10 Best Rain Shower Heads For Your Bathroom

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Kohler K-13691-CP 14"

Top Reasons to Buy

  • High quality plumbing
  • The spray is a soft stream
  • Great value for your money
  • Optimized sprayface design


Having a rain shower head in your bathroom, also called a rain shower or rainfall, lets you recreate the exciting feeling of standing outside and feeling the rainfall over your body each time that you bathe.

These products come from some of the top manufacturers and come in different designs too that have a smaller profile or a more extensive profile that puts the top closer to or further away from your ceiling. You can pick different finishes to match the other hardware in your bathroom too.

The top choice that we found is the K-13691-CP from Kohler, which measures 14 inches and has a round design that lets the water completely cascade over your body. It has a lower profile to keep users from knocking their heads against it and comes in a bright polished chrome finish. See other models from Kohler and other top companies with a look at the best choices for your home.

RankProductReview Score
1KOHLER K-13691-CP 14"
9.9Check on Amazon
9.5Check on Amazon
3KOHLER K-13694-2BZ 12-INCH
9Check on Amazon
8.8Check on Amazon
5HANSGROHE 27493001 12-INCH
8.6Check on Amazon
8.4Check on Amazon
8.3Check on Amazon
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10 Best Rain Shower Heads Reviews 2020

Kohler K-13691-CP 14"The top model that money can buy is this round model from Kohler, which has a sleek and somewhat modern design that works well with the polished chrome finish it has, though you can also check out some of the other finishes available from the manufacturer.

An included arm drops the product down from your ceiling but gives it a lower profile to ensure that you and anyone else using your toilet never hits ahead across the top.

With a flow rate of 2.5 gallons of water per minute, it provides a torrent of water that makes you feel more like you’re in the rain.

Some of the top reasons to pick this Kohler option is because of the design of the model as well as the nozzles used on it. Instead of randomly placing nozzles across the surface as other manufacturers do, Kohler created a pattern of lines and designs to ensure that you get the most out of your water.

Each nozzle uses the company’s Katalyst Spray Technology to create the drenching experience that you desire, and those nozzles have a design that is resistant to scale build-up caused by mineral deposits and other things found in your water supply.

The nozzles are part of the MasterClean system, which Kohler designed to make it more comfortable to use and clean. This method uses the same water that you bathe with to clean those nozzles as you take a bath, and you can wipe away debris with a simple swipe of your finger. It matches back to the Contemporary line of products from Kohler too.

Aqua Dance is a prominent manufacturer in the market with trusted clientele. The Aqua Dance shower head has six settings (3.5″) Chrome Finish is of high demand for its dual usage. The shower can be used as an overhead shower, as well as a handheld one. The showers’ grip is comfortable and ergonomic.

The shower head doesn’t need to be cleaned with any special tools. With much ease, you can clean this shower head using a cloth, leaving no stains or scratch marks behind. The shower comes with a mist setting that resists the build-up of lime on the shower. It also keeps away residue from hard water.

You can enjoy a relaxing bath with the other settings like- pulsating massage, power rain, rain mist, rain massage, and water-saving mode. If you have as backache and need to ease the pain, you can use the shower head and set it on the massage option. The jets in the shower give optimum pressure to reduce the backache.

If you need to step out of the shower to grab soap or shower, all you need to do is click on the pause button. Once your return, you can resume your bath. This feature has attracted many clients as it helps you to save water and energy. 

The functions and designs are the main features that attract mast clients. The product comes enclosed with other materials that you will require for installation like Teflon tape and washer.

You don’t need to make any purchases for additional accessories; the shower head can be easily installed and used – no need to hire a handy person. The manufacturer believes in its product and offers a lifetime warranty.

Delta Faucet has one of the best water features. Delta Faucet 75700 is one of the top picks on shelves. The shower head has dual features i.e., it can be easily mounted on the wall or used as a handheld shower. The 75700 has white styles and chrome to match your bathroom.

You can choose models according to your requirement between 2GPM and 2.5GPM. If you prefer water-saving and eco-friendly models, you should pick the 2GPM model. But if your need is high-pressure water, we advise you to purchase the 2.5GPM model.

The Delta 75700 has a massaging jets setting that can help you relax after a long and tiring day. If your back or other body parts ache, you can set the shower to the massage setting- the powerful jets release high water pressure to the aching part improving blood circulation and easing the pain. 

The shower head can be easily cleaned with a cloth or by using your fingers. It is easy to keep away hard water residue and lime. It saves time on the cleaning-no need to soak the shower head in soap water to clean.

The 75700 comes with a seven setting option. The hose is included with the shower and is 60″ – clients have reported that it’s stretchable and can stretch up to 70″. It can be easily installed and makes a beautiful addition to your bathroom.

KOHLER K-98740-BN WatertileAnother option for those interested in ceiling and flush mounted products is this overhead model from Kohler, which looks quite similar to the ceiling tiles that you may already have in your toilet.

Available in a vibrant brushed nickel finish, it features the bright metal around the edges and in between the four panels that make up the head, and each group has its spray top.

The panels use the company’s MasterClean system for faster and more efficient cleaning as well.

One reason you might like this product is that each of the four sprays features 22 different nozzles and have an adjustable design that lets you target the water to specific areas of your body and makes this model a substantial part of any hydrotherapy treatment.

It comes with a soldering template that you can use to determine where to put it in your toilet, which makes installing it much more comfortable. You can also hook it up and let it run in your bathroom with standard connections.

Anyone concerned with low water pressure will definitely like this Kohler option because each spray has a 0.6 gallon per minute flow rating, but when you use all four nozzles at the same time, you can enjoy a flow rating of 2.4 gallons per minute.

It measures just over three-inches thick, which lets it sit closer to the top of your ceiling, but it weighs more than nine-inches by nine-inches. You can use this model as-is in your toilet, or you can install and use it with other panels or tiles.

Kohler K-13694-2BZ 12-InchWhile many people read reviews to see which ones perform the best, others focus more on those that have a look that will fit in their bathrooms, and if you want something with a traditional look and a vintage style, this Kohler model is perfect for your home.

It has a traditional design that features an oil rubbed bronze finish that uses shades of both gold and black as well as a long arm that lets it drop down from the ceiling.

You can install it right in the center of your toilet or off to one side without worrying that it might get in the way of you or anyone else in your home.

Kohler designed the top on this one to use nozzles in both straight lines as well as clusters to create a better experience as the water comes down at different angles and in different areas to reach your entire body.

Air induction technology designed by the manufacturer mixes the water with a small amount of air, which increases the size of each droplet that falls and lets you compensate for low water pressure. It measures 12-inches in size and has a spray with 22 different nozzles across the surface.

Thanks to the MasterClean system, you’ll never need to soak this model or use any expensive cleaning products because this system resists the build-up of minerals that will prevent water from coming through the nozzles.

It also has a maximum flow rating of 2.5 gallons per minute and features a design that makes the water feel warmer as it comes out and hits your skin.

GROHE 27816000Using a more compact model in your bathroom like this 10” option from the GROHE F-Series line lets you save space and use it at the same time that you use a traditional model, but you also have the option of putting multiple panels together for a more immersive experience in your bathroom.

At just a little over two-inches full, this product mounts almost flush with the ceiling in the toilet to give you more room and all the space that you need when standing under it. It has a square design with sides that measure 10-inches by 10-inches too.

Inside this square panel is around spray head that has 120 spray nozzles that are slightly larger than the nozzles you’ll see on other models, and GROHE laid out those nozzles in a rainfall pattern.

As real rain does not fall in a set way, neither fixedly does the waterfall on this one. The water comes out of the nozzles at different angles and rates to create a more realistic feel.

All the features that you like about GROHE come in this model like its StarLight finish, which makes the entire product resistant to both rusting and scratches, and a SpeedClean system that lets you wipe down the nozzles while taking a bath to keep each one free from clogs.

It also uses the DreamSpray technology that the manufacturer created, which allows the water to come out at a faster rate and with more pressure because each drop of water mixes with fresh air first.

Hansgrohe 27493001 12-InchThe Radiance from Hansgrohe is the type of product that just might change the way you feel about hopping in the toilet because it comes with so many different features that will improve your everyday experience.

This one has a round design with an arm that supports the weight of the product and keeps the top directly above you, and it measures 12-inches in size to let you use more water in your toilet

Hansgrohe sells the arm separately to let you pick the extent that you want based on how far you want it to hang down from your ceiling.

Designed to work with a 1/2-inch inlet in a female design, this product might just work with the existing connection that your bathroom already has, though it’s also easy to install for those who want to replace a traditional model.

The spray top on this one features a unique pattern of 225 nozzles arranged circularly around both the edges and again in the center, which allows the water to cascade down over you in a refreshing manner. Spaces in between those nozzles form channels that cause the water to rush through each one to keep the nozzles cleaner.

As an air power model, this Hansgrohe option is excellent for those who lead stressful lives. It forces your water to mix with air to create droplets that are larger than your toilet can ordinarily produce, which creates a heavy rainfall that completely covers you and reaches all areas of your body evenly to help reduce some of your stress.

Rustic 210 1-SprayAnother product from GROHE that you might like is this one-spray option, which features a rustic and more traditional design with an oil rubbed bronze finish, though you can also take a look at some of the other finishes to find one that works with your current hardware and best shower faucet.

Designed to work with an arm, GROHE lets you purchase the exact size arm that you need to make the head sit directly on your body or further away. Is also features 120 spray nozzles spread out across an eight-inch spray surface.

Each of those nozzles has a unique design that allows the water to come out cleanly without any deposits or scale in that water causing build up across the surface.

You can further reduce build up with a quick wipe down in between, but you can even wipe off those nozzles right after finishing your shower too. An included ball-and-socket joint gives you the freedom to adjust the angle of the spray head.

This model comes with the company’s Dropstop technology that brings the water to complete stop when you turn off the tap to keep the nozzles from leaking, and it comes with a StarLight finish that is resistant to scratches, rusting and other types of damage.

If you used other GROHE products in the past, you’d appreciate that this model uses the manufacturer’s DreamSpray technology too, which uses a combination of water and air to give you a more pleasurable experience. This technique allows the water to come through the carefully designed nozzles at a higher rate to compensate for low or reduced water pressure.

Moen S112ORB Waterhill One-FunctionMOEN has an excellent reputation because many of the products that it makes are those that you can use for years to come, and after checking out some feedbacks, we knew that this 10-inch model was the top one made by the company.

Unlike other models that use the force of gravity, this one has a self-pressurizing system that automatically adjusts the pressure to keep the water flowing out at a fast rate with no slow downs. You can use a small knob on the side to change the flow too.

The self-pressurizing system also increases the pressure on your water and allows that water to clean the nozzles in the head. MOEN designed a pattern of nozzles that includes both straight and curved lines, which soften the water to help you avoid the sting found on other models. If you notice any build up on any of the nozzles, you can wipe them clean in seconds.

An oil rubbed bronze finish adds a slightly traditional look to this product, but you can opt for a brighter finish to work in a more modern bathroom. It has a flow rating of 2.5 gallons of per water too, which makes it an excellent choice for homes with any water pressure. This is also one of the only models that you can mount at an angle inside your shower.

BOANN BNSPS919 Stainless SteelWe included this BOANN model on our list is because it’s more than just another model. This is a full set that comes with both a top and a panel that you can install and use in your toilet.

There is even a hand-held unit on the base that gives you the option of rinsing off your body without standing under the head, and you can use this group for faster bathing of your pets and children too.

Made from stainless steel, this set has a design that you can mount flush with any wall in your bathroom, and it lets you replace the hardware and faucet that you already have.

It comes with three jets on the panel itself that are adjustable for directing the aim anywhere around your body, and these jets sit around the middle of the group in a location designed for standard users.

The set, which uses solid steel, also comes with metal hot and cold water knobs with a chrome plating over the metal.

An arm located on the top of the panel extends out and over your toilet and supports the rainshower head. It has dozens of nozzles that stick out from the surface of the spray to keep water from dripping out when you turn off the shower. The nozzles on this unit and the body jets wipe clean too.

Final Verdict

Kohler K-13691-CP 14"

Before making a list of the top options, we wanted to get an idea of what customers just like you thought, which is why we considered all feedbacks on the web.

The model with the highest positive ratings was the K-13691 from Kohler, which has a modern polished chrome finish that will match the hardware in your bathroom and around design that softens the water as it falls.

The product has a unique pattern of spray heads across the surface that allows the water to come out at an angle as it falls, and those nozzles are resistant to build up caused by hazards like lime and minerals.

A maximum flow rating of 2.5 gallons per minute is another reason to like this option from Kohler. It also features the company’s Katalyst Spray Technology, which increases the water pressure you feel entirely submerged and drenched as that liquid falls from the ceiling.