use the controls available to control the water’s pressure by decreasing or increasing it. The premium quality showerhead is maintenance-free with its anti-clog feature that keeps away residue build-up. The showerhead is easy to install and use.

The showerhead comes with a user manual and tape. There is no need to purchase any additional material for an installation. The manufacturer believes in its product and offers a lifetime warranty on it.

6. Oxygenics Silver Standard 92481 Fury Hand-Held Sprayer

The Oxygenic Silver Standard 92481 is one of the top-selling showerheads in the market. If you are looking for a showerhead that saves water, then Oxygenics 92481 is just the showerhead you need. This model is eco-friendly and helps you to save energy and water. The water flow rate with this model is 1.8 GPM, which is incredible.

The showerhead has high-pressure water and doesn’t use extra water. Oxygenics 92481 has a new technology that increases the pressure of the stream without using excess water. This showerhead is equipped to handle low water pressure and is WaterSense certified. The brushed nickel look gives it a classic and stylish look that compliments both the modern and traditional bathrooms. You can use this handheld spray with much ease as it comes with a 72″hose.

The Oxygenics handheld spray has five settings to help you control the water pressure. When you’ve had a tiring day and your body aches, you can set the spray to massage setting. The jets will release water at high-pressure that increases the blood flow in your muscles and easing the pain.

This model has a rubber grip on the handle, making it easy for seniors and children to use. The Oxygenics 92481 is easily installed in tight spaces. RV campers also find it very convenient. The sprayer comes with a user manual that will help you install it on your own without the help of a handy person. The manufactures offer a lifetime warranty on this product.

Final Verdict

74151 STAR WARS Darth Vader(TM)
We read dozens of Oxygenics shower head reviews to find out what people thought once they bought, installed and used these models in their homes, and a combination of good feedbacks and nice features led to use picking the Oxygenics 74151 STAR WARS Darth Vader(TM) Handheld Shower Head as the top model.
Capable of sitting out more than 7-inches away from your wall, this curved model will make you feel more comfortable when showering. It has the coolest design that fits with more homes and uses a durable form of metal as its base with some plastic pieces that weigh less on the surface. This is the ultimate option for those who want to relax while taking a bath.