Best Unbreakable Toilet Seats for Heavy People

Best Unbreakable Toilet Seats for Heavy People: Reviewed & Tested!

Whether you’re a big, strong guy or an overweight woman, the last thing you want is for your toilet seat to break. The best way to prevent this from happening is by getting one of these heavy-duty plastic toilet seats that are designed specifically for people who weigh more than 400 pounds.

These seats can withstand weights up to 1000 pounds and typically come with handles on both sides so they’re easy for anyone – no matter how large – to get on and off without having to twist awkwardly or strain their back.

Best Unbreakable Toilet Seats for Heavy People

Many people who are overweight tend to shy away from home improvement projects because they don’t want to risk the consequences of breaking something that’s already weakened due to their weight. While it may seem impractical, there are actually many benefits to installing a heavy-duty toilet seat into your bathroom. These include:

  • Being able to be confident when you sit down on your toilet
  • Not having to worry about pain or embarrassment if the toilet seat breaks
  • Never having to worry about broken shards of porcelain being stuck in your body

Here we have compiled a list of the strongest toilet seats that can handle up to 1000 pounds. Reviewed and tested by the TBFT team, these seats are designed with a heavy-duty plastic frame and some have extra-large seats that make it comfortable for obese people to do their thing. They are also helpful if you suffer from arthritis, mobility issues, or any other condition where bending over or getting down onto your knees would be difficult. Also, they are designed with non-slip, comfy material and are easy to clean too.

Why you should buy a strong and unbreakable toilet seat?

Are you tired of your toilet seat breaking every time you sit on it? We know how frustrating it can be to have a broken toilet seat. It’s not just an inconvenience, but also an embarrassment when guests come over and see the broken toilet seats in your bathroom. That’s why we reviewed the No.1 strongest toilet seats for large and fat people that don’t break!

These products are made from high-quality materials that will never break or crack under pressure. They’re guaranteed to last longer than any other toilet seats on the market today. . The contoured design provides support in all the right places while still being soft and cushioned enough that it won’t bother sensitive skin. It’s easy to clean too – just use soap and water with no harsh chemicals needed!

1). BEMIS 1000CPT Paramount Heavy Duty OVERSIZED Toilet Seat

Keep your bromides in the bowl, not on this toilet seat! The BEMIS 1000CPT OVERSIZED Toilet Seat is perfect for you and your big butt. This lovely throne can go up to 1200 pounds and can easily support any human pillowed-butt that’s looking for a comfy pastime. Let us add to the comfort of this product by mentioning its two features: indestructible plastic that won’t tarnish or chip; an industrial fastening system that will never loosen or wiggle from the bowl it fits so nicely over. That’s right, now you don’t have to worry about finding a wrench because this babe fits way too snug and is unbreakable and unbendable!

  • Stays unbreakable for pressures up to 1000 lbs.
  • Easy installation
  • Does not shake or slip
  • Toughened plastic is resistant to stains and cracking
  • Fits both round and elongated bowls
  • Made from environment-friendly materials
  • N/a

Hands-on Experience Report of BEMIS 1000CPT Toilet Seat:

For someone who is living life large, there is this Bemis 1000CPT Oversized Toilet Seat. It can withstand a maximum weight of 1,000 lbs and has a commercial fastening system that installs with snap and never comes loose or wiggle and it can handle even a person as big as Santa Clause (Yes, we tested it and can say this with 100% confidence). We also found the shatterproof material to be non-corrosive so they’ll never rust or corrode and they resist chipping, wearing, or staining. Yet another great feature about BEMIS’ products is that they’re made with safe-chemical-free materials which make them earth-friendly too!

2). Mayfair 843SLOW 000 Lannon Toilet Seat

The Mayfair 843SLOW 000 Lannon Toilet Seat is a no-nonsense, hefty toilet seat – so there’s no need to worry about flexing the lid or bending it out of shape. Super soft close, it has the best comfort level you’ll ever experience. Install quickly and without any fuss by installing it from the top—a godsend to all of those large and heavy people who face it difficult to bend down! We’re certain that this high-quality seat will become your favorite place to be on earth, so don’t wait another minute before getting one today.

  • Soft closing action
  • Top-Tite STA-TITE Seat Fastening System (you don’t have to bend down on your knees to install it)
  • Does not come loose, unless manually done
  • Durable enameled wood does not break under any human weight
  • High-gloss finish prevents the accumulation of stains and mold
  • You need a wrench for securing this seat to the toilet bowl.

Hands-on Experience Report of Mayfair 843SLOW 000 Lannon Toilet Seat:

This heavy-duty toilet seat is easy to install and has a nice latch that keeps it firmly down. I do like the comfortable padding; much better than my old one which cracked easily when you sat on it. Plus, it has a strong plastic frame that can handle more than 500 pounds of weight without cracking or breaking!

3). Angel Shield Durable Wood Veneer Natural Toilet Seat

You are a big guy, and you don’t know where to turn. You have looked for some toilet seats that can withstand your weight–but all too often these flimsy pieces of junk break when they lay hands on you. So what should you do?

The answer is simple: get the Angel Shield Durable Wood Veneer Natural Toilet Seat immediately. This durable, wooden toilet seat has been designed with your heavy frame in mind. It is made from the best quality hand selected materials which not only make it last longer but also keeps it much cleaner and more sanitary than other brands around town. So be confident in your purchase knowing that you’ve chosen something exceptionally durable for those hefty larger folks out there.

It will last through anything–even if it means putting up with your angry huffing and puffing after a long day at work! Also, those looking to make recycling easier can feel good knowing that this toilet seat uses earth-friendly materials and processes to keep our environment healthy.

  • Nice appearance
  • Made of real, high-quality wood
  • Holds up to 400 pounds
  • Repels stains, cracks, chips
  • Solid fit
  • For most customers, it didn’t last more than 2 years.

Hands-on Experience Report of Angel Shield Durable Toilet Seat:

This great non-breakable toilet seat is installed in the same way as other standard seats; it will fit any current American model. The wooden material is both strong and lightweight, which provides a nice comfortable place to sit when you’re not on your feet. It’s carved from quality wood with a more sanitary enamel finish that lasts longer than other cheaper alternatives. Also, it has a really comfortable cushioning for extended sitting periods; you will feel really very happy with this product!

4). Centoco Heavy-Duty Molded Wood Toilet Seat with Centocore Technology

In today’s times where heavy Americans are becoming the norm, it becomes ever more important for products to be able to withstand the significant weight. The ordinary toilet seat is just not durable enough for many people because they are made from a variety of materials and shapes that makes them break apart over time. Centoco took up this idea and developed their Heavy-Duty Seat which has an unbreakable molded polypropylene shell with a wood core design that won’t crack or chip as easily. Plus, this toilet seat is ergonomically contoured so your body will feel supported and comfortable even when you’re heavier than usual.

  • Rock solid toughness
  • Polypropylene shell over wood core
  • Will not crack, stain, chip, or dent for over a decade
  • Scratch resistant surface
  • Easy to install
  • Some customers have complained about the metal hinges getting corroded.

Hands-on Experience Report of Centoco Heavy-Duty Toilet Seat:

You’ll feel safe when sitting on this thing thanks to the impact absorbing hinges–no matter how much weight you have on them they won’t bend or break–and its high-gloss finish that’s totally scratch-resistant so it will maintain a clean look even after being sat in for years at a time. The butt of an elephant could not break this toilet seat!

5). Big John 6-W Oversized Seat with Cover

The Big John Toilet Seat is perfect for those whose butts take up more than their butt. (Get it?) And with a whopping 75% larger sitting area, this toilet seat has got its business covered – pun unintended! Installing your new Big John toilet seat in just minutes, this product will cozy up to even the fullest-figured among us. The stabilizing “synthetic rubber bumpers” that grip porcelain well and the high-impact abs hinges can support almost any package of people out there. That’s right you guys: 800 pounds capacity!

  • Up to 800 pounds weight load capacity
  • Universal fit across all toilet bowl shapes and sizes
  • 75% larger seating capacity
  • Stabilizing bumpers
  • Does not wiggle
  • No slow close lid

Hands-on Experience Report of Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat:

Installation is simple and quick with the hinges holding top load well, unlike the fragile plastic seats of your youth. The stabilizing “synthetic rubber bumpers” are made for sitting in between (or over) – we were surprised how strongly gripped the porcelain surface so you’re never slipping off your throne. Also, the ergonomic design is so well-thought-out that it has been created with 75% more sitting area than what an average toilet seat would allow for our remarkably big Americans. Also, these toilet seats double as seats for both elongated and round bowls.

Toilet Seat Buying Guide: What To Consider?

A toilet seat is a part of your bathroom that you use every day; so it makes sense to take the time to find one that’s top-notch quality. This is especially true if you’re a big person and are looking for something super durable and long-lasting–but even average size people can benefit from getting an extra sturdy seat or two.

What many people don’t realize, though, is that there are dozens of different hard-wearing toilet seats on the market today and they aren’t all made the same way. Some are more reliable than others…and some simply won’t work out as well as you had hoped in the end! So what should be your main concerns when buying this essential piece of furniture?


One thing to think about is material. What exactly are you going to be sitting on? Enameled material will give you a smooth surface that won’t scratch or scuff up easily but it can chip away overtime when it’s placed under a lot of stress. Wooden toilet seats are much more durable and sturdy, though they typically require a bit more upkeep to keep them looking their best (especially if you’re clumsy). Other materials like molded plastics are also worth considering–but always verify the integrity of your purchases with customer reviews first!


The hinges on your toilet seat are also pretty important; their job is to keep the lid of the bowl in place and secure while you’re using it. But some models have weak hinges that can easily snap or break, so be sure to choose a product with strong ones if you want peace of mind. The Angel Shield Heavy Duty Toilet Seat, for example, has unbreakable hinge brackets which will never bend, twist or crack under pressure–no matter how much weight you put on them!

Hinges should always be made from brass or steel as these materials last longer than other types–and don’t ever buy anything that doesn’t come with reviews from customers who’ve already used the products extensively. It’s not enough these days to buy a thing and hope for the best–instead, research everything you’re interested in first.

Easy to Install or Not?

Another thing that you’re going to want to think about before buying a toilet seat is how easy it will be to install. Some models are meant for professionals only and require some technical know-how; others can be installed by the average person in minutes or even seconds.

Easy to Clean or Not?

It’s not enough these days to consider just how long-lasting a toilet seat will be. You also want it to look good and maintain that sleek, clean appearance year after year as well. So make sure you choose one with an attractive finish –like the MAYFAIR toilet seats–that won’t crack, chip, or discolor on the surface when exposed to water for extended periods of time (like all day every day!).

It’s not enough these days to buy a product and hope for the best. Instead, you want to research everything thoroughly before making any decisions–especially something as important as toilet seats! So please take the time to read up on what other people like you have had to say about heavy-duty toilet seats in general; it can be incredibly helpful when it comes time to make your final choices.

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Weight Bearing Limit

The weight bearing limit on your toilet seat is another thing to consider. Why? Because if you’re a big person, you want something that can handle your considerable size without having to worry about it breaking or cracking under pressure over time. Luckily there are dozens of different heavy-duty toilet seats available today and most of them can hold at least one person over 500 pounds easily without any issues whatsoever.

For example, the BEMIS 1000CPT Toilet Seat has been tested with loads up to 1000 pounds! And these tests were performed by professionals who make sure only the highest quality products hit store shelves every year…so you know their assertions should be trusted implicitly!

Do toilet seats have a weight limit?

Toilet seats are a necessity for every household, but did you know that there’s more to them than simply sitting down? There is a weight limit on a toilet seat capacity. Standard toilets can only withstand 300 pounds of weight before they break and need to be replaced, whereas heavy-duty models go up to bearing 1000 pound load without breaking or bending!

What is the strongest toilet seat material?

Toilet seats are made from different types of material, and it is important for you to know that they impact how long a toilet seat will last. The most common types of materials are as follows:

Plastic – plastic seats usually include fiberglass or polypropylene in their composition, and the latter one is quite popular due to its durability.

Wooden – Wooden models are quite expensive but also durable and comfortable, but they may require some maintenance over time.

Metal – these include iron or stainless steel hinges, which makes them very durable. However, during longer periods they might rust depending on how well you take care of them.

How often should you replace your toilet seat?

The general recommendation is that you change your toilet seat every three to five years. However, this largely depends on the level of maintenance and care you show for it. If you always wipe it after each use, then your toilet seat will last much longer than if it gets stained and left dirty between uses.

How do you replace a toilet seat?

Replacing a toilet seat is not very complicated at all. The process can be completed within less than 15 minutes but may vary depending on whether or not the existing model has been installed using screws or bolts. In order to remove an old one from its place:

  • Flip out the excess water in the tank by pressing on the flush lever.
  • Unscrew the bolt that holds the present seat in place.
  • Remove the toilet and get rid of the old seat completely, being careful not to damage the floor or any other part of your bathroom.
  • After that, you can install a new one from its backside (usually by tightening the bolts and screws). Adjust its height as needed.
  • When done, put everything back together once more, flip on the water supply source, and test if it works properly.

Whether you’re an overweight or obese person, a large person, or just someone who has the occasional need for extra support when they sit down to use the toilet, we have something on our list that will work well for your needs. We hope this article helps you find one of these toilets seats!

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