Best Waterpik Shower Head Reviews – Is It Worth Your Money?

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Waterpik NML-603 Flexible

Key Features

  • Patented 18-inch flexible shower head neck
  • Accommodate any height, short or tall
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
One name that you will keep coming across when shopping for a new shower head is Waterpik. Though the company originally made products that increased water pressure and functioned like traditional shower heads, it now makes models that let you enjoy the feel of rainfall while in your toilet and products that you can use without standing in one specific spot.
The Waterpik NML-603 High Pressure Flexible Neck is our top choice for models from this manufacturer as well as a top choice for those who like water massages.
At 18 inches in size, this is significantly bigger than other models and comes with a flexible arm that lets you change where it sits and its angle to your body.
It also features a patented 18-inch flexible shower head neck to position the shower head wherever you want it, full-body spray that are easy to clean and rainfall design. After looking at our Waterpik model review of this product, you can compare it to other models from the company.
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6 Best Waterpik Showerheads Reviews For 2019

1. Waterpik NML-603 High Pressure Flexible Neck Shower Head

NML-603 FlexibleOne of the more unique models that the company makes it this one, which combines elements of a standard head with a hand-held unit but eliminates the need for keeping one hand on the unit as you take a bath.

It features a head with rubber nozzles that shoot out the water and a chrome finish that looks great now and in the future, but it also comes with a flexible hose on the end.

This hose, which measures 18-inches long, lets you change the height, placement and other features of the product before getting in the bathroom or while you take a bath.

This is a pretty unique feature that you won’t find on any other model, and this hose makes it easy to adjust the height of the head when sharing your bathroom with others who are different heights.

The hose has the same chrome finish as the spray head, and while it may feel a little tight the first time you use it, this hose will eventually loosen up but still retain the strength needed to remain in the position that you set. Its spray surface measures 3.5-inches across and 3.5-inches wide to cover more of your head and body too.

The six spray modes used in this model also give you the chance to select the perfect mode based on how you want to shower. A power spray mode concentrates the stream down into the nozzles located in the center of the head, water saving mode significantly reduces the flow down to help you save on water, and the pulsating massage mode uses water pulses.

You can also select the full body setting to use more of the nozzles and feel water reaching more parts of your body or the entire body combo modes that use either a pulsating massage or power spray mode with the full body mode.

2. Waterpik TRS-553 High Pressure 5-Mode Power Spray Showerhead

TRS-553 Power SprayWaterpik makes several models for those who don’t want to choose between traditional products and hand-held units like this Power Spray model, which combines elements of both.

It uses the manufacturer’s patented OptiFLOW technology that significantly increases your water pressure when using the full body spray to ensure that you get all the pressure that you need and that the spray will completely cover your body. It also has a chrome finish on the head as well as the shower arm and other parts.

The arm has a slightly curved design that comes out straight from the wall and then slopes down to support the weight of the bracket, which is the piece that holds the hand-held unit in place.

This bracket is slightly larger than the unit’s head and is large enough to hold the included hose too. The hose on this model measures five-feet long and allows you to stretch out this product and use it in any area of your bathroom, which makes bathing your pets an easier task.

Like other Waterpik models, the Power Spray comes with rubber nozzles that face down and in different directions to ensure that the water hits as much of your body as possible. Those nozzles rub clean with minimal effort and have a design that prevents both leaks and clogs.

Rather than use a toggle switch or a lever to adjust the setting, you turn the entire face of the spray head, which lets you select between five different spray modes that include a power spray mode, full body mode, and some massaging modes.

3. Waterpik SM 653 CG Original Massage Hand Held Shower Head

SM-653CG OriginalThe SM-653CG from Waterpik also goes by the name of the Original because it mimics the look of some of the first products the company ever made and because it was one of the early massaging models available on the market for home use.

Though this is a hand-held model, it comes with a shower arm and bracket system that you permanently install in your bathroom, which lets you use it more traditionally.

The arm can mount in the exact spot where your old one once stood, but you can also adjust the height to make your shower suitable for taller users.

Attached to the end of that arm is a plastic piece that you simply screw onto the end to attach the bracket, which is the part that holds the hand-held unit upright.

This allows you to stand directly beneath the spray to wash your hair, clean your body and rinse off without keeping one hand occupied.

Waterpik also designed this one to include its OptiFLOW technology, which ensures that neither the water temperature nor the water pressure will change from the settings you picked before using it.

Using this model as a hand-held unit is easy because it has a dedicated hand grip on the end that mimics the shape and design of the human hand and allows you to wrap your hand around it without your fingers slipping off when wet.

It also has a long and flexible hose that keeps the head attached to the shower arm but gives you plenty of room to move around the bathroom. The six modes on this one include several massaging and pulsating modes as well as a combo option.

Top Waterpik Shower Heads from on the Market

4. Waterpik CF-203GG Shower Head

CF-203GGSuitable for use in low water pressure systems, this Waterpik option will make other showers feel less pleasurable and will make you look forward to getting back to yours while traveling.

Its 2.5 gallon per minute flow rating lets you know that you will get all the water that you need for cleaning and relax while in your bathroom.

Waterpik designed this one to have a chrome finish that matches to other chrome and stainless steel items, and you’ll find that it retains its bright finish, even if you don’t regularly clean it.

The eight-inch spray surface features small rubber nozzles that extend out slightly from the head, which makes this model easy to clean and reduces the risk of scale build up.

You can wipe down the head after each bath to keep it clean and sparkling, but even with less cleaning, it won’t develop harsh water spots or any leaks. Unlike other rainfall heads that only have one setting, this product has two that lets you choose between a more concentrated stream that uses less of those nozzles or a lighter stream that sends water out of each nozzle.

It also features an adjustable arm that we think many people will like. When you first set it up, you can bend and twist this arm to make the head extend further out into your bathroom or sit closer to the wall. Though, you can also change the height that it sits in the shower and how far it stands over your head to change the way the water feels as it hits you. This arm is quite stiff but flexible enough that you can adjust it while in the bathroom too.

5. WATER PIK AST-233E Aquascape CHR Shower Head

AST-233E AquascapeNot everyone wants to experience more water while in the bathroom likes the design of rain models, which is why Waterpik makes the Aquascape that is just as large as a rain model but provides more pressure and more water.

It has an eco-flow design that Waterpik created to help users get more water pressure from their showers without wasting water, and it can give you up to 30% more strength than you would get from a similar model.

This model comes in a chrome finish that applies to both the spray surface and all surrounding areas as well as the arm.

The included shower arm is one of the more unique features of this model because the arm screws into place in your bathroom for fast installation but pushes the head out from the wall to give you more space for bathing without feeling like you need to lean against the wall.

You can reposition the head while it’s attached to that arm to use it in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. It also provides you with up to 50% more coverage than some of the leading models can.

Each of the 60 rubber nozzles located on the surface is easy to clean because those nozzles form little nubs on the surface that you can wipe off with your fingers or a towel. The nozzles use different orientations and directions to ensure that the water reaches each part of your body. It also has a toggle switch on one side for changing from its total body spray mode to a power spray mode.

6. Waterpik XRO-733T 7-Mode PowerPulse Massage Shower Head

Series XRO-733T PowerpulseAs you look at the best Waterpik model, you may want to consider some more affordable options like this Powerpulse model, which functions just as well in a guest bathroom as it does in a master bathroom.

Though it comes with some of the features shoppers love about the hand-held units, this one has a more traditional bathroom.

Both the arm and the head come in a matching chrome finish.

Designed for mounting and using in a fixed position, this product has seven settings that include full body options as well as massaging and pulsating modes.

One of those settings is a power pulse massage setting, which the manufacturer and other manufacturers claim will deliver up to twice as much massaging power as any different model on the market. The Powerpulse was the first model for the company to come with this mode.

Changing to the power pulse massage setting or any other mode is easy because of a toggle switch that sits on the head, which you can slide back and forth, and as you move this switch, the product will instantly change to that new mode to help you decide which one to use.

It is easy to install too because of a screw-on design that lets you screw it right into place after removing your old shower arm and other parts. As long as you follow the included directions, you’ll have no problems getting the Powerpulse set up in your bathroom.

​Great Value for the Money is...

Best Waterpik Shower Head for the Money
Waterpik NML-603 Flexible

Even after reading dozens of Waterpik feedbacks, you may still wonder which one is right for your home, but we recommend that you take a look at the Waterpik NML-603 High Pressure Flexible Neck to see if its fits all your needs.

As a rainfall model, it recreates the exhilarating feeling that comes from standing in the pouring rain and lets you feel the stress and tension leave your body while showering. Its eight-inch size makes it fit the frames of most people too.
A great feature on this model is an adjustable and flexible arm that keeps it attached to the bathroom wall, but this arm also lets you adjust the height of the shower head and its angle to your body.
We think that you’ll also like the chrome finish, which matches to another bathroom decor in stainless steel or chrome finishes like faucets and taps.