The 8 Best Brushes For Cleaning Under Toilet Rim

Mziart Under Rim Toilet Cleaning BrushMziart 8″ V Type Plastic Curved Toilet Rim Cleaning Brush
Scratch-Free Scotchbrite Under Rim Toilet Cleaning Brush
Holikme Silicone Bendable Toilet Brush
Marbrasse Slim Compact Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush
SimpleHuman Toilet Brush
Joseph Joseph 70515 Flex Toilet Brush
Superio Toilet Cleaning Brush
dirk Natural Coconut Fiber Brush Head

Although the regular toilet bowl cleaning brush can greatly help make the toilet appear sparkling clean, the bad part about them is their failure to clean the under-rim areas of the toilet bowl.

If not cleaned, pathogens (such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Campylobacter, and Yersinia bacteria) and viruses such as (norovirus, hepatitis E and A) will collect under the rim of your toilet. Therefore to avoid the spread of germs, viruses, and unpleasant odors – a device that can disinfect the inner rim of the toilet is essential for every household.

The team @TheBestFlushingToilet has come up with 2020’s Best brushes for cleaning under the toilet rim. These durable goose-necked brushes reach underneath the toilet rim and scrub away all dirt and grime – deep cleaning those underneath surfaces where even the best standard-shaped toilet brushes can not reach!

Best Brushes For Cleaning Under Toilet Rim

At first sight, most toilet brushes look fairly identical, but it’s important to examine the material, functionality, and caddy design before adding anything to your cart.

Since toilet brushes interact with water, cleaning agents, and grime on a daily basis – you’re going to want to pick a brush that can withstand all of these, while also ensuring efficient cleaning.

Durable plastic is typically the material of preference here—for both the stick and the bristles—but several brands have now started to use silicone bristles since they are scratch-free, simpler to clean, and attract fewer bacteria than plastic. And if some portion of the brush is metal, make sure it is a metal that actually avoids rust and corrosion. In addition, the brush should also be easy to grip and well-suited for scrubbing hard-to-reach areas of the toilet rim.


Mziart 8″ V Type Plastic Curved Toilet Rim Cleaning Brush

Mziart Under Rim Toilet Cleaning Brush

The Mziart 8″ is a V-shaped under toilet rim cleaning brush that facilitates cleaning of what standard toilet brushes end up leaving.

The V-shaped handle makes the brush scrub under the rim. AND the rigid thin bristles pick up the stuck dirt and hard water deposits. Plus, you will love the small handle as it helps you to navigate your way along the edges without obstructions or unnecessary splashes.

What Customers Say About This Product?

Mziart has a 4.1-star rating on Amazon and good reviews. The product is also listed in the Amazon Best Choice list.

Customers say that the shape and reach of this brush are excellent: many have liked the V-type nature of the brush and its 8.5-inch long and strong bristles which effectively remove the bacterial chaff from below the rim that contributes to funky toilet smells.


Scratch-Free Scotchbrite Under Rim Toilet Cleaning Brush

It’s basically a scotch brite-type, folded scouring pad on a handle that can conveniently be used in places like beneath the rim or across the seat section. The toilet brush is constructed of good strength, scratch-free Nylon fibers. And the brush has been professionally designed in such a way so as to stop water splashing when fast doing the cleaning process.

The head-up style smoothly gets to the toilet’s underside corners. In addition, the user does not have to bend into awkward postures as the compact-designed long handle effortlessly gets into the deep part of the toilet. So it’s also ideal for home janitors with back problems or disabilities.

The brush may also be generally used for complete bathroom cleaning, such as sweeping the bathroom floor and cleaning the bathtub.

And the amazing?

The product is covered with a lifetime warranty by the JWCE brand. If you are not happy with the product, you may notify the business at your convenience and you will be refunded instantly.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The JWCE Scratch-Free Under Rim Toilet Cleaning Brush has a 4.0-star rating on Amazon with good user feedback.

Customers say that this Scotchbrite-like scrub brush works perfectly, is plenty long, and purifies under the toilet rim with ease. Many have praised the handle, claiming it’s really well made, doesn’t bend when strongly scrubbing the toilet’s surfaces, and is just the right size to reach the bottom end of the bowl.


Holikme Silicone Bendable Toilet Brush

Holikme Toilet Brush features a bendable brush head with TPR material bristles, that allows easy cleaning of the dead corners inside the toilet particularly the grooves without scratching the glaze. The kit also contains a sleek wall-mounted brush holder.

Upset with the outdated plastic brush bristles? Because this toilet brush is made of silicone bristle, don’t worry about damaged bristles, hair, and other dirty grime particles entangled in it.

We also like the fact that this brush is quick-drying and immune to bacteria. In comparison to plastic brushes, the silicone brush may be treated with bleach to kill bacteria (especially, if you are concerned about the cleanliness of not only the toilet but also the brush). The water just comes off the silicone bristles after cleaning. So when you place the brush into the holder, there is not a lot of disgusting toilet water stuck inside the brush holder. Also, there are holes in the underside of the holder intended for airflow and easy drying.

As far as the handle is concerned, on our testing we found the handle to be comfortable and ergonomically built. It suits your palm well, and it doesn’t slip.

Overall, the Holikme Silicone Bendable is a perfect combo of everything. The brush scrubs each and every corner of the toilet that’s hard to reach and is also hygienically much better than standard plastic bristle brushes.

What Customers Say About This Product?

Holikme has a 4-star rating on Amazon with thousands of positive user reviews. Customers have termed this product “EXCEPTIONAL”. Users like how this bendable brush goes deeper than regular brushes and efficiently scrubs hard water stains and filthy particles from the rim jets and inlet holes. Many have also appreciated the sturdy handle + flexible tip design.


Marbrasse Slim Compact Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush

Made of the highest quality ABS + Nylon, Marbrasse assists in the deep cleaning of the entire toilet rim -capturing more dirt, hurting the toilet less, and lasting longer than most other brushes.

It has a special “Under The Rim Brush” to hit tough spots and save toilet cleaning time. With a curved head shape, it can easily hit the toilet rims and provide the requisite cleaning. Perfect arc styled brush + strong bristles help clear stains and grime quickly.

It has a super long, non-slip 15″ rubber-coated handle that provides proper handling and helps minimize kneeling and bending. The brush is also rust-resistant, so it is also an excellent fit for wet environments.

In addition to the brush, the caddy storage box is built to efficiently store the brush. It has ventilation holes and holds the brush slightly up off the base (suspended in air) so that it can be dried and appropriately stored without odor or bacteria.

What Customers Say About This Product?

Marbrasse has an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon, with thousands of positive user reviews. The item is also listed in Amazon’s Best Choice category.

Customers claim the brush has the best angles and curves, making it simple to reach and wipe under the rim of the toilet bowl. The brush’s head is also a fine match for cleaning the toilet hole.

Many clients have also praised the robust nature of the commodity. Users claim that the bristles are thick and sturdy and that the handle can hold a lot of pressure without flexing. “Five months down the road.. they are holding up great,” says a customer.

Marbrasse has also earned recognition for its special brush storage box. The storage box holds the brush in mid-air so that it can be air-dried.


SimpleHuman Toilet Brush

SimpleHuman Toilet Brush has a specially built crescent-shaped scrubby brush head that effectively hits hard-to-clean areas along the rim. The brush head has two styles of bristles. The rigid outer bristles are for under the rim, while the dense central bristles are for daily brushing. The bristles are perfect for scrubbing tough stains.

There’s even a small, dome-shaped cover that stores the toilet brush easily when not in service, keeping it hygienic and discreetly covered. The brush is firmly connected with a magnet to the caddy container. When within the Caddy Storage, you can conveniently hold the full package using the outer brush handle without drips (as the brush head stays covered and attached inside the storage compartment by the magnet).

The magnet also keeps the brush on top of the base unit to maximize ventilation and dryness.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The SimpleHuman Toilet Brush has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, with 96% positive user feedback.

Customers claim that this loo brush is well designed to clean the entire bowl, including the toilet rim. Many have appreciated the product’s quality, saying they haven’t faced a problem with its head coming loose after a few months.

The product also gained praise for its magnetic storage system. Users appreciate how the magnet lifts the brush above the base for easier ventilation and drying. The product is also valued by customers for its elegant and nice style. “It’s got a modern look, so there’s no reason to cover it,” says a customer.


Joseph Joseph 70515 Flex Toilet Brush

Traditional lavatory brushes collect filthy grime and grease, rendering them gross and unhygienic to use and scrub. Their bristles will also deform and damage, meaning that they must be periodically replaced. Joseph Joseph Flex is an innovative brush engineered to address these issues. It has a flexible, D-shaped head that extends even under the rim of the toilet.

It has widely spread thick silicone bristles that prevent dirt from filling up, enable water to drain quickly, and are more robust than ordinary bristles. Also, there is much less dripping between cleaning and storing. A compact holder for brush storage is also included in the package.

What Customers Say About This Product?

Joseph Joseph 70515 Flex Toilet Brush has a 4-star rating on Amazon with hundreds of positive user reviews. The product is also listed in Amazon’s Best Choice category.

Customers claim this loo brush is perfect for cleaning underneath the rim. On its pledge of no drips, the brush succeeds, cleans really well, and holds itself tidy.

Few consumers have accepted the fact that this brush isn’t as hard as nylon bristles, but that silicone never is! This brush provides the highest performance if you’re not waiting for the toilet to get incredibly dirty until you scrub it. If you’re somebody who waits a couple of weeks before washing the bathroom, this brush isn’t for you!


Superio Toilet Cleaning Brush with Under-Rim Scrubbing Attachment

Superio Toilet Cleaning Brush is a full bathroom cleaner package that contains everything – a scrub brush, a lip brush extension, and an enclosed brush holder. And the porcelain-safe bristles, even when subjected to water and harsh cleaning agents, remain stiff over time.

Do you want to sweep away germs and return your toilet bowl to a brand new condition? With this all-inclusive Toilet Brush, you’re on your way to a perfectly cleaned toilet every time. The industrial bristle brush and under-rim scrubber will efficiently remove the toughest stains and grime buildup. Plus, when not in use, the brush’s holder masks everything far from sight.

The brush also includes a rubber-grip long handle. This offers the user a secure, quick grip for an incredibly fast, sanitary cleaning while keeping their hands clean. Constructed of sturdy material, the handle would not collapse even when pressure is exerted.

What Customers Say About This Product?

Superio Toilet Cleaning Brush has Amazon’s 4.5-star rating and excellent customer reviews. Customers claim that Superio is an all-in-one combo kit.

The robust scrubby brush serves a variety of functions in a typical bathroom. It has a special lip brush attachment that helps remove hard-to-reach dirt accumulation underneath the rim, and a standard brush to clean the bowl’s remaining areas.

Customers have appreciated the brush’s long rubber handle, claiming it offers a convenient, quick grip for a good cleaning. Buyers also really like the ventilated holder that nicely stores the brush dry and fits discreetly next to the toilet or in the corner.


dirk Natural Coconut Fiber Brush Head with Rubber Wood Handle

Looking for an eco-friendly, biodegradable toilet cleaning brush? Dirk Natural is an amazing, plastic-free toilet cleaning brush. Manufactured in Japan, this brush features bristles made of natural coconut fibers sourced from Sri Lanka.

Its coconut-fiber-made solid bristles hang on to any difficult scrubbing, without scraping the toilet and with limited fallout. While the handle is a nice light wood, that is sealed such that neither water nor mold could be absorbed. Also, the brush head is a bit curved to allow for thorough cleaning of the toilet bowl’s rim.

What Customers Say About This Product?

dirk Natural Coconut Fiber Brush has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon with incredible user feedback. Customers say that this toilet brush works really well.

Many consumers claim that the natural coconut fibers stain water brown. It’s because of the non-synthetic bristles. Yet consumers claim it’s not a major deal since they feel good when using something eco-friendly and plastic-free.

And because there is no fast drying system, most users recommended balancing the brush under the toilet seat so the bristles are in the bowl and the handle is outside the bowl. That way it will drip all of the water. And you must dry it out after using. That’s because this brush is produced from organic material, which might start rotting and deteriorating if not allowed to dry.

Best Brushes for Cleaning Under Toilet Rim
Best Brushes for Cleaning Under Toilet Rim [Infographic]

8 Best Toilet Brushes for Cleaning Under Toilet Rim

  1. Mziart 8″ V Type Plastic Curved Toilet Rim Cleaning
  2. BrushScratch-Free Scotchbrite Under Rim Toilet Cleaning Brush
  3. Holikme Silicone Bendable Toilet Brush
  4. Marbrasse Slim Compact Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush
  5. SimpleHuman Toilet Brush
  6. Joseph Joseph 70515 Flex Toilet Brush
  7. Superio Toilet Cleaning Brush
  8. dirk Natural Coconut Fiber Brush Head