15 Best Steam Showers Reviews

Last Updated: April 03, 2021

Upscale hotels and spas offer steam showers for guests and visitors who want to relax in the lap of luxury, and you may find steam showers in your local gym too. Though you might think that there is no way that you could afford to install a steam shower in your own bathroom, these showers range in price from around $2,000 to $5,000 or more.

Since a steam shower has the ability to transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa-like space, it can definitely be considered an improvement, but it’s not something you can do on a whim. You don’t want to go through the financial stress of learning your steam shower isn’t what you thought.

Here in this article, the team @thebestflushingtoilet reviews the best steam showers of 2021, explaining the most valuable characteristics of steam showers in non-technological words. Once you know your options, you should be able to buy the most appropriate product.

What Are Steam Showers and How Do They Work?

A steam shower is similar to a normal shower, but its principal function is to dispense steam rather than water. For the days where you don’t feel like having a steam shower or when you need to have a traditional water bath without steam, steam showers with their multiple operating modes help you achieve that.

The steam from your shower normally has a steam range of between 95˚F and 118˚F. Such moderate temperatures ensure you enjoy a soothing steam bath without fear of getting burnt. Some modern steam showers also have a stool or a flat bench where you can rest as the steam does its alchemy.

The central component of a steam shower is the steam generator. This device concentrates cold water into a chamber to create boiling vapor and steam. The vapor is then transferred into the diffuser where it condenses and cools. The cold, pressurized steam is then made available for you in your shower.

In general, steam generators use 220V of electrical power, which implies that you would need to operate dedicated wiring from your circuit breaker. It is possible to operate some steam generators on a 110-volt grid.

Most steam showers provide a shower at the users’ convenience. Some have long connectors, allowing them to be placed outside the bathroom if needed. Controls may be accessed via a panel, which may be internal or external. This is where you can start the generator, adjust the temperature, and play about with your model.

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Steam Shower vs. Regular Shower

If the notion of a steam shower tickles the fancy, this segment describes the difference between a steam and a regular shower. It can be simplified to: A steam shower has the same general feature as a standard shower, but added to it is the therapeutic steam.

This shower model has the same features as conventional steam saunas, such as relaxation, hydrating, and regeneration properties. Steam is used to saturate the enclosure, leading to elevated humidity levels.

If you’re going to have a steam shower, make sure the installation is steam-tight. Otherwise, steam would escape from the bathroom and likely into the surrounding area. To avoid risk, your ceiling would almost certainly need to be water-proofed, as unregulated moisture can damage walls and cause mold over time.


The Top 15 Steam Shower Reviews For 2021 (Updated List)

1. SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 10 Inches Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer

SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 10 INCHES BATHROOM LUXURY RAIN MIXERThe SR Sun Rise Shower Combo is premium quality stainless steel. The showerhead is 10″ and has a metal arm that’s 15.7″. The shower brackets are made from brass and can be concealed.

The valve for the brass shower mixer balances the water pressure. The handheld shower is made from brass and is L shaped, and the attached hose is of high-quality stainless steel. The shower system has a sleek and stylish look with 10 layers of chrome plate on it. This plating keeps the shower from corroding and prolongs durability.

They can experience high-pressure rain shower while bathing, even if the water pressure is low. The Sun Rise Shower System has a clientele that prefers the latest designs and premium quality products. It has a valve to balance the water pressure and protects you from the sudden change in water temperature.

The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on this product. They also offer a replacement if it is within five years from purchase. It is easy to install, and if you need any assistance, you can reach them on the customer service number provided.

• The Shower combo is premium quality stainless steel.
• The showerhead is 10″ with a metal arm that’s 15.7″.
• The finish is chrome plated and ten layers to avoid corrosion and prolong durability.
• All parts will be replaced if it is within five years of the purchase.
• The shower monitors water pressure and temperature to help you enjoy a rejuvenating bath without the hassle of a sudden change in water temperature.

• If not appropriately installed, water may seep through the walls.

2. ENGA 12 Inch Wall Mounted LED Rain Shower Head System


The Enga 12″ Wall Mounted LED Rain Shower Head System is made of high-quality brass and has body jets attached. It has a hand shower made of brass. It also has a brass shower arm that is 16″, the shower hose is of premium quality stainless steel.

It comes with a brass valve to control the water. The brass body jets come in a six pcs set. The LED 12″ shower head is solid copper. When the flow rate is at 2.5 GPM, the water pressure is effortless, and it begins to change colors according to the water temperature.

The showerhead system is Thermostatic. This feature doesn’t require you to adjust the temperature. Set the temperature according to your comfort; it will remain constant until you finish your bath. Unlike most showerheads, this one is unique, allowing you to enjoy a shower from every angle.

The six-piece body jets will enable you to enjoy a relaxing bath. The silicon jets stay clog-free – it keeps away hard water and lime deposits. It is very convenient for people with long thick hair. The shower head is powerful and allows you to wash off the shampoo from thick hair with much ease.

The product is easily available and installed with much ease. It comes with a user manual that explains features and installation. The showerhead has a 12″ square rainwater. It is available in black and has a neat and clean finish. The shower is square and needs to be mounted on the wall. If you need any assistance, you can call the customer service number, and they are always happy to help.

• The shower is a wall mounting unit with LED lights and 12″ rain square.
• All the attachments are of premium quality brass.
• The water flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute.
• 6pc jets are made for a relaxing bath that covers all angles.
• The shower system is thermostatic and doesn’t require you to change the temperature once set.
• The jets have Anti-clogging features and keep away hard water and lime deposits.

• As it isn’t an American product, it doesn’t have the ASSE rating required for shower valves in the USA.

3. Homedec Thermostatic LED Ceil Mount 12 Inch Shower System

The Homedec Shower System is an LED shower that needs to be mounted on the wall. The Shower system is of brass, and oil rubbed bronze. The entire system is thermostatic.

It is an essential feature as it keeps you safe from the sudden change in water temperature. Once you set the water temperature according to your desire, it will remain constant and help you enjoy a relaxing bath. The showerhead is 12″ and had LED lights attached to it.

These lights change according to the temperature of the water. It is secure to use and doesn’t operate on battery. The product comes with a six-piece body jet set. It allows you to have a full-body shower; you can install it in the position you desire and enjoy a revitalizing bath. The shower system has a three-way control handle.

The first handle is to divert the water-either from the body jet, handheld or showerhead, the second handle is to choose between on/off, and the third handle is to adjust the water temperature between 38°C to 80°C. It is easy to install and use.

The company believes in its product and will replace parts for free if it is within five years of purchase. The manufacturer also offers a 1-year warranty on LED lights. If you need any further assistance, you can reach them on the customer service number provided. The Homedec Shower System will make a fantastic addition to your bathroom.

• The Shower Head is LED and changes color according to the temperature.
• All parts are of high-quality brass.
• The thermostatic feature adds to the safety as it doesn’t allow a sudden change in water temperature.
• The shower system has a three-way control handle and simple to use.

• If the material and wall are thicker than 2cm, it will be challenging to install the plate.

4. Mesa 803L 2-Person Steam Shower 

Designed for two to share, this Mesa 803L 2-Person Steam Shower is great for romantic nights at home, but its larger size is also perfect for users who want to spread out and have more room to themselves. It comes with a 3K steam generator that requires 110 volts and a standard 15-amp plug that will work with most of the existing outlets in your bathroom. Though it won’t work with your smartphone, it does come with its own built-in radio that you can use for listening to all your favorite FM stations while inside.

Two separate shower heads are adjustable and feature different settings, and each one comes right off the wall for cleaning your own body or cleaning each other. The 12 massaging body jets target sore muscles in the same way acupuncture does to help you recover after an injury or wash away stress. It also comes with a seat that can accommodate up to two people, and this stool folds up to give you more space inside the shower.

5. 2020 Valencia Computerized Steam Shower Sauna 

With its bold red finish, this 2019 Valencia Computerized Steam Shower Sauna with Jetted jacuzzi Whirlpool Massage Bathtub Spa (Gray) will make all your friends and loved ones want to climb inside and try it out for themselves. It serves as a whirlpool tub, a steam shower and a sauna but gives you access to all those features in one convenient package.

The 8.4-inch LCD computer panel gives you access to all those features and settings, but this panel can also act like a television to help you stream Netflix films and shows from other apps while in the shower.

Suitable for use with 220 volt systems, this steam shower comes with a 4.5kW generator that meets all North American standards and guidelines. The interior has a headrest that supports your neck and shoulders when soaking in the attached whirlpool tub and two hand-held shower heads. It also comes with six massaging jets along the sides that target different spots on your body as well as jets around the tub that you can use when soaking.

6. SR SUN RISE 12 Inches Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo

You can now enjoy a luxurious bath with the SR Sun Rise Shower Combo system. The showerhead is 12″ and has a 15.7″ metal arm. The brass bracket holder can be easily concealed on installation.

The shower that is hand help is L shaped and comes with a hose that’s stainless steel. The shower head’s finish is Brushed Nickel giving it a sleek and stylish look – keeping it corrosion free and prolonging durability. The shower faucet contains Rough-in and trims body.

The showerhead that can be handheld is made of brass as well. The bracket to hold the shower is square, and you can enjoy a 12″ rain shower. The shower has an intuitive design that offers consistency in water pressure, even if it is low. The shower controls the water’s pressure and temperature to avoid an unpleasant experience.

The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on this product. They also offer a replacement if it is within five years from purchase.

• The showerhead is 12,” and the metal arm is 15.7″.
• The brackets can be easily concealed.
• The finish is Brushed Nickel giving it a sleek and stylish look.
• The feature of consistent water pressure with the latest technology called Air Pressure.
• The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.
• They also offer a replacement if it is within five years of purchase.

• The shower system needs to appropriate installation to avoid water seepage through the walls.

7. Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-R Steam Shower & Sauna

The ARIEL BATH DZ959F8 Platinum Steam Shower & Sauna combines elements of a sauna and a steam shower and comes with a single stool inside that serves as the perfect place to rest while enjoying the deep steam produced by the 6kW steam generator. That generator comes with a standard plug that works with any outlet and requires the same amount of volts that are available with most electrical systems. The included stool uses a soft shade of wood that matches the wood bottom in the shower, which is slip-proof to prevent common bathroom accidents.

An FM radio inside has a waterproof design and lets you tune the radio to your favorite station. A built-in heater feature keeps the water temperature from climbing too high and overheating the generator or the entire system, but this heater also allows the water to produce steam in only 60 seconds or less. The LCD control panel inside features buttons for adjusting the water temperature, adjusting the volume of the radio, turning on the lights and using the aromatherapy feature.

8.Eagle Bath WS-105 Steam Shower Enclosures Sliding Door

With a modern look and all the settings that you need in a traditional shower, this Eagle Bath Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure can transform your bathroom and completely replace your old shower.

As it requires just 110 volts, you can install this shower in any North American home, and it comes with a 3kW generator that also works as a cleaner to remove mildew and build up on its walls. This shower comes with a hand-held shower head that adjusts to different settings and a rainfall shower head on top.

A computer control panel inside lets you pick from different settings, and you can even set the timer function to force the shower to shut down at the end of a set cycle. It comes with both a tub base and a shower attachment that sits on top as well as a sliding door that makes it easy to get in and out of the shower. That door features tempered glass that won’t break due to slams or sharp temperature changes.

9. Eagle Bath WS-803L 110v ETL Certified 

Thanks to an included 3kW generator, you can use this Eagle Bath WS-803L 110v ETL Certified Steam Shower Enclosure in your bathroom with any existing outlet because it relies on just 110 volts of power. Despite its large size, this steam shower can actually save you a little space because it has a curved front that makes it look like it takes up more space than it actually does. Included inside the shower are six massaging shower jets that whisk away tension and stress as well as 14 acupuncture jets that you can adjust to hit the exact areas where you need help.

A large mirror inside the steam shower remains free of fog when exposed to even the highest of temperatures, and the shower has its own ventilation fan to pull the steam out of the shower and away from other areas in your bathroom. It comes with a digital computer control one side of the shower, and adjustable shower head that comes off the wall and water knobs.

10. Ariel Platinum DA333F8 with Whirlpool Bathtub

Ariel makes some of the top steam showers for residential use on the market today like this Platinum DA333F8 Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub, which combines a whirlpool bathtub with a steam shower. It has a computer control panel that lets you set up the shower before you climb inside, and you can even set up your own tower when you need to limit how long you sit in the steam. The shower uses an included 6kW generator to produce the steam, and it has a separate cleaning setting that will both clean and disinfect the tub and shower.

Massaging jets let you target the muscles that you want to hit, and those jets are in convenient places all around the base and sides of the shower. It comes with features designed to make relaxation much easier like chromatherapy lighting fixtures and an aromatherapy system that you can use with any type of essential oil. You also get an FM radio that you can tune to your favorite radio station, which can help you relax faster.

11. ARIEL WS-608A with Whirlpool Bathtub

This ARIEL WS-608A Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub comes with all the features that you want in a steam shower and a design that lets you replace your old tub without spending $5,000 or more. Not only is this a more affordable steam shower for your bathroom, but it comes with features like a rainfall shower head in the ceiling that recreates the feeling of a light storm and 10 massaging jets that target muscle groups all across your body. An included 3kW generator turns ordinary water from your pipes into a thick and warm storm that will help you feel at ease.

Designed for two people to use at the same time, this steam shower comes with two separate hand-held shower heads that you can leave on the wall or remove and two seats that fold down for sitting and fold up for storage. This shower also features light fixtures that you can use for chromatherapy applications or to create mood lighting and a built-in massager that targets your sore feet.

12. ARIEL WS-803A 

If you want a steam shower but don’t have enough in your budget for one of the more expensive models on our list, you might appreciate the lower price of this ARIEL WS-803A Steam Shower. Designed for use in any bathroom, it meets all standards for both American and Canadian bathrooms, and it has a compact size that won’t take up as much space. You’ll also get a 3kW steam generator that turns water into the hot steam that you want without wasting a lot of water.

A rainfall shower head built into the top of the shower produces a light mist of water that you can use for cleaning and washing your hair, and the attached shower head comes off the wall for spot cleaning too. The steam shower has a simple seat on one side that you can sit down on while enjoying the steam. It also comes with a massage attachment that you can use on your feet, 12 massaging jets and built-in shelves for your bathroom supplies.

13. Lifetime Bath 16 jet Hydromassage Bathtub Convenient Strada

Designed to help you enjoy hydrotherapy treatments at home, this Lifetime Bath 16 jet Hydromassage Bathtub Convenient Strada Steam Shower Enclosure offers plenty of features that help ease sore muscles and help you recover from certain injuries. It has a rounded design that includes a curved door that forms a tight seal with the tub to keep steam from escaping, and the inside has a fog-free mirror and hand grips that help you more easily sit and stand. Multiple shelves inside provide ample storage for bath and beauty products like shampoo and body wash.

The interior also features a ventilation fan that removes the steam after your shower and removable massaging attachment on the floor for your feet. You’ll find a total of 10 jets that mimic the feel of acupuncture and a built-in radio that gets FM stations as well as an input for hooking up a phone or music player. The waterproof 8.4-inch LCD television also acts like a remote control, and the shower has an integrated phone feature for accepting calls while inside.

14. ARIEL BATH DZ972F8-W Platinum 

When you decide to replace you existing shower with one that will help you relax easier, you’ll love the ARIEL BATH DZ972F8-W Platinum Steam Shower in White, which comes in a standard size that works with the plumbing fixtures and lines already in your home. This freestanding shower has a self-contained design that features everything you need inside its walls, including a ventilation fan that keeps the hot air from damaging your bathroom. You’ll also get a hand-held shower head that you can use for everyday cleaning.

A 20kW steam generator comes with this shower and produces all the heat and steam that you need for relaxation, and it comes with an eight-inch shower head that mimics the feel of standing outside in the rain.

The wood floor uses real teak wood that stands up well to frequent use and will keep you from slipping in the shower, and the matching benches use the same wood. This steam shower also comes equipped with chromatherapy light fixtures on top and oil diffusers for using with aromatherapy oils.

15. Lifetime Bath Mind Relaxation Spa Massage 2015 Milano 

Installing a custom steam shower in your bathroom can easily cost $10,000 or more, but you can enjoy the feel of a custom steam shower at half the cost with this Lifetime Bath Mind Relaxation Spa Massage 2015 Milano Acrylic Steam Shower Unit. The Milano is a complete shower that comes with everything you need for soaking in the attached whirlpool tub, enjoying a steam, taking a long and hot bath or just taking a quick shower. The whirlpool heater regulates and monitors the water to keep it at a constant and even temperature, and it comes with a water-resistant remote for controlling the ventilation.

To ensure that you relax in the lap of luxury, the manufacturer included two cushioned headrests for sharing with another user and 16 jets, including 10 small and six large jets, that work as part of a hydrotherapy routine to rid your body of stress. This steam shower also comes with an 8.4-inch LCD television and an entertainment system that lets you listen to music, watch videos and even take calls while soaking.

our winner

ARIEL Platinum DZ972-1F8-BLK

For the ultimate in relaxation, you’ll love sinking down into or just sitting inside the ARIEL Platinum DZ972-1F8-BLK, which we think is the best steam shower for your bathroom. This shower has a feature comes with a built-in digital control panel and a built-in FM radio as well as a heater that keeps the shower from overheating to extend the life of the generator.

Steam Shower Buying Guide

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Door Fitting

The door’s fitting has to be strong enough to keep steam out while showering is taking place. After all, you want your steam shower to be steam-proof so that the remainder of your bathroom does not suffer exposure to moisture.

In addition, you want to examine your door’s operation as well. Some doors slide, some open to the right, and some to the right. Take into account whether the door may be reversed or whether the steam shower comes in both right and left versions. In a right-hand variant, the controls and drain are on the right-hand side and the door normally opens right-to-left. The opposite applies to a left-hand steam shower.

The door’s size is normally fixed in a standalone steam shower. You may, though, get a custom-made door that also suits your steam shower, just to guarantee that the complete assembly area remains moisture-resistant.

Jet Location

A water pressure jet is a perfect addition to a massage and even good for rinsing after a long shower. Select a shower that has 5 to 10 separate showerheads. You don’t want more than that, because then the water pressure will drop dramatically.

Often, look at where the jets are mounted if you get a variation of the Jacuzzi pool. While you don’t want all of them on your back, using one or two water jets that offer soothing massage at your spine can be a wonderful way to relax.

Another factor to consider, especially in a two-person shower, is the number of water jets that can be triggered at the same time. That says, will you get your jets on at the same time that the other individual has theirs? Again, this could be restricted due to a reduction in pressure.

Vapor Resistant Enclosure

Not just the door has to be vapor and steam immune. The whole machine should also be vapor-resistant to avoid exposure to moisture. You must also check that your steam shower and steam generator are well ventilated. Steam generators generate excess vapor, which must be properly managed and treated.

Your steam generator should be near enough to your steam shower that you do not have to think about the very long-distance installation of a vapor retardant firewall. In most installations, the steam generator is usually is installed in the floor void or in the space between the Jacuzzi tub and the wall. Bathroom doors will still release any steam, so you must choose one that utilizes a vapor ejection fan for the excess vapor to be treated properly.

Unit Dimensions and Height

Examine the dimensions and height of the steam shower you are purchasing to ensure that you will be able to sit comfortably in it. If you are a big-sized individual, your options can be restricted. Also, check the load-bearing level of the seating.

Anti-Slip Flooring

In most instances, the bottom of a steam shower would be textured to prevent slipping. You want the slip-resistant coating to remain, but not to be so rugged that they are difficult to sit in. You should still use the rugged grip stickers to improve the slip resistance in steam showers. Since steam will render acrylic bathtub surfaces incredibly slick, which is something you should always be aware of. When it comes to steam showers with natural wood flooring, the wood can have enough traction, however, you may want to invest in some extra traction like purchasing 2021’s best non-slip bathtub mats.

Steam Shower Generator Dimensions

The steam engine or the generator is the core of every steam shower. You’ll want to make sure your steam generator has enough capacity to easily fill the room with steam, but without flooding it. In general, you can aim for at least a 3-kilowatt steam generator for a single-person steam shower. If you prefer taking steam baths with your partner, then go for a steam generator with a minimum efficiency of 6-kilowatts. The explanation you need a more efficient steam generator for two people is because you will be losing more steam due to condensation and the cooling generated by two bodies.

Shower Material

You want a shower that is constructed of a material that is not only attractive but also thermally insulating. You don’t want your showers to be made of a material that would lose heat, forcing your steam generator to operate harder and consume more electricity to keep the temperature and pressure consistent. For steam baths, glass is an outstanding option.

Metal, by the way, isn’t. Acrylic is the most used material for Jacuzzi pool bases. This is a fantastic option, particularly since the tub is reinforced with fiberglass for added power. In addition, there is an air cavity between the tub’s rim and the steam shower’s exterior wall, which creates extra heat insulation.

Water Consumption

You should opt for a steam shower that consumes a maximum of 2 gallons of water in a 20-30 minute steam shower. Be careful how much water the steam shower consumes, so you don’t want to raise your water bill too much. Also, if you have a Jacuzzi pool, make sure it has heaters that hold the water heated while it recycles and better insulation (I would say opt for Acrylic or Americast tubs by American Standard), so you don’t have to keep adding hot water to keep it warm.


Ensure that the seat is comfortable. A fold-down or removable seat is a plus feature. Modern steam showers come with supportive cushioned seating that is also water-resistant. The last thing to check the seat’s drying properties and resistance against bacteria, mildew, and germs.


Take a close look at your steam shower’s protective features. Overheat safety, which ensures that the steam produced by your steam shower does not get too hot, is one of the most important features to look at. You can also aim for low water cut-off such that if the water supply to your steam generator is interrupted, the heating elements do not remain on and cause harm.

Additionally, search for protection against over-pressurization. That ensures that if your steam generator’s steam outlet is blocked, your steam generator would stop supplying steam, thus preventing the heating vessel to swell and ultimately burst.

Scent and Light Therapy

Aromatherapy and chromotherapy are two excellent approaches to improve the steam shower’s physical and mental wellbeing effects. Make sure you do some homework on what the various colors are meant to represent. Orange and red, for example, are energizing shades that you certainly don’t want to use right before bedtime.

When using the aromatherapy unit, you can also invest in high-quality essential oils. As a precaution, never apply essential oils to the skin that have not been diluted. Lemon balm, lavender, and mint are several healing essential oils to consider adding to your collection.


A steam shower is an expensive purchase. Therefore, buy a product that is covered by a warranty. While most units come with a 1-year warranty, some manufacturers also offer a 5-year warranty. Also, make sure you understand what the warranty protects and what it does not.


You will be investing a minimum of $2500 on a basic steam shower set. If you introduce more functionality, the price will rise before it reaches whatever budget limits you have set. However, the unit’s initial expense is not the only cost to remember. There’s even the installation fee by the plumber, electrician, and carpenter (without whom you can’t do the installation). Therefore, you should factor the expense into the total expenditure.


You want your shower’s controls to be simple to operate. You’ll just want to make sure they’re moisture-resistant so they don’t get damaged when you’re using your steam wash. You can also consider purchasing a steam shower with remote control. It may seem a little stupid at first sight, but there is nothing more disturbing than you have to stand out from a warm, relaxing soak just to change the steam temperature settings. Also, pay heed to the overall configuration of the shower panel framework. You’ll want one that’s at a convenient height for you to have.

Additional Perks

There some additional perks that can make or break a purchasing decision. While some steam showers ensure you spend the best of time with the built-in FM radios and televisions, some have cushioned seating and lumbar supports for maximum comfort.

Corner steam showers, rectangular steam showers, and the circular tub/shower hybrid are some of the designs available. The various prototypes all have specific positioning criteria, which will influence your overall approach.