What is a Frost Blanket? Why It Must Be Used With Septic Toilets?

Do you hate stepping outdoors to thaw out the septic tank in freezing temperatures? However, by utilizing a frost blanket, you will be safe for sub-freezing conditions this season. We describe below what a blanket of frost is and how it functions.

What’s a Frost Blanket?

A frost blanket is intended to cover the whole septic system or specific components and to insulate them. The tank, a drainfield, sewer pipes, and other sections should be used to cover it. Frost blankets are 6 ‘x 25’, but can they cover the whole septic tank with a lot of coverage.

Really, Can Frost Blankets Work?

Most frost blanket manufacturer use the R-value scale when assessing the usefulness of a blanket. The R-value defines how much moisture or wind is permitted per inch to move through the blanket. A blanket’s surface R-value is around 1.5, which is sufficient to do the function. However, the air R-value is 3.34 per inch. It is comparable to insulating cellulose, and is stronger than fiberglass. Very little wind will, in turn, move through the blanket. This helps it to insulate everything it covers.

When Should You Use Frost Blankets?

Rather than waiting before freezing temperatures hit, until freezing weather, it is easier to add the blankets. This will cause the blanket deep in the field to contain the heat and avoid firm freezing of the soil. It can sufficiently insulate the septic tank. An added trait of frost blankets is that they are snowproof and waterproof. They will carry snow, which provides an extra insulation layer around the tank. Your septic tank is covered no matter what the circumstances are above ground!

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