What Chemicals Plumbers Use To Unclog Drains?

Plumbers are professional when it comes to unclogging a drain. Obviously, they have years of experience in their portfolios and so they are aware of each and every technique and what drain cleaners to use different on different types of clogs. We do everything at home, use a variety of commercial drain cleaners, but still fail to achieve that perfect flushing drain. It’s the same as home chefs being unable to make homemade food taste like a restaurant.

But being in the plumbing service for more than a decade now, I have decided to bust the plumbing industry’s secret on acids and chemical cleaners used to unclog residential and commercial drains.

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1). Sodium Hydroxide

This is a fast-acting chemical that dissolves organic content in no more than 60 seconds. It produces heat and gas but burns out within two minutes only. It must be cautiously put into the clogged drain, followed by a slow pouring of hot water down the drain. It may come packaged in a wax form, but not always. Make sure to cover your eyes and nose, and follow the instructions properly before using.

2). Inhibited Sulfuric Acid

This acid approaches boiling temperatures when exposed to the water inside the drain. It has a harsh, powerful effect and lasts longer than most other acid drain cleaners. Car batteries typically use it for metal digestion and electricity generation. It produces a pungent smell identical to rotting eggs and is used to fix slow-moving waterways.

3). Inhibited Hydrochloric Acid

This substance cleans deposited salts and other build-ups that develop on bathroom toilets and urinals. It gets very hot and is very reactive to water.

4). Biochemical Cleaners

Biochemical cleaners have the potential to absorb and melt organic content that is causing clogs or a slow drain. These cleaners are mostly used in restaurants to prevent the kitchen sink drains from getting clogged, as those drains that have a higher quantity of oil and grease. Plumbers refer to them as “drain sweeteners”, since the smells they create are pleasing to the nose. It’s normally fine to use, but it’s still necessary to read the instructions and obey them exactly.

Several Things To Be Mindful Of When Using These Acids or Drain Chemical Cleaners:

  • Sodium Hydroxide can produce fumes that are caustic, nearly odorless, and colorless.
  • Any chemicals and/or acids used incorrectly may create heat within the pipes and cause them to melt.
  • If a chemical agent is insufficient to clear the drain, it might be appropriate to use a sewer machine or blowing bag to do the job.
  • Poisonous chemicals, which are emitted into the environment, may trigger severe damage or death. Pets (especially birds) may get killed by tiny concentrations of these gases. Make sure that you have good ventilation and that nothing is near while using these items – pets or young kids.
  • Acid must be applied to water, not water added to acid. Water will explode when placed into acid.
  • Some acids begin to heat up such that, after the period specified on the bottle, they can cause bubbles or cracks in the urinals or toilets. Therefore, pour plenty of water after the acid is done with its job in the sewer pipes.
  • Chemical cleaners may have a fast-acting impact on the organic content in the drain, breaking the sludge and filth in a matter of seconds. Because of the chemical nature of the human body, accidental contact with the skin may result in serious burns.

Do I Still Need A Plumber? Can’t I Use These Acids On My Own?

Just certified plumbers should have access to chemical and/or acid drain cleaners. Sure, you could use them on your own, but you could be exposed to risks such as leaving the acid inside the drain more than the needed time and causing the sewer pipes to melt or risks such as getting exposed to the acid. Furthermore, you don’t have the competence to immediately respond to emergencies. Therefore, they should only be used by a certified, trained specialist. When this is performed by plumbing experts, you are covered by the best work guaranteed promise!

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