What Is a Septic Tank Cover and Riser? Is There Any Difference?

Odds are, whether you have a septic tank, it’s hidden in the front or backyard. A septic tank cover will help you know where the tank is situated, making it easy to identify when washing the tank or applying chemicals to it is required. You can have any concerns if you’ve never heard of a septic tank cover or riser before. Here are a couple of the concerns regarding a septic tank cover that you might have.

The words septic tank lid and septic tank cover are interchangeably used by many persons. They’re two separate products, though. The opening to your septic tank is sealed by a septic tank lid. It may be a flat lid, or it may be a riser lid for a septic tank. To be in place, a septic tank lid is needed. Which stops the septic tank from collapsing onto kids and small animals. A cover for a septic tank is a cover usually formed and colored like a rock. To support to cover the riser, it fits over a septic tank riser. A cover for a septic tank is not something you are expected to provide.

You may either have a flat lid protecting your septic tank or a septic tank riser, as noted above. Usually, the septic tank riser is 12 to 30 inches from the level. It fills the void but has a gap so that you can easily introduce additives to the tank or easily check the fill depth. It also helps avoid the development of soil and vegetation across the gate, rendering it impossible to open the lid.

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