The Best Clog-Free Toilets for Large Stools

Looking for the perfect toilet that could flush big goofballs away? If yes, a clog-free Pressure-Assist toilet is what you need!

A no-clog toilet is known for its effective flushing. It looks like a regular tank-like toilet, and you’ve got to empty it in the usual manner. However, its strong, clog-free flushing mechanism is the thing that makes it achieve the highest level in the toilet industry.

With a tank-in-tank configuration, a pressure-assisted toilet is fitted with a pressure cartridge in its main tank. This pressure cartridge holds the water with compressed air over the top. When flushed, the pressurized air discharges water from the tank with such extreme intensity that solid waste is immediately forced deep into the drain pipes.

No clogs… No multiple flush ups needed. Just a lone flush will instantly clear the solids!

And the cherry on top? These clog-free, big-stool flushing toilets offer incredible efficiency by using low gallons per flush.

This makes them suitable for day-to-day usage with reduced water consumption (ideal for societies that are seeking to become water-efficient).

The Best No-Clog Toilets For Large Stools

Are you looking for the best clog-free toilet for big stools? We have mentioned the strongest toilet models here to help you buy the right product for your bathroom.

Using any of these pressure-assisted toilets, you’ll always notice a cleaner bowl because the rim jets’ quicker pace and pressure makes for better rinse and seamless cleanliness. Also, without flaps, chains, or clunky inter-linking systems, these toilets deliver swift and efficient flush operation while being almost maintenance-free.

*Our team checked various products, carried out an in-depth analysis, and sifted through product reviews to bring our readers powerful-assisted bathroom toilets to ensure that you get the absolute best value for your dollar.


Kohler K35050 Wellworth Classic Pressure Lite

The Kohler K35050 is the best in the group. Thanks to the Class Five ® Flushing Technology, this Wellworth toilet features a powerful pressure aid flushing system. When triggered by the left-hand lever, a solid siphon is caused by gravity. The result is a strong flushing operation. This model produces a maximum pressure of 30 psi by consuming 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

In addition to the unique flushing system, Kohler’s Wellworth Classic offers an elongated bowl design that ensures comfort and complements the elegance of any bathroom. The comfort level is optimized with a 17-inch heightened chair for easy access. The item is offered in four distinct colors: almond, biscuit, black and white.

What Customers Say About This Product?

Kohler K35050 Wellworth Classic Pressure Toilet has an Amazon 4.8-star rating, with 98% of customers voicing their best satisfaction with this brand.

Most customers have confirmed that problems such as clogging, utilizing the plunger, and repeatedly flushing the toilet for solid waste disposal are eliminated with Kohler’s Wellworth Classic. It retains a 30psi pressure within its pressure capsule, which quickly clears the toilet bowl in one go!

The only problems reported from this product are its heavy flushing sound and high 1.6 gpf usage (whereas it should not be more than 1.4 gpf for a water-efficient society).

The Good
  • Pressure-assisted flushing mechanism
  • Optimal seat height
  • Fast and leak-free installation
  • Matches all patterns of the bathroom
The Bad
  • Not much water efficient
  • Loud flushing noise
  • Built quality is not up to the mark


Toto CST743S#11 Drake Round

If you’re interested in an extremely heavy-duty, power-flushing toilet for high-traffic baths such as those found in malls, offices, and restaurants, or simply one that can be used back-to-back by most people – the TOTO CST743S#11 Drake model ranks as the best hardcore, water-efficient toilet.

The toilet features TOTO ‘s mainstream G-Max Flushing system and a conventional high-profile build, effective and robust enough to manage waste with just 1.6 gallons of water per rinse.

This 1.6 gpf G-max high-efficiency flushing operation is paired with a 3-inch wide flush valve (125% wider than the traditional flush valve), an extra-large siphon jet (for improved water movement), and a gigantic flushing pathway for superior performance. This means that even the largest solid poops are flushed easily.

Our Hands-on Testing Experience With This Product:

We @thebestflushingtoilet experienced the TOTO CST743S#11 and were impressed by its versatility.

Even the “larger mass poop,” for example the one you pass after gulping a load of roughage, would be the toughest stuff for nearly all toilets. The problem with this form of stool is that the dung fills the underside of the bowl tightly as a plug. Many toilets have difficulties coping with this form of stool.

The TOTO CST743S is designed so that as the flush cycles, a heavy pulse emerges from below the stool plug and lifts the entire mass slightly so that the normal flush operation continues.

Second, ample water stays in the bowl to keep the feces from making streaks inside the commode bowl. In many bowls, there is always a low water level at the bottom of the rim, and streaking and moving of feces is often a concern. Also, most of today’s advanced bowls aren’t well designed to hold the stool suspended in water. Bearing this in mind, this toilet has been made. Those not fond of washing poop streaks may welcome this model in their bathrooms.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The TOTO CST743S#11 is a perfect option for both homes and commercial settings. The item has an Amazon 4.6-star rating and 96% of favorable reviews vouching for this toilet’s strong efficiency, reliability, and execution.

Customers are all praises for this particular toilet, defining TOTO’s Drake lineup as the best productions of the century to date. Users claim it’s a powerful 1.6 gpf toilet that dumps solid residues and a lot of toilet paper in a jiffy. Some claim it’s been many weeks using this bathroom, and they haven’t noticed this toilet failing yet … That’s Toto CST’s strength!

The Good
  • Water-saving, heavy-duty toilet
  • Handles hard solid waste without failing
  • Clog-free for free
  • Prevents pop streaks
  • Ideal for high-traffic toilets
The Bad
  • You’ve got to pay a bit more for this model.


Kohler K3946-RA0 Adair Toilet

For anyone searching for a water-efficient, one-piece toilet with a powerful flushing system – purchasing the Kohler K3946 is the right choice. It is a one-piece toilet seat fitted with a range of specialized characteristics.

Its specialty is its Aqua Piston Flushing technology, which enables pressure water to flood into the bowl from all directions. The outcome is an effective flushing and clean bowl.

Furthermore, this toilet’s body and seat are merged into a single piece. This prevents gaps and cracks and the development of bacteria within the joints despite prolonged use. And the flushing handle is chrome coated.

The Grip-Tight Cachet Quiet-Close usability is a really positive thing about this toilet. Having such functionality stops the seat lid from shutting down with a bang and enables quick release and installation of the seat for easy cleaning.

Contrary to K35050, the Kohler K3946-RA0 is very low on water consumption. It needs just 1.28 gallons of water per flush, 20% less water usage relative to normal 1.6 gpf toilets. The impact is substantial annual water savings without sacrificing the flushing efficiency.

Furthermore, this pressure-assist toilet from Kohler has a robust canister structure and contains 90% less exposed seal component than a typical toilet, guaranteeing a leak-free efficiency for years ahead.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The Kohler K3946-RA0 Adair Toilet has recently joined the industry and is already listed among the best pressure-assisted toilets. When writing this, Amazon’s K3946 enjoys a 5-star rating and 100% favorable customer reviews.

Customers are highly satisfied with the efficient flushing and high construction quality of the commodity. It’s a complete combination of everything and something beyond expectations. Nice flushing, convenient seat height, a sleek one-piece build, and fewer exposed seals are some of the key characteristics that customers are very pleased with.

The Aqua Piston Flushing system is also valued by several people, claiming it scrubs the surface of the toilet bowl from all corners and holds it clean of all stains and odors.

The Good
  • Strong flushing
  • Cleans the whole rim of the toilet bowl
  • Classic style one-piece
  • Is great for all styles of bathroom
  • Less exposed sealing content
  • Long-lasting built-in quality
  • Consumes less water
  • Chair-height sitting
  • Simple to detach seat for cleaning
  • It suits well in a tiny bathroom
The Bad
  • Uncomfortable seating space for fat people


American Standard H2option Dual Flush Toilet

Do you want a large-stool flushing toilet with increased water savings? The American Standard H2Option is the strongest toilet available on the market – offering a high degree of flushing without wasting so much water. When estimated, this product will benefit a household save up to 20,000 gallons of water a year!

The key item to mention here is the Siphonic Jet Bowl technology of the American Standard H2Option with the PowerWash rim. Having this state-of-the-art equipment in your bathroom’s toilet ensures proper disposal of solid waste and clog-free pipelines every time.

In addition, the rim of this toilet is coated with EverClean. This coating avoids the accumulation of stains and odorous microbes, mold, and mildew on the surface of the toilet.

The great thing about the American Standard H2Option is its twofold flushing mechanism. The two Chrome buttons on the top of the toilet are both flushing buttons – one using 0.92 gpf and the other using 1.28 gpf. This feature empowers the consumer to utilize water dependent on the waste type.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon with 90% positive customer feedback.

Customers shared their deep happiness with the purchasing of the American Standard Dual Flush Toilet. Users are extremely delighted with the outstanding flushing performance, sophisticated design, and less water consumption of the toilet.

The Good
  • Siphon Jet Bowl and PowerWash Rim
  • Strong flushing
  • Best disposal of solid waste
  • EverClean coated surface avoids poop stains + guarantees a perfectly clean bowl every time
  • Low water consumption
  • Partial and complete probability of flushing
  • Comfortable seat height
  • Usable in both Elongated and Circular Front models
  • 5-year warranty on all mechanical components
The Bad
  • The seat is not included in the kit and must be ordered separately.
  • You’ve got to keep the flush-button down a little longer than you would in case of a traditional push-lever.


Toto CST243EF#01 Entrada

Think of an excellent large-stool disposing toilet at a decent price tag… and we have got Toto’s CST243 Entrada as the best clog-free toilet for budget-oriented geeks. The product incorporates a modern two-piece circular design, a strong flushing system and ensures optimum performance with maximum water savings.

Toto Entrada provides an efficient cleaning flush with its E-max flushing system. There is a 3″ deep flushing valve inside the toilet tank, an extra-long siphon jet, and a large trapway, all of which help to quickly purge the toilet bowl, no matter how intense the waste is inside.

It has a wide seat at ideal chair tallness that not only offers convenience but also provides obese people with adequate seating. Moreover, this product uses just 1.28 gallons per flush.

Either you have someone in your house who usually plugs the latrine, or you want to get rid of the plunger forever, or you simply want a basic commode spot on – Toto CST243 Entrada is the best choice for sure!

What Customers Say About This Product?

Toto Entrada is one of the most affordable pressurized toilets on the market for large stools. The product is rated 4.3 stars on Amazon and is listed in the Amazon Best Choice category.

About 90 % of consumers are highly pleased with their orders. They claim that Toto CST Entrada has managed to avoid clogging in channel lines and minimize water consumption. Users have also lauded the product for its convenient seating stature.

Besides all these positive aspects, the product has failed to satisfy its clients in certain departments. The key disadvantages mentioned by consumers are that the seat is not included in the package and should be arranged separately + if you happen to dot the bowl with your feces, then prepare to clean it with extra water or scrub the surface with a brush as the water from the flush does not cover places other than the lower main bowl.

The Good
  • E-max flushing system
  • Manages heavy stool well
  • Classic design
  • Chair height, comfortable sitting
  • Cheap price
  • Comfortably accommodates most body types
  • Less water consumption
The Bad
  • Seat needs to be additionally purchased
  • When flushing, water does not touch complete bowl areas


Zurn Z5560 Ecovantage Toilet

No stool is too difficult to flush deep down into the drain line for the Zurn Z5560. This item is so effective that it is ideal for usage in high-traffic commercial areas where many individuals often tend to use the latrine. It is also suitable for big families residing in tiny households where a single bathroom is shared by many family members.

Starting with the specs, the strong pressure-assisted EcoFlush System is the best thing that lets this label outstrip all other toilet brands.

No matter how tough the waste is or how many people use the toilet to piss or poop, the Zurn Z5560 uses a pressurized siphon jet flush operation to push the waste straight down the drain lines in an instant. The flushing pressure goes from the lowest 20 psi to the highest 80 psi. With that kind of an incredible flushing framework, a flawless, clean toilet bowl with clear water is promised.

The Zurn Z5560 Ecovantage uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush (gpf), but water-conscious geeks should consider buying the standard Z5561 that has the same functionality yet consumes 1.1 gpf only.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The Zurn Z5560 is a 4.5-star product with good customer reviews at the Home Depot. Clients are loving the efficient flushing in this toilet, which immediately flushes waste and spares no effort to guarantee the toilet bowl remains perfectly clean all day, every day. Also, several people have reported that the flushing cycle of this toilet is substantially quieter than many other toilets.

The Good
  • Ideal for traffic-intensive toilets
  • A very efficient flushing operation
  • Noiseless flushing cycle
  • Easy touch flushing trigger
  • Big surface region of water
  • The package includes a complete set of amenities and assembly tools.
  • ADA height
  • 10-year warranty
The Bad
  • Costly
  • Style isn’t modern


Geberit Icera Concealed Tank Toilet Flush

If you have a tiny bathroom or you have decided to follow the new concept of toilets with enclosed tanks, the Geberit Icera is the perfect wall-mounted toilet to give your bathroom a modern look as well as ensure hard stools are flushed efficiently. This choice is the most costly of all the above choices, but it gives your bathroom a modern vibe and maximizes the availability of washroom space by hiding the toilet tank within the washroom wall.

The Geberit Icera acts on a system of Wash-Down + Dual Flush. The Wash-Down feature means that solid waste is effectively treated and that the bowl is superbly washed with no blockage in the line. Dual Flush means that you have two flushing choices – a 0.8 gpf cycle for liquid waste and a 1.6 gpf cycle for hard stool.

In addition, the elongated toilet bowl incorporates a Nano glaze anti-microbial, non-staining porcelain glaze. It stops the proliferation of bacteria and means that feces and pee stains are not trapped on the wall of the toilet tank.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The Geberit Icera Hidden Tank Pressure Aided Toilet Flush has a 5-star ranking on Home Depot and other sites.

Buyers are highly pleased with this product and claim it’s the greatest choice they have ever made. The unit is quite expensive, nearly200% higher than standard toilet flushes, but its benefits and features provide bang for the buck.

Users claim that this product improves the appearance of a bathroom by covering the toilet tank and results in more open space, improved hygiene, and more versatility. Furthermore, the dual flush option guarantees an optimized usage of water against the kind of waste.

The Good
  • Wash-Down Flushing Technology
  • Liquid and solid waste Dual-Flush solutions
  • It needs less space, hides the tank inside the wall of the bathroom.
  • Flush valves are maintenance-free
  • Bacteria-resistant and stain-free lining inside the commode bowl
  • Silent toilet seat shutting. There is no bang in the seat.
The Bad
  • Quite costly
  • Complex and expensive installation service