Why You Should Never Use Anti-Bacterial Soaps In Septic Toilet Systems?

Antibacterial soap can not be utilized for those using a septic system. You may catch yourself asking why this is, if you are on a septic system. You may want to destroy all the bacteria and germs on your hand that trigger diseases, after all. Here are a couple of the explanations why you can not use your septic system with antibacterial soaps.

Antibacterial Soaps Destroy Good Waste-Feeding Bacteria.

It can sound obvious, but bacteria are destroyed by antibacterial soaps. You might say to yourself, oh, sure, that’s why I want to use that soap. To remove the germs on my hands and any microbes. What you do not know, however, is the bacteria in the tank are used by the septic tank to break down waste. In the leaching area, the system uses anaerobic bacteria to dissolve waste in the tank and aerobic bacteria to kill any dangerous microbes in the water. You destroy all kinds of bacteria in your system when you use antibacterial soap.

Those bacteria are no longer around to consume the garbage that accumulates in your tank after you destroy the anaerobic bacteria. This allows the tank to fill up, allowing it to require more regular washing and pumping. Pathogens in the water entering your leach field can not be destroyed if you destroy the aerobic bacteria, with can be a big problem of environmental and protection.

Anti-Bacterial Soaps Don’t Break Down Fast.

In a septic system, the other big explanation that antibacterial soap can not be used is that the soap does not break down in the same manner that septic-safe hand soaps do. These soaps are eco-friendly and built to melt down easily and efficiently. This stops the vessels or the tank from sticking to the cleaner. It also works in the long run to minimize the amount of room it takes up in a septic tank. It helps to maintain the tank and pipes running correctly by utilizing septic-safe items that break down, such as septic-safe hand soap.

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