10 Best Steam Shower Generators

Last Updated: April 03, 2021

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Kohler K-5529-NA Invigoration Steam Generator

Having a steam shower in your own bathroom or in another part of your home can help you relax in a way that you never thought was possible before.

Designed to look and work exactly like the showers found in hotels and spas, a residential steam shower can often accommodate two or more people. Before you buy and install a shower, you need to find a generator capable of powering it.

We recommend the Steam Spa RY900BNC Royal Complete Package with 9kW Steam Generator because this is more than just another generator. The set comes with a steam drain and other pieces that all has a brushed nickel finish. You can create the soothing and relaxing environment that you want with this complete set.

Top 10 Steam Shower Generator For Your Home

RankProductReview Score
1Kohler K-5529-NA Generator
9.9Buy on Amazon
2Kohler K-1696-NA 13 kW
9.8Buy on Amazon
3Mr. Steam Ms225ec1 Residential
9.8Buy on Amazon
4Amerec 3K8 Generator
9.5Buy on Amazon
5Steamist Premium 7 Generator
9.3Buy on Amazon
6Superior 12kW Self-Draining
8.8Buy on Amazon
7Steam Spa D-900 9 KW Steam
8.6Buy on Amazon
8Superior 9kW Self-Draining
8.4Buy on Amazon
9Superior 6kW Self-Draining
8.3Buy on Amazon
10CGolden Wall 6KW STCMOET
8.2Buy on Amazon
Kohler K-5529-NA Invigoration Steam Generator

With the Kohler Invigoration Steam Generator, you can enjoy a steam bath in your home’s comfort. With its intuitive technology, the Steam is ready in 60 seconds. It is user friendly, and with a push of a button, the generator will help you avail of all the benefits of Steam. It helps in purification and cleansing of all bodily impurities and toxins. It also helps to open up your respiratory system. All this can be made available on the purchase and installation of the Kohler K-5529. Some of the features are as follows:

  • As soon as you push the button, the Fast Response technology from the invigoration Series begins to generate Steam. It takes less than a minute.
  • Constant Steam is a feature that helps the generator to produce Steam consistently. This feature helps to minimize temperature fluctuations.
  • Power Clean is a feature that helps to flush all the sediments from the generator with water. With a push of a button, all the residues will release from the steam head—no need for manual flushing.
  • It is very user friendly. You can read the interface and use the functions with clear indicators used to control, operate, set time, and temperature.
  • For a 20 min session, the Invigoration series uses approximately one gallon of water. It helps to save water, making it eco-friendly.
  • If the user doesn’t re-activate the system, it shuts down automatically. This feature of Auto-Shutoff is very beneficial to the user as it ensures safety at all times.
  • For custom showering applications, it has a 240 Cubic feet maximum volume rating.
  • This product is made in the USA.
  • The generator is built with premium quality insulated stainless steel. This material helps to maintain the temperature and keeps the case safe to touch.

When you turn on other generators, it can take up to four minutes or longer for it to produce the steam that you need, but this Kohler K-1696-NA 13 kW Fast-Response Steam Generator begins releasing steam just 60 seconds after you turn it on. With a 13 kilowatt rating, this generator is even larger than our number one choice and can provide enough steam for each person in your home to take a steam without waiting hours for the generator to refill itself. It is so large and powerful that it will work with steam showers of up to 447 cubic feet in size.

In addition to giving you installation instructions, Kohler also clearly marked each valve and connection on the steam shower generator to show you where each hose and line must go. It will work with standard steam showers as well as customized showers that you built for your home. The generator has a cleaning function that will purge itself of water after a steam, though you will need to press a button to turn on this feature.

Mr. Steam is one of the most recognizable names in the steam shower generator industry, but this Ms225ec1 Residential Steam Generator is the top generator that the company makes. This generator has a microprocessor inside that works in the same way as the microprocessor in your own computer does to keep it operating at peak performance. All of the heating elements inside are completely removable, which makes it easier to service the generator and make any repairs that you might need in the future.

An integrated time feature works like a timer and lets you decide how long you want the generator to run while you’re in the shower, which will keep you from spending too much time relaxing when you have other things to do and reduce your energy bills. A precision temperature feature gives you more control over the temperature inside your steam shower and lets you pick the temperature that you want to use. If you are environmentally conscious, you’ll like that Mr. Steam makes this generator from recycled stainless steel.

The Amerec 3K8 generator is from the 3K 8series. The 3K8 Series has a power rating of 8 kilowatts. It can steam a room with dimensions of 100 to 300 cubic feet.  It works best if the facilities that have 208V AC 3 – electric phase available. SoftSteam technology helps to maintain comfort and consistency in the bathing environment. The 3K/AK heats the room with Steam by using full power till it reaches the pre-set temperature, it then cuts off the power to half, to give a more consistent flow and stable temperature. The 3K8 tank is built with premium quality stainless steel; heating elements are of industrial grade. All the electronic components used to construct the generator is durable. The generator is compatible with control kits like R30k, K30, K60, KT60, DK60/K30, DKT60/K60, AND K200i. Some of its key features are as follows:

  • The tank of the generator is of Stainless steel.
  • The heating elements are made from industrial grade and are serviceable.
  • The control panel is user friendly.
  • All the electronic parts are durable.
  • The generator has an electronic control system to check on the water level.
  • It has an in-built control circuit for its safety during low voltage.
  • 3K8 has an automatic drainage system. No need for a manual drain.
  • It has controls to adjust the time/temperature, turn it on/off, inside/outside shower.
  • The generator has a full port drain valve.
  • 3K8 has an ASME safety valve.
  • This product is CE/CSA/UL listed.
  • It has a limited warranty.
  • It also comes enclosed with a user and installation manual.

With the Steamist Premium TSG – 7, you can enjoy your bath with a revitalized steam experience. With the TSG – 7, you can return from a hectic day only to enjoy a rejuvenating bath. Steam bath has proven to have many health benefits like increased blood circulation, improved metabolism, release from mental and physical stress. Bathing with Steam helps to achieve a healthier and brighter outlook. You can enjoy the at-home spa experience and boost the quality of bath for yourself and your family. Some of the key features are as follows:

  • The TSG – 7 can provide quick response steam in under a minute.
  • The product continually monitors the steam output to maintain the pre-set temperature.
  • The generator fits in tight spaces as well. You can easily install it under a counter or a closet.
  • The TSG-7 is Eco-friendly. A 20 minutes session will use approximately 1 gallon of water. It helps you to save up on water and cut down on high water bills.
  • For convenience, it comes with a 35ft installation cable. So you can, with much ease, install it even in an insulated basement or attic.
  • The control panel has a variety of options depending on your usage.
  • The TSG-& has a unique 360° halo steam head that contributes to Steam’s even distribution during your shower.
  • The generator has an in-built sturdy stainless steel tank a robust circuitry that assures years of stress-free operations.
  • It also has a LED diagnostic display for easy and quick troubleshooting.
  • The generator has an optional pan and auto-drain feature that allows you to drain the system after using it. It helps prolong your generator’s life and ensure you get a fresh steam shower every use.
  • It has a ¾” compression fitting, 120 PSI
  • The manufacturer offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty with a 2-year in-home with a labor warranty.
  • The TSG-7 is UL/CUL listed.

If you want a steam shower generator guaranteed to work in North America, you’ll love this Superior 12kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator, which meets the standards necessary for ETL certification. Suitable for use with both steam showers and steam baths, the generator comes with a control panel that you can mount on the wall outside the shower or on a wall inside the shower. As the controls are waterproof, you won’t worry about the steam or liquid damaging them, and there are included controls that you can program for customized showers.

Two built-in steam outlets have a chrome finish that is waterproof and resistant to rusting, and these outlets help you use the 12 kilowatts to produce steam for a larger shower or two separate units. Thanks to a separate aromatherapy outlet, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and enjoy the feeling that comes from those scents gently mixing with the steam and wafting over you.

Though Steam Spa makes a number of packages that come with different parts and accessories in a specific finish, the company also makes a number of steam shower generators like this Steam Spa D-900 9 KW Steam Bath Generator. With a nine kilowatt rating, this generator is powerful enough for even the largest of showers and will provide you with an almost constant stream or source of steam. It has built-in technology that allows the generator to produce steam in right around one minute.

With a maximum size capacity of 255 cubic feet, this generator will provide more than enough steam for a longer shower. It requires 220 volts to run and comes with built-in components for attaching your water line and other hoses as well as a purge setting that drains the water inside. This steam bath generator from Steam Spa is also one of the quietest generators we found and will run so quietly that you may never hear it.

Do you hate that you need to get out of the shower every time that you want to increase the water temperature or the amount of steam produced? With the Superior 9kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator, you’ll no longer have that problem because this generator comes with controls that you can mount inside or out. Those controls let you make all the adjustments that you need and are resistant to both water and rust.

To ensure that you can easily reach those controls, Superior includes 16-feet of electrical wire that you can use to connect the controls to the generator, which you may install a significant distance away from the shower. It comes with a steam outlet with a chrome finish that is resistant to rust and other forms of damage and a second outlet that you can use for mixing your favorite essential oils with the steam. The generator works with most electrical systems too because it needs only 220 volts.

One of the top reasons that people install steam showers is because they want to relax comfortably at home, and this Superior 6kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator will help you get comfortable and relax. As it has a smaller six kilowatt rating, this generator is best for smaller showers that you use on your own or with just one other person. The generator has a dedicated aromatherapy outlet that gives you the option of adding essential and aromatherapy oils and letting it mix those oils with the steam.

A temperature sensor regulates the temperature of the water used and the steam produced to keep you from overheating in the shower. It comes with the wiring needed to connect the generator in one room to the steam shower in another room too. Superior also gives you waterproof controls that are resistant to rust, which you can install on a wall near the shower or on one of the walls inside your shower.

This CGolden Wall 6KW STCMOET Steam Generator is one of the top steam shower generators because the manufacturer found a way to make an efficient steam generator at a lower price point. Though it might look like any other generator, it actually has two tanks inside that allow you to get more steam in your shower. Once one tank runs out of water, the second tank will kick in and run as the first tank refills to ensure that you can relax for hours without running out of steam.

A working time setting feature lets you select how long you want the steam to flow into the shower, and you can turn it down to just one minute or turn it up to a full 60 minutes. With a temperature range of between 95 and 131 degrees Fahrenheit, you can also select the perfect temperature that you want. This generator has built-in protection that keeps it from running out of water and overheating.

Our Top Winner

The Steam Spa RY900BNC Royal Complete Package with 9kW Steam Generator is the only thing that you need to set up your new steam shower. All the included components have a brushed nickel finish, and the set comes with a piece designed for using aromatherapy in the shower. Many pieces are resistant to rust too.

An automatic purge function forces the generator to purge itself of any water left behind after a steam to keep the inside clean. You also get two control panels that let you make changes to the generator settings while inside the shower. As it uses nine kilowatts, the generator included in this package is one of the largest available for residential use.

Steam Shower Generator Buying Guide

Proximity to Bathroom

One thing you should consider is how close that generator must be to your bathroom. Unless you have a lot of extra space in your bathroom, you probably want one that you can install outside your home or in a spot like your basement or attic. Though some generators must sit close to the steam showers, others can be up to 20 feet or more away from that shower.

Generator Power

Buying a generator that doesn’t have a lot of power is like throwing away extra money. Not only will it add to your energy bills, but that generator may keep the steam shower from working at its peak performance too. You typically want a generator with at least a one kilowatt rating, but you can go up to nine kilowatts for use with larger steam showers.

Run Time

Run time tells you exactly how long the generator will run and provide steam for your shower. Though some will provide an almost endless stream of steam, others will only work for shorter periods of time. You may want one with a timer that tells the generator when to stop its production of steam.

Wait Time

No matter why you want a steam shower in your home, you do not want to spend valuable minutes waiting for the generator to kick on and push steam into that shower. Cheaper generators generally have a longer wait time that can leave you feeling frustrated. Higher end generators can produce steam in seconds.


Never buy a generator for your steam shower unless it comes with a dependable warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty should last for at least one full year after your purchase. A good warranty will include the cost of new parts as well as the labor needed for repairs too.

Automatic Drainage

Steam shower generators heat water to a higher temperature to create steam, and most have built-in containers that hold the hot water. You should look for generators that have some type of automatic drainage feature that will drain the water later. This keeps bacteria from building up in the water and stops the generator from releasing that bacteria into your shower.

Automatic Shut Off

Cheaper steam shower generators often require that you turn the generator on and off each time you use the shower. Some of the more expensive models come with a shut off feature that automatically shuts the generator down when it runs out of hot water. This will keep the generator from overheating and breaking.

Ease of Use

There is no point in buying a steam shower generator unless it is easy to use. Pay close attention to the controls on the generator. Those knobs and/or buttons are what you will use to turn it on and off, change the water temperature and adjust its other settings.

Noise Production

You will typically want a steam shower generator that operates quietly and won’t make a lot of noise. If it vibrates, produces a loud humming sound or makes other noises, those sounds will keep you from relaxing in your shower.